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I ordered the cotton shipped to you and to you alone I knew that you could tell best when to sell, as you received the news from Liverpool much oftener than I did Infantry, Purifoy served in Tenn. The bearer of the letter was likely John Gulley, noted Ala. Antebellum material from Arkansas with both slave and cotton content is elusive. A post office named Purifoy existed as of Scarce catalogue, profusely illustrated with blackface cartoon drawings, T.

A highly graphic artifact of social history. Two consecutive issues of anti-slavery newspaper, The Pennsylvania Freeman, published by Penna. Anti-Slavery Society, Philadelphia, Oct. On page one, Oct. Members of the legislature are required to be free white male citizens The declaration of rights provides: They have chosen for their contemplated State the quaint name of the State of Deseret, which implies, according to the Mormon history It occurred in the American Union Missionary Association, a body which seceded from the old anti-slavery Missionary Society, on professed anti-slavery grounds.

It claims for the descendants of the African race You must be aware that the Florida war, which lasted six years, and cost the nation a vast expenditure of blood Whatever may have been the pretence for the unrighteous and costly war lately concluded between Mexico and the U. States, it would never have been waged if Mexico had not abolished slavery The District of Columbia, which is entirely under the control of the U. Congress, has upon its statute books some of the most barbarous laws that can be found against the colored people One of its enactments is that if any colored person shall be convicted of arson, he shall be hung A law in D.

Munson, Underwood, Horn, Fairfield and Allied Families

Scarcely anything remains to be combated, but open hostility, in the shape of a guilty church and pro-slavery priesthood There are now quite a number in Panama Presenting one of the most philosophically detailed and conclusive defenses of freedom to be found in any contemporary source, filling over two full pages of closely set type. A people that can convert, as by magic, boundless tracts of forest into fertile fields, that can summon into sudden existence flourishing cities It has not the desire Our enterprise is entirely a moral one.

We discard all resort to physical force The constitution of the U. If the slave escapes, it provides for his recapture Horizontal center fold of first leaf only frayed, affecting several words each side; some large tea? Front page account of Cuba: The sugar plantations are very beautiful The indigo shrub grows here wild in great plenty, but is made no use of. Further back in the country they have cassada plantations The tobacco plantations would be of infinite service to the island, had they any trade It is almost come to nothing, as his Catholic Majesty reduced the price so low that the planters could not live.

Some leagues from this town are orange woods Everywhere the soil seems to call out for a more industrious hand than the Spaniard. Dunkirk, for the use of our Nobility and Gentry at Paris. Coxen, who keeps a notorious bawdy-house in Tennis-Court An early account of Cuba. Dyer of Christian Instruction Society. A wealthy brewer, Buxton was one of the foremost abolitionists of his day, helping form the British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society ; succeeded Wilberforce as leader of abolition movement in Parliament.

Author African Slave Trade and its Remedy. I cordially acknowledge the value and importance of your Society, but in this busy world, if good is done, it will be By this date the abolitionist movement on both sides of the Atlantic was in high gear; it would ultimately ignite the Civil War.

Unusual group of letters, some moderately lengthy, to John Bruen, self-educated grandson of a runaway slave, who rose to become a highly popular Orange County, N. With concluding page of signed, holograph draft of letter from Bruen to The Ring: I want to show this to so many of the Schmeling boosters Ever a Ring reader You know the game from the ground up! We have quite a bit in common.

Words cannot be found to show you how thankful I am for all that you have done. Hampton Institute is a beautiful place I have gotten over my homesick-ness, and am getting down to some good hard studying I like it here and will try to come through with colors. Colored folks of my acquaintance are so busy with church work and trying to make a living, that they have no time to be vituperative You, for instance, have a trace of Indian blood.

In my case it shows only in facial structure, high cheekbones I recall having been at Roscoe one season when Braddock had a training camp nearby You would get a great kick out of some of the things which have happened to me through colored friends What is a white skin, when underneath a person is rotten to the core? I have many Friends among your People The preaching of Stokely Carmichael and Hubert Brown is just filling your people with deathly Poison And with the dope, LSD and others no one knows what will happen next Some minor wear, else generally very good.

