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This book is built around a new and complete translation of Clausewitz's study of the Waterloo campaign Berlin: Clausewitz's Der Felzug von was written late in his life and its findings were never incorporated into On War , so most readers will find it new material. Buy the best translation—recommended for serious readers.

Sun Tzu - The Art of War Explained In 5 Minutes

Sun Tzu is presented in the modern translation by Roger Ames, based on complete ancient texts found by archaeologists. This quite readable translation appeared at the close of the Vietnam War and—principally for marketing and copyright reasons—has become the modern standard.

Contemporary Art, an introduction

By Jon Tetsuro Sumida. Sumida contends that Clausewitz's central value lies in his method of reenacting the psychological difficulties of high command in order to promote the powers of intuition that he believed were essential to effective strategic decision-making. If you're seeing this message, it means we're having trouble loading external resources on our website. To log in and use all the features of Khan Academy, please enable JavaScript in your browser.

Arts and humanities Modernisms A beginner's guide to 20th century art. Contemporary Art, an introduction. An Introduction to Photography in the Early 20th Century. It's ironic that many people say they don't "get" contemporary art because, unlike Egyptian tomb painting or Greek sculpture, art made since reflects our own recent past.

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It speaks to the dramatic social, political and technological changes of the last 50 years, and it questions many of society's values and assumptions—a tendency of postmodernism, a concept sometimes used to describe contemporary art. What makes today's art especially challenging is that, like the world around us, it has become more diverse and cannot be easily defined through a list of visual characteristics, artistic themes or cultural concerns.

Nam June Paik, Electronic Superhighway: An installation by Xu Bing at the British Museum.

Xu Bing, Book from the Sky. Alfredo Jaar, A Logo for America. Bill Viola, The Crossing. What is performance art? The Body as medium. When Art Intersects With Life. Many people associate performance art with highly publicized controversies over government funding of the arts, censorship, and standards of public decency.

Performance Art: An Introduction (article) | Khan Academy

Indeed, at its worst, performance art can seem gratuitous, boring or just plain weird. But, at its best, it taps into our most basic shared instincts: It often forces us to think about issues in a way that can be disturbing and uncomfortable, but it can also make us laugh by calling attention to the absurdities in life and the idiosyncrasies of human behavior.

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Performance art differs from traditional theater in its rejection of a clear narrative, use of random or chance-based structures, and direct appeal to the audience. The art historian RoseLee Goldberg writes:. Historically, performance art has been a medium that challenges and violates borders between disciplines and genders, between private and public, and between everyday life and art, and that follows no rules. Although the term encompasses a broad range of artistic practices that involve bodily experience and live action, its radical connotations derive from this challenge to conventional social mores and artistic values of the past.

Conceptual and Performance art

While performance art is a relatively new area of art history, it has roots in experimental art of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Modern artists used live events to promote extremist beliefs, often through deliberate provocation and attempts to offend bourgeois tastes or expectations. In Italy, the anarchist group of Futurist artists insulted and hurled profanity at their middle-class audiences in hopes of inciting political action.

Following World War II, performance emerged as a useful way for artists to explore philosophical and psychological questions about human existence.