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High school sweethearts meet again. Jan 29, Lindsey marked it as to-read Shelves: Feb 19, Tabitha rated it liked it.

Very light and predictable. Mar 22, Nikki rated it really liked it. Jul 24, Lucy rated it it was amazing. Such a short but sweet read. Jan 30, Tonileg rated it it was ok Shelves: Second chances ten year reunion high school romance on a cruise ship with lots of mishaps for Claire Woodward and Griffin Benson. Sometimes we get to redo the past and fix some of our regrets, that that is totally unrealistic and fantasy because we don't actually get to fix our regrets and can only hope for the best in the future.

So we start at the boarding of the boat to Claire's ten year high school reunion which could be good or bad. I got kind of pissed off when she was complaining about her Second chances ten year reunion high school romance on a cruise ship with lots of mishaps for Claire Woodward and Griffin Benson.

I got kind of pissed off when she was complaining about her gained weight when you find out that she was a size 0! That is normal to skinny in this day and age so why is this lady groaning about a size 4 which sounds healthy for a 28 year old! So I almost stopped reading because I do hate a whinny heroine but I kept on and the banter between Griffin and Claire was cute and I am still a sucker for a second chances romance Lots of misundertandings and false starts, but don't worry because there is a cute HEA after only three days on the cruise.

Feb 03, Eva rated it really liked it Shelves: One Last Chance is a quick and sweet read.

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The story was paced perfectly. Claire carried a torch for the one high school boyfriend who broke her heart without explanation ten years ago. Griffin that same ex-boyfriend carried a torch for Claire his one and only true love. Jump ahead ten years and it's now time for their high school reunion.

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As luck would have it their class has booked a cruise for the reunion. Only Claire's reservation has somehow unbeknownst to her has not been confirmed. In com One Last Chance is a quick and sweet read. In comes Griffin with a two bed state room he's willing to share. By the time the three day cruise returns to dock Griffin has explain what happened ten years ago and Claire has put some of her demons to rest. I loved the banter these two had.

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And the way they dealt with one of their class cheerleaders was spot on. My only regret was the ending. I thought it ended to abrupt with a few loose ends. All in all I throughly enjoyed it. Aug 16, Mackenzie rated it liked it Shelves: Claire Woodward knew in her gut that her 10 year reunion was going to be bad. But at least the guy who broke her heart right before prom wasn't going to be there; she checked the list before she signed up. Boarding for the cruise her gut feelings began to be proven right when they didn't have a room for her.

Last Kiss of Summer (Forever Special Release Edition) (Destiny Bay)

And who should be there and offered to share his room, heart breaker Griffin Benson. Griffin has regretted breaking up with Claire since the moment he did it. He was scared of his feelings f Claire Woodward knew in her gut that her 10 year reunion was going to be bad. He was scared of his feelings for her and getting too hurt if it didn't work out so he broke both their hearts shortly before Senior prom.

Having her in his sights, he wasn't got to let this chance slip by. He has only a few days to figure out just how to win her back. The story had some sweet elements, even with Claire being in the worst mood EVER in the beginning of a book! An easy, quick little read with a happily ever after. A short romantic contemporary about the one that got away and second chance love. While it read fast and had cme cute moments, I found myself annoyed by the heroine through out.

Two, she held a serious grudge from high school for ten years. I can understand her wanting an explanation but her level of animosity is staggering. Three, she complains about being overweight and fat because she went from a size 0 to a size 4. I did like that the heroes reason for what he did to her in high school weren't blown up and over the top. It wasn't cool at all but he was portrayed as a typical immature high school guy. Mar 26, Amy rated it liked it Shelves: It all started and ended with her for him. How he'd known that ten years ago, he wasn't sure. But maybe real life could sometimes be like it was in the movies.

A short and quick enjoyable read. I read it all in one sitting. I really liked the story line of how fate brought them back together at their reunion and the fact that they never really stopped loving each other. Although it wasn't super exc "He laughed. Although it wasn't super exciting and quite predictable, the book made me smile throughout and at the end.

Jul 06, Nichole rated it really liked it. I've been wanting to read this, not desperately, but you know just like want to because the storyline really peeked my interest. I am a sucker for destiny shit and the leading man pouring his heart out, all of his guts because words are powerful and to someone like me who has trust issues, if you don't have the guts to spill your beans then I won't reward you any glory.

I mean it's way too mainstream. Feb 03, DCT rated it liked it.

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A sweet romance 10 years in the making. I read this book because I had really enjoyed other books from this author under the pseudonym of Liz Appel. This was a sweet romantic story of a couple on a high school reunion cruise that reconnect after 10 years. It was lighthearted and a quick read that made me smile. Not sure if I liked it as much as I have the ones under the name Liz Appel, but it was an enjoyable read.

Mar 29, Jessica rated it liked it.

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This is not usually the kind of romance novel I read but it was recommended by one of my favorite paranormal authors so I gave it a shot. Well I enjoyed it. The pace was good, not too slow or fast. Characters were lovable enough and their chemistry wasn't too over or under done. Plot was really predictable but it was cute and a fun, easy read. Would recommend to contemporary romance fans.

Feb 12, Kelli rated it really liked it. Not bad for a free download from Amazon: Super fast read and it was surprisingly good too. Nice story about a second chance at love. If you're looking for a steamy book full of sex, skip on past this one. There wasn't a single sexy scene here, but that didn't take away from the overall heart of the book. Nice to have one I could download on the "shared" Kindle with the kiddo: Jan 30, Diana Wagner rated it liked it.

Cute little love story about a couple who broke up in high school and are now returning to a high school reunion cruise!

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Only real problem with this story is the way the author acts like a size 4 is sooooo fat! This character was supposedly a size 0 in high school and ow a size 4 after gaining 10 lbs! Made for some major eye rolling! Other then that is was a cute short story! Dec 03, Kathy Harrington rated it it was ok Shelves: Claire was your typical 'he's just doing this cause he feels bad' woman.

Of course he's the ' I've made the biggest mistake of my life' guy. If you're looking for sex Forget it, it's not here. Jan 30, Danielle Tiegen rated it it was amazing. A collection of romantic short stories to warm your heart A young woman heads to the middle of nowhere in the dead of summer to perform in a summer stock show.

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