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Armed with a good publicist, Ryan and Cassandra turn to social activism under the banner "Superheroes for Social Justice. Unlike most superhero stories, this isn't a power fantasy, and it doesn't really try to be one. The public superheroics are infrequent and largely off- camera. Instead, the story focuses on Ryan's rather sweet relationship with Cassandra, and his attempts to cope as personal tragedies rearrange his comfortable world. Cassandra is self-confident, practical, knowledgeable, lovely, open-minded, and generally without flaw; no wonder Ryan's infatuated with her.

Flyboy Action Figure Comes with Gasmask

Read Online in Browser Here. Ryan, a shy, caffeine-addicted university student, can turn into a fly. Cassandra, a waitress at a greasy spoon, can make things disappear. They were made for each other Inspired by Sailor Moon, Flyboy and Ms. Place take on the villains who inhabit their world: Originally published by HarperCollins in , this e-book version came out in Free to distribute it as long as it's copied in its entirety. Phil got up from the bed and held the book like a weapon. I leaped up from the chair and opened the door.

Flyboy Action Figure Comes with Gas Mask by Jim Munroe

The evil Asian's going to crush you! Phil looked at his book with amazement. He flicked the fly into my little garbage can. How could a fly have that much blood? That's why it was crazy No, people will know about this, Phil Lee. People will know about you.

Jim and his friends may be self-absorbed Toronto hipsters, but I can easily picture their conversations in buses and bars. I probably think much more highly of this novel than it deserves, mainly because I admire Munroe for not being afraid to wear his politics on his sleeve, accusations of "political correctness" be damned, and for the DIY sensibility he brings to his literary endeavors and persona FLYBOY, as well as some of his other novels, were self-published at various points in their lives, and he still sells them largely online, I believe.

While reading it, I was shaken and delighted to find that his writing style actually resembled mine at the time, anyway , even if he can do things I probably can't pull a plot together, finish and publish a novel, etc. The novel's central conceit is unexpectedly plausible I think the economy of Munroe's descriptions in this regard helps a lot even if the plot veers dangerously toward melodrama the bittersweet ending helps, too. One of my favorite "first novels," FLYBOY manages to be fun, thought-provoking, and even escapist in places a good thing, considering the seriousness of much of its subject matter while maintaining a constant serious undercurrent.

May 11, Kate rated it liked it. Aspirations of superpowers in small children are nothing new. One little boy thinks he cam fly. Another little girl thinks she can fight evil. A little boy thinks he can turn into a fly. Jim Munroe's Flyboy Action Figure Comes with Gasmask begins an average story about an average guy named Ryan who lives with his average roommates and is an average student and does a below-average job of picking up women. One day while at his regular haunt - the coffee house - Ryan Aspirations of superpowers in small children are nothing new. One day while at his regular haunt - the coffee house - Ryan gets up the nerve to ask out Cassandra, the waitress he has been admiring from afar.

Cassandra is less than average. She used to play in a famous punk rock band.

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She is an ardent feminist, sometimes lesbian and single mom. And she can turn invisible. Average Ryan might be intimidated by this fact if it weren't for his own ability to turn into a fly. That's right, a fly. In Flyboy, Ryan discovers early on in childhood that he can indeed turn into a fly. Now before you go off assuming that this is some modern-day remake of David Cronenberg's hit The Fly, know that in this tale boy meets girl and girl does not shoot boy as he turns into some grotesque creature.

In fact, Flyboy is only a small part science fiction, believe it or not. When a girl who can turn invisible meets a boy who can turn into a fly, there is no other choice than for the two to become superheroes. If those argument is not a reasonable one to you, than neither will be most of the plot of Flyboy. However, if you can accept this shaky premise, then Flyboy makes for what is actually a sweet, though quirky, story. Feb 05, Joseph rated it did not like it.


This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Didn't care for it. The so-called super heroes in this book destroy public and private property, humiliate and taunt police officers, free an admitted drug dealer from custody and make plans to free a convicted cop-killer. The faceless media calls them terrorists, and rightly so. And the one character who agrees with this sentiment? Turns out he's a pedophile.

The book isn't all bad. The writing is crisp, the dialogue sharp and in places clever. But characterization is weak. It's difficult Didn't care for it. It's difficult to tell the characters apart. You could easily out Ken for Jack for Phil without noticing a difference. And after setting the book aside for less than a day, I forgot who some of the characters were. One moment that particularly annoyed me occurs when main character Ryan confesses to his bi-sexual girlfriend that he'd be jealous if she spent time with a male ex but not if she spent time with a female ex.

Cassandra calls him a homophobe and a sexist And this occurs while she's apologizing for springing the female ex on him. Apology to accusation, just like that. And weak-willed Ryan accepts this chastisement as just. Aug 10, Steven rated it really liked it Shelves: Do you get annoyed by reviews that say something like a mix or Nicholas Hornby male confession with Christopher moore's humor and Harukai Murakami's quirkiness. It doesn't really tell you anything. Except in this case it would apply. Especially the Nick hornby and Christopher moore mixed together part.

The humor is fun but not outrageous.

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Reminds me of my younger days. Friends joking with each other, some Do you get annoyed by reviews that say something like a mix or Nicholas Hornby male confession with Christopher moore's humor and Harukai Murakami's quirkiness. Friends joking with each other, sometimes relentlessly. The main two characters are quirky, and unsure of themselves just like college kids can be. It's not just the dialogue that makes this book a good read. The way the main two characters decide to fight social injustice instead of facing supervillians or major criminals. They take on challenges that college kids would take on.

For example they attend a take back the night protest. If the books seems slow in the beginning please stick it out till the last third. It puts alot into the end of the book. Everyone's lives are changed. May 01, J. I thought I just liked the book, but then I read the last third--its fantastic. The ending is a little weak, but I get it I think the "fly on the wall" metaphor for the narrator both as superpower and as narrative device is beyond brilliant. I like that the male character is the sidekick, too. What I really enjoyed was that, unlike many other novelizations of superhero fiction, there is a world, here.

I like that the heroes here didn't try to tackle super I thought I just liked the book, but then I read the last third--its fantastic. I like that the heroes here didn't try to tackle supervillainy, but things that were important to them In fact, this novel felt a lot more like it took place in Seattle of the early 90s I could have done with a little less hipster dialect, but in the end it works.

Apr 21, Roland Mann rated it it was ok Shelves: There are plenty of other places to get story synopsis here, so I won't go into that. I thought the characters were interesting and there were a lot of interesting "things" going on in the background, however, the book lacked a real cohesive plot. I found myself way too many times while reading asking myself "what the heck is the story here.

There could be--there were so many things the author set up as interesting, but just never follows through with any of them. There were often very interesting scenes, and the author has created interesting characters, but they don't really advance any sort of story. Jan 08, Nathan Burgoine rated it it was amazing.