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This book takes on a slightly different structure from the first 3 books in the series, but the change is welcomed, keeping the story timeline more in focus and showing with great care the wonderful character and story development that has made this one of the best fantasy series that I have read.

Dark Lady's Chosen (Chronicles of the Necromancer, book 4) by Gail Z Martin

I just hope Hollywood doesn't get word of how good this series is and ruin it by turning out another screenplay that changes the plot to fit into a 2-hour time slot. The author may disagree, but this series deserves to stay as it is, a beautifully written collection of stories from the Winter Kingdoms.

The marriage joins the crowns of Isencroft and Margolan until heirs can be born to place the kingdoms under separate rule once more.

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Now Queen Kiara is pregnant. The time has come for Tris and his army to lay siege to Lord Curane's stronghold. The great energy river called the Flow is unstable, making it much more difficult for Tris and his mages to counter Curane's blood magic. The siege is going badly.

Winter storms are fierce, food is scarce, and plague has broken out. As Tris fights in the south, Kiara is in danger.

Dark Lady's Chosen

A traitor hides within Shekerishet and several assassination attempts have been made against Kiara. Corruption within the Council of Nobles has cast suspicions on old friends, such as Master Bard Riordan Carroway, who now waits for his death.

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Cam has discovered the identity of the traitor whose actions betray both King Donelan and King Drayke Tris. However, it looks as though Cam will die before he can send warning. Malesh tried to change Lady Carina into one of the vayash moru vampire. But her healer magic battled the Dark Gift, leaving Carina between - not alive, but not undead either.

The Sworn and The Dread--new from Gail Z. Martin

Now Malesh is leading rogue vayash moru and slaughtering entire villages of mortals. Unless Jonmarc can quickly stop Malesh's group, the future of the entire Winter Kingdoms will be full of blood. Martin brings together all the places and characters from the previous stories and escalates this fantastic drama to new heights. The author helps refresh readers' memories by giving a few summary pages at the beginning of the book.

As with the previous titles, this story overflows with suspense, intrigue, betrayals, and court dramas. Every time I pick up a novel by Gail Z. Martin, she takes my breath away! Martin, is the fourth book of the Chronicles of the Necromancer series. In book three, Dark Haven, Gail left the readers with a rather painful cliffhanger, a full novel left nearly unresolved.

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An Epic Fantasy where the once-exiled prince and now king, Matris Drayke, possesses the ability to summon the dead. The fourth thrilling installment of Gail Z Martin's Chronicles of the Necromancer series sees Tris's kingdom on the brink of collapse and fate of Jonmarc Vahanian hanging in the balance as the vampires and the undead enter into a deadly civil war and threaten to unleash an even greater danger onto the world. Your Cart items Cart total. Buy from another retailer.

Audio versions are also available from audible. It's all available on her website at: Chronicles of the Necromancer. Martin discovered her passion for SF, fantasy and ghost stories in elementary school. The first story she wrote-at age five-was about a vampire. Her favorite TV show as a preschooler was Dark Shadows.

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At age 14 she decided to become a writer. She is married, and has three children, a Himalayan cat and a golden retriever.