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What format is it? Is there a book you know you will never read? What do you think about book trailers? What piece of advice would you give to a new writer? I would say, stick with your writing, no matter what. If you love writing, just do it! Do you or would you ever use a pen name? Chesley is sort of a pen name for me. So we agreed upon this pen name. I would love to see Kate Beckinsale play Kayta.

Have you ever considered writing in a completely different genre? As a matter of fact, I have some story ideas for paranormal books. Yes, I think ebooks are here to stay. Considering Traditional Publishing vs. If so, please elaborate. The only thing I see is the author has more control over their work if they go the indie route. But it seems to me, the author has to do most of the marketing themselves either way. If so, what did you do about it? Yes, I get it once in awhile, but mostly when I am trying to figure out where to go with the story.

I will walk away from it and do something else for a couple days, not thinking about the story at all and it will come to me out of the blue. Then I get right back to writing. Where can readers follow you? Your Goodreads author page? Thank you Mel for taking time out from your busy schedule to share with us today. It has been a real pleasure having you here on my blog. I hope you will visit again in the future.

Thank you, it was fun! The king of Relavia is determined to wipe out his warring neighbors in Paridzule, a worthy adversary for over five hundred years. She has been writing fantasy for several years. Between writing, work and family she barely has time for much gaming, but some days, raids take precedence over all. If you would like to learn more about her world, created in this book, go to www. You can also follow her blog at www.

Kayta sat up, sweat drenched her skin and she clutched at the sheet that covered her. After a moment, she gasped, filling her lungs with air, tears streaming down her cheeks. She looked around frantically, trying to get her bearings. Kayta pulled up the sheet to her chin and looked around.

Fayterra: Life and Death and the Stuff In-Between by Steven Higgins (2013, Paperback)

Beds lined the walls on either side, and lanterns were lit and turned low. In the dim light, she could see the face of the person who sat beside her, trying to soothe her. The man chuckled, his long black hair hung loose around his shoulders. There were bruises on his face, a greenish tinge indicating that they were healing as well as a few cuts.

He turned his head to make sure they were not disturbing anyone, and his eyes caught the lamplight. The red of his eyes indicated his race. For years the kingdoms of Paridzule and Relavia have been enemies. When it looks as if a marriage between their progeny might unite the kingdoms and end the centuries old hatred and rivalry the king of Relavia is infuriated. However, a priest of Fizan, Goddess of Justice, an assassin and four warriors from Haldera have another plan after they are charged with a dangerous task by the goddess herself.

Adversarius is a totally engrossing fantasy tale that has just enough rollicking adventure and intrigue with a bit of romance to keep you turning those pages will into the night. The cliffhanger ending will leave you longing for the immediate release of book two of the trilogy. One lucky commentor will win an eBook copy of Adversarius. The winner should then email us at car01am yahoo. Review of The Tyrant King. Though Queen Krystal came from peasant stock she proves once again that there is nothing common about her as she takes up her sword and prepares to defend and protect those she loves, propriety be hanged!

There are an abundance of page-turning revelations and mysteries in this fantasy tale to keep you up well after your bedtime. I want to thank you for granting this interview today.

The Tyrant King

How are you doing? A little sleepy, actually. That depends entirely on my mood. Again, tough to narrow down. Bryant, Ali Cross and Karen E. I read pretty much everything but horror and erotica. Having to repeat myself. Especially with my kids. Part of my family heritage can be traced back there, and I love ruins, castles, scenery, and the like. I was born and raised in AZ, where I nurtured an early love of books and writing into creating my first novel in high school.

I married in and had 5 children in rapid succession I had twins, so that helped. In a series of personal and family incidents caused me to refocus on my writing. Would you tell us a little about your upcoming book? Is it a stand alone book or part of a series? There is an unofficial fourth book in the planned trilogy that I released last year called The Wild Queen.

The final book in the series, The Lost Princess , will be out next year. If you could become one of the characters in The Tyrant King who would it be and why? The seeds were planted in high school, but I waffled about it for a long time. I was spending a lot of it growing up, getting married and having my own family.

My current focus is YA fantasy, with a dash of romance.

"The Other Side: Reflections of Reality in Fiction":

But I have several irons in the fire, so to speak. I have contemporary YA, good old clean romance, middle grade fiction, even a couple of mysteries. How do you come up with the title and cover designs for your books? Who was the designer of your current book? I work with the amazing Deirdra A. Eden for my covers. She does awesome work. And I admit part of that is due to my severe creative handicap at coming up with one of my own.

Is there any book that you know you will just never read? If so, why not? And write some more. Be open to learning how to make your writing better. That is impossible, since my husband knows everything about me. But something that perhaps is not well known is that I hate berries.

I write whenever the impulse strikes, and wherever I am—I always have paper of some kind with me. I was traditionally published at first, but they declined to take on the sequel so I decided to publish it myself. But the more I get into it, the more I realize I like it. I like having control over the finished product—cover, formatting, editing, etc. The Tyrant King went through a professional edit after I was done editing it myself and sending it out to writer friends and reader friends for feedback.

