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Building Your Team of Dead Snake Hunters

The end of the world can wait. Then it would puke for a week into a solid gold toilet it stole from Zeus's guest room. Maybe I've been hallucinating this whole time and there is no Heaven and Hell. Instead of having to choose between God and the devil, maybe our only real choice comes down to link or patty? His expression hasn't changed. What I want to do is punch a hole in the front of the desk, reach through, grab his balls, and make him sing The Mickey Mouse Club song.

But these days, I'm working on the theory that killing everyone I don't like might be counterproductive. I'm learning to use my indoor voice like a big boy, so I smile back at the clerk. Civilians tend to stop and stare and this turns them into human bowling pins. Slow whiny bowling pins.

Recognizing a Dead Snake

I hope it was over quick and that you tasted like ass all the way down. If you play cards with the dead, make sure you deal and don't let them buy you drinks. They'll slip you a formaldehyde roofie and pry the gold fillings out of your teeth. What am I, your waiter? I got you five vampires, not a BLT. Being typecast in a certain type of role or genre doesn't make you a bad actor. Steven Seagal, now that guy sucks. For the most part, I thought Seagal was tremendous in Machete. The point is that Lundgren is pretty great in this movie and his charm and wit help carry the movie past its weaker moments.

This is clearly meant to be a camp, B-movie with accompanying thrills and it certainly delivered on the blood and gore end of things. Story is simple enough, this demon jumps into the body of the person that killed its previous host. Hence the title, you can't kill the thing, because it will just take possession of you. There's still a lot of killing, as I've already mentioned, so a lot of these people don't just listen, but I like the idea that you can't actually kill this demon, you can only hope to contain it and store it someplace where no one can access it.

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There's also a bit of a 'twist' in that Agent Pierce, the FBI lady, comes from some angelic lineage, no, literally. So Jebediah Lundgren , tells her that this demon wants to possess her body so it can be even more powerful than it is now. So not only can you not kill it, now Agent Pierce has to avoid protecting herself, or at least killing the damn thing, or else it'll possess her and take over the fucking world.

It's never made clear why this is a bad thing. I mean, demonic possession is never good, but why because Pierce of angelic lineage, does that make her more valuable to the demon. They never really explain this and it's a shame. Visually speaking, the movie isn't really much to look at, but I found the scripting to be perfectly solid and, again, it embraces a silly and campy style, which makes it all the easier to watch. Though, if I'm being honest, I don't think I feel comfortable calling this movie good.

You Can't Kill What's Already Dead - TV Tropes

I just feel that the movie slows down tremendously during its second act and, while Lundgren does a good job at carrying the film, I just felt that not much really happened. The thing is that this movie is something like 80 minutes long, without credits, so for that to have been an issue is disconcerting.

I feel like if they had trimmed some of the fat, this would have gotten a higher rating from me. It just had every ingredient for it to be a movie that I'd enjoy.

Well, every ingredient except for better pacing and, maybe, directing. Though I can forgive the latter more than the former in all honesty. With that said, I don't really have much else to say about this. Lundgren is great and, if there's a reason for you to watch this, it's because of him. In fact, one of the funniest scenes in the entire movie is Lundgren giving this speech about why he needs to help catch this demon while these two cops are trying to remove him from the Chief's office. It;'s a really long speech and every time you think the cops have him out of the room, he powers his way in, with the cops still holding on to him.

It was silly, but it was a very funny scene and it's all due to Lundgren, in my opinion. There are still some flaws, but if you're a horror nerd then I'd say that this definitely deserves a watch. This was definitely a very decent horror flick. There's a good movie here, but we were kept from it due to some glaring pacing issues.

More Top Movies Trailers. DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Black Panther Dominates Honorees. Trending on RT Avengers: Post Share on Facebook. View all 3 comments. Mar 16, Jenny Frew rated it really liked it. Detective Alison Cowes and her partner Sean are in search of serial killer whom is molesting, and murdering young innocent children. The serial killer leaves very little for Alison and her partner to work with. This novel did just that.. I really enjoyed this as most detective novels I have read typically only give the main characters perspective.

I really enjoyed this book and hope to hear more from Detective Alison Cowes in the future….. I would recommend this book to any reader that is looking for a fresh take on a detective crime novel. For more information visit: Dec 19, Shelle rated it really liked it. Her brother is a power hungry politician and mayor. They had a terrible childhood so their relationship is very cantankerous.

The drama of their relationship and personal lives serves as the main conflict of the story with the killings serving more as a backdrop to the story.

There are several characters who could be the murderer with suggestions making the reader ponder if it is this particular character, but it turns out to be a surprise at the end. The book ends abruptly and you are left with a wow. This is a pager turner and keeps you engaged until the end. Jul 16, Amanda rated it it was amazing. The molestation of young kids pulls at my heart strings and has my eyes filling with tears but the showing of a better ending helps me to continue and really enjoy the read. May 02, Mso rated it it was amazing.

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I recommend it to everyone who loves crime fiction stories with a twist Londiwe Khumalo rated it it was amazing Nov 30, Miamikel SS rated it it was amazing Sep 24, Mso rated it it was amazing Oct 30, May 11, Phumzile Gumbi rated it it was amazing. Just when you think you have figured out the story and understand the author's writin style, you are hit with a curveball.

A true whodunnit which will lull you into a false sense of security while unashamedly littered with red herrings. Think mysterious and brutal murders, thirst for power and greed all rolled into one explosive story. Characterization is deliberate and brilliantly executed, with characters you will easily love to hate and those that you will absolutely fall in love with, someti Just when you think you have figured out the story and understand the author's writin style, you are hit with a curveball.