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To show her a new way without pain and blood? If so, it seems the perfect way for Jackman to finish his time as the character. Click through for the entire slideshow, which takes a look at more of Old Man Logan and how Hugh Jackman's Wolverine has evolved over the years. Superman wasn't the only DC property to have some sway with Logan , although the other was much more indirect. Former Batman star Christian Bale was supposed to make his next movie with Mangold, but an injury he sustained while portraying the Dark Knight gave the director a new idea.

Which Comic Book Series Influenced Logan, According To The Director

I had spent the previous two years in Marvel mode and I was really looking forward to escape. Fourteen days before we started shooting, Christian tore the ACL in his knee and could not perform, so the movie got cancelled. That was a dark film and a journey into the abyss. I was broken-hearted over that film not happening, and I think I brought a lot of that inward ambition from that movie to this.

If you loved Logan , be sure to rate it on our scale below. Looking particularly at the first three instalments, directed by Kenji Misumi, the films walk a fine line by making their violence shockingly graphic without ever quite dipping into Tarantino-esque comic-violence. Shane tries to fit in, but eventually is pushed to the brink, and for the sake of the town, kills Ryker.

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The unexpected influences behind Logan

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