I believe in putting out the best book I can. Are you currently working on something new and if so would you give us a sneak peek of what it is about? I plan to have another book out by the end of the year. Readers who have read The Peasant Queen may enjoy the alternate ending I added to my website.

Also, I put up the first chapter of The Tyrant King on my site for those who want to read more. Thank you so much Cheri for taking time to interview on our blog. It has been a genuine pleasure getting a peek into your writing world. Can see ghosts Guardian: Six foot Eye Colour: Ability to Heal Job: Demon Hunter and Protector Family: Darkened skies, April showers Pattering against my window pane Feet sloshing through wet puddles Blinking droplets from my eyelashes The smell of damp hair Plastered to my head Forgot my umbrella…again They forecast sun, not rain Is it April Fools?

For more on my books, see below: The Glade is an Indie B. Find out more at: MLChesley Thank you Mel for taking time out from your busy schedule to share with us today. Two kingdoms, two goals. Please tell us a little about yourself. What is your worst nightmare? Were you inspired by any other writers? I mention this only because some the youngest young adults might find this subject matter troubling. Moving away from that, this book is a very quick and fun read and I look forward the future books in this series Dec 01, Sheila rated it really liked it.

Their life seems finally on track, but not for long. People are found dead and war is declared on King Jareth and the kingdom of Fayterra. This is when we see the Krystal from The Peasant Queen emerge. She truly is amazing! She supports her husband going off to war, and trains to fight. Again, Krstyal is not a helpless woman waiting for her knight in shining armor, she fights along side her knight to protect those she loves. Cheri has given her readers another action packed novel full of intrigue.

Donovan runs a mean streak as vicious as his father. You know he is bad the second he enters the story. I also have to add I loved the sneak peek of book 3: The Lost Princess at the end of the book. View all 3 comments. Jul 09, Justine rated it really liked it.

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I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review. Again I found myself getting lost in the world that Cheri Chesley has created. I loved carrying on with this book and learning what the characters were dealing with. This is an epic fantasy and it left me very curious and wanting much, much more.

Plus from that ending I think I will finally get som I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review. Plus from that ending I think I will finally get some closure on what happened to the characters from the prequel. Krystal is still the brave character that she was in the last book but now she has the added support from Jareth. They are a strong power couple and have overcame a lot. I liked meeting the new characters and finding out how some of them fit into the twisted family tree. I'm very excited to revisit old characters that I thought were off the grid in the next book.

I need the next book! I need to know how all of the characters that I have grown so close to end up. I would recommend this epic fantasy series to, of course fantasy readers.

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Sep 22, Konstanz Silverbow rated it really liked it. I adored The Peasant Queen. Krystal is an incredible character, and totally my favorite kind of Queen. She is full of heart, she knows how to take care of those she loves and lets just say, hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn.

So when the tyrant, Donovan comes looking to destroy her family, well. No seriously, if for nothin I adored The Peasant Queen. No seriously, if for nothing else, you need to read the book just for him! LOL I laugh just thinking about this character. He is pretty much awesome. Anyway, I love how Cheri has kept the love alive between the King and Queen, how they will do anything to protect each other and the ones they love.

The twists and turns keep you guessing at every turn.

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Aug 30, Cheryl rated it liked it. I enjoyed the plot of the story but when I got to the end of the story it was like the author thought I have written enough, The End. The whole book is about Donovan wanting both kingdoms and he uses his magic to help his cause but when he dies he doesn't put up a fight. There was another time Krystal was being held captive and Donovan said something cryptic but it was never addressed after that.

May 10, Vicki rated it it was amazing Shelves: I really enjoyed this second book about Krystal and Jareth. I hope the next book comes soon!

Blogging about our writing journey and our fantasy worlds…

Dec 21, Keamy Loken rated it liked it. Still a good read. I loved every minute of this book. It had Jareth's family history, action, and suspense. I can't believe Krystal did all that while being pregnant! Nov 05, Natasha rated it it was amazing. Clever lead and good plot. The Feline Felon rated it it was amazing Jan 05, Trina Bolduc rated it really liked it Sep 29, Steph rated it liked it May 16, Lorrin Spangler rated it really liked it Nov 03, Jody Murdock rated it really liked it Jan 01, Lynne rated it it was ok Feb 18, Rebecca rated it really liked it Jan 12, Emery rated it it was ok Apr 26, Alexia Fuller rated it really liked it May 07, Brianna rated it it was amazing Dec 11, Reggie Keys rated it it was amazing Jul 04, Vanessa rated it really liked it Dec 23, Linda rated it liked it Jan 21, Gaylene A Davis rated it liked it Apr 29, Kent rated it really liked it Nov 28, Tina Bartholoma rated it liked it Dec 12, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Cheri Chesley believes in miracles and the magic of books in everyday life. When not writing, she can be found reading the dictionary for fun or devouring any of the many books in her personal library. She lives with her husband, children, and four-legged taskmasters in Waurika, OK.

Look for updates on her latest works at www. Other books in the series. Peasant Queen 3 books. Books by Cheri Chesley. Trivia About The Tyrant King