Notwithstanding the large volume of mail he received over the decades, these are the only Bruen-related items we have encountered. Neither ArchiveGrid or WorldCat record anything by or about him. His life is worthy of scholarship. Compiled and arranged by H. On outside back, lengthy offerings of other song books, including nos. Tear at upper left corner cover and first leaf, some handling wear and creases, some tips dogeared, several stains at bottoms of text, else internally good plus.

WorldCat records no copies. Perhaps a unique survivor. Folding chromolithographed storyboard, advertising Rising Sun Stove Polish, c. On one panel, a black housewife thrusts a subpar brand of stove polish at her dismayed husband, gesturing toward the dirty stove: Look yere, old man! Inside, sales copy for the Canton, Mass. Brightly colorful and V. Thirteen simple line drawings of varieties of prunes, and 4 full-page diagrams of methods of planting prune trees.

Covers foxed, text uniformly toned, else very good plus. That of settling the slavery question? The violence of their language against domestic slavery anywhere and everywhere created apprehensions in the minds of the people of Missouri, that they also meditated a relentless warfare upon the institution of slavery Toning, minor corner wear, else good plus.

Within two months, Douglas would be defeated by Lincoln; much of the campaign - and the famous debates - focused on slavery. Need I remind you of the unwavering solicitude with which he defended the Border Ruffians Just so long as Slavery had a chance in Kansas, Douglas stood upon the side of Slavery Douglas in the Presidential chair, and give him as he demands, the power of the French Emperor WorldCat locates no copies. Charming correspondence on life in rural New England. Ten letters, one July 9, , balance From Berlin Falls, Stark, and W.

At least some relating to Cole family. Sister Eliza writes from Amherst - presumably the University of Mass. Went yesterday to Rev. Seelye from Albany; gave us a temperance, Negro, war speech. Well there, it was perfectly disgusting to me to hear him run on He said some thought Stone Wall Jackson [sic] had gone to heaven We hoped he had gone where we should not be troubled with him The trains were very much delayed last night on account of snow I desire to spend that holy day eve in your most agreeable company I will venture if the weather is not too ruff to I hope you will not at least be displeased The unpropitious state of the weather prevented it being any disappointment to you I can fancy that this little image smiles, its eyes twinkle I wish I might be sitting in the rocking chair this eve I was here in the office all night.

The snow storm a week ago was terrible all along the N. Bad iron on this road keeps them behind time every night I should think she would leave the factory once and for all. The work is so injurious to her health We are going to try a mulatto girl now. I had experience enough in that line last winter Abner, do you want 8 or 10 lbs. Please send up a wooden pail Let me whisper to you that I am not anticipating a very good time.

One waterstained, one with considerable handling wrinkles, some other minor defects, others very good to fine. Rives publisher of Daily Globe. I have not received it. It is nothing but just that I should get the Daily for my trouble. Will you be so kind as to send it? Evidently demonstrating that The Cahaba Slave-Holder and Bulletin, or its forerunner, was being published prior to the Feb. Maria Green, Disorderly conduct, Committed Mary Jane Selvert, same Highly interesting social history, with many Irish and some German names.

Original folds, else very fine. Republicans especially loathed Sanderson for his fierce criticism of Lincoln and the war effort Unusual partly printed marriage certificate for two free blacks, Talbot County, Georgia, Aug. On tissue, probably in the interest of post-Civil War economy, fine creases, some edge tears and ink erosion, else very satisfactory, and a conversation piece.

Signer Bethune is among the rarified ranks for the briefest term in Congressional history: Docketed twice by Wm. Yeoman Farmers and the Transformation of the Georgia Upcountry, Oxford University Press , and was an antebellum founder of Thomaston Railroad modern citations accompany. Some fraying at blank left edge, else very good, and suitable for display. Tenacy Hardman is a mulatto Woman about 36 years of age, 5 ft. Born in the Neighborhood of Trammels Town where she continues to live.

Lockwood of Greenwich, Conn. Captured on board an Armed Vessel Commanded by Capt. Negro Girl to him From personal collection of Alton Ketchum, celebrated advertising copywriter and creative director, author biographer of Uncle Sam , collector, antiquarian, scholar, Presidential speechwriter — and, living in an old house built by one of Capt.

With folder containing 15 pp. Slaves in Greenwich and Stamford? That was enough of a stopper The ship in which Jin was traveling when captured was the British privateer St. Andrew, mounting six guns, Isaac Ketchum, Master. It was taken on the Sound by Capt. Ebenezer Jones of Stamford One can be sure that the St. Andrew did not strike the Union Jack to the whaleboats without a struggle and the burning of much gunpowder Who was Samuel Lockwood, and how did he get into the picture?

In he answered the Lexington alarm Lockwood took a flyer at whale-boating himself, which may be how Jin happened to become his property What of Smith Weed? His tally included over , rations, as well as large amounts of wheat and rye flour. In such an operation there would have been plenty of work for a bright, pert slave girl like Jin. What happened to her? Did she marry and somehow buy her freedom? Or perhaps did Smith Weed give her a writ of manumission after the war, in recognition of her services for the cause of independence? A slave would hardly have been traveling alone. Could her owner have been killed Andrew and poured over the bulwarks, yelling, firing small arms and swinging their cutlasses?

Militia, and after the Revolution came over to Tarrytown and purchased the historic Maj. Jacob Van Tassel place Witness John Hait, Jr. It appears Alton Ketchum was on the right track! Filled with the fury of battle and intrigue throughout much of Europe; it nearly seems that everyone was at war with someone. The posture of the Turks, Tartars, and others of their neighbors made it necessary to enter into some strict alliance with some potent Princes From Ukrania they find that the Cossacks are not like ly to accept of the Treaty offered them by the Poles The Arabians had taken four Portuguese ships richly laden Spork had intelligence of 5, Hungarian Horse which were in the Field with an intention The Diet at Ratisbonne [in Bavaria] is Several of the Grands The people are in great apprehension of a new Impost upon Wax and Salt, which causes no small murmurings amongst them Soft horizontal fold predating old binding stitches, occasional minor toning or stains, else crisp and very good to fine.

William Birney, on his law office letterhead, Louisiana Ave. Fellows since the war I recommended Holman for Col. My duties as Supt. An avid Alabama-plantation-born abolitionist, Birney was named one of the three superintendents in charge of enlisting black troops. He raised and sent to the field seven colored regiments.

As the sun set on the South, Birney, leading a division of colored troops, pursued Robert E. Lee on the road to Appomattox. Endorsement Signed of Adjt. L orenzo Thomas, on verso of letter to him from Penna. Beck of 13th U.

  1. Hitlers Terror Weapons: From Doodlebug to Nuclear Warheads.
  2. Spanen: Grundlagen (VDI-Buch) (German Edition)!
  3. Poesías Varias (Spanish Edition).

He was appointed 2d Lt. Hale, who is informed that Lt. He is in error in supposing the nomination was not made Evidently once separated at spine, reinforced with white strip to tip in letter-book; two horizontal folds reinforced with old strips of glassine tape, else good plus. The following year, Thomas was stripped of his title of Adjt. Stanton refused to vacate his office, and had Thomas arrested.

Jacob Durant

Old white label strip hinge on blank versos, one program with very soft half crease, else excellent, the graphics highly attractive. A lost world; the ship, built in , was scrapped in Between the s to s, William M. In many cases, despite the paucity of autograph dealers in those early days, he was successful in locating examples of officers killed in action.

For others, he sought their signatures by mail. Some cards are toned; the signatures are almost invariably unaffected. Such magnificent collections seldom come to market at this late date; whether you are beginning a collection, or filling in names, the Shaw Collection represents a special opportunity. Letter of provenance accompanies each Shaw item. A small number of names were lacking in Shaw, and added from another old collection in the s.

Commanding Baltimore during its May revolt, he was second in command in the advance into the Shenandoah. Mounted on cream Strathmore, some toning, one old horizontal fold, else about very good. Lacking in Shaw, and added from another old collection in s. Though he had no military experience, his rapid ascension to Brig. Often controversial, wounded at Antietam, and twice at Fredericksburg, it was at Gettysburg that he made history.

Mount toned, trivial superficial crease at blank upper right, perhaps from postal handling c. His abolitionist filibuster, with its anti-Southern invective, led to weapons being brandished on the floor of the House. His election, won by a vote margin, was contested by none other than Clement Vallandigham, who unseated him. Minister to Mexico during reign of Emperor Maximilian. Unlisted in Boatner and Seagrave. With one of the most geographically and administratively varied careers during the Civil War, it was Canby who accepted surrender of the last Confederate force, Gen.

In , Canby was murdered by Modoc Indians while unarmed, attempting to negotiate a peace treaty, becoming the only Gen. Two ink spots at edge of blank mount, light toning, else about fine. Capers Hall at The Citadel named for him. On verso, also in his hand, he lists his wounds: Card toned to honey, else very fine, appealing, and unusual. Not mounted, as are many other Shaw items, but possibly from his collection. Severely wounded as an Indian fighter, and three times more at Pea Ridge, Carr refused to leave the battlefield, bandaged while astride his horse, for which he received the Medal of Honor.

Cavalry from , with such success against the Cheyennes, Sioux, and Apaches that he is chiefly remembered today as one of the great Indian fighters. Because of procedural difficulties with his appointment, Carr was actually junior to his own subordinate commanders. Important and controversial Southern businessman, his tobacco firm known worldwide for its Bull Durham trademark. A founder of Duke University, gifting land for their campus, Vice Pres.

An exceptionally odd signature, on verso of his steel-engraved card, Durham, N. Old pencil notes on verso, else excellent. A major rarity, killed at age Rising rapidly in the Confederate Army, Carter led the 38th Tenn. Wide margins, inlaid long ago on larger sand felt-finish card, some biographical notes neatly pencilled in lower portion and verso of card, else fine. The only example we recall handling in at least fifty years. D, 14 th S. To carry the flag in that hail of bullets meant almost certain death A headlong charge was made with Carwile in the lead One of the first to assist in organizing the U.

One foxing spot in center, else very fine. Ironically, despite serving continuously since the s, and adoption of his manual in by the War Dept. In these war years he also wrote Infantry Tactics for Colored Troops. In a spidery hand, in rich brown. Light mount toning and glue stain, else very fine.

Fighting in Franklin and Nashville campaign, by Feb. A Reconstruction Congressman from Miss. A Bucktail Democrat turned Whig, then joining the Republicans in its earliest period. A leading light of Seneca Falls, he was one of the signers - with Frederick Douglass - of the Declaration of Rights and Sentiments at the historic Seneca Falls Convention, calling for equality for women. Headed by Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and modeled on the Declaration of Independence, Chamberlain was one of just 32 men to sign.

He may have been the man most closely linked to Stanton and her family: Some edge glue stains, else about fine. Wounded so grievously before Petersburg that his death was actually reported in some newspapers, Chamberlain not only recovered, but continued to defy danger. Light uniform marginal toning of mount, else choice.

Minor ripples from old mounting on buff, else very fine. With printed photograph from an old book, trimmed and mounted by Shaw on larger card. Working under Stanton, Chipman prosecuted Henry Wirz, culminating in his hanging. Author of The Tragedy of Andersonville: Declared very first Decoration Day, , as Adjt. Close of an A. Later forced to surrender when, without his knowledge, some of his men raised the white flag. Congressman who fought in a Civil War battle — against the Union — while in office. In July , Clark himself was expelled - from Congress - becoming Sen.

Light card edge toning, else about very fine.

Item Preview

Commanding his eponymous Brigade, he was wounded at Cold Harbor, and severely at Weldon Railroad, recuperating just days before the Confederate surrender at Greensboro. Some dust-toning at blank right edge of card, else bold and excellent. Some mottled glue toning, else fine. With printed photograph from an old book, trimmed and mounted by Shaw on matching card. Prewar Congressman; commanding 1st U. Chasseurs in Peninsular Campaign; fought at Fredericksburg, Antietam, and Williamsburg, resigning in , some say as fallout from his maneuverings to remove Burnside. Light marginal dust toning of mount, else excellent.

A West Pointer and supporter of V. A week after Fort Sumter, he was commissioned Brig. Close of an early war-date letter, apparently closely dateable between Apr.

Who Were The Minutemen In The Revolutionary War?

Mounted on old slip, else about very good. Fighting from Carthage, Mo. Commissioner to reestablish boundary line between Texas and New Mexico. At the Democratic Convention, Cockrell received 34 votes in balloting for Presidential candidate. Card toned to amber, mounted signature bold and very fine.

Cogswell turned his law office into a recruiting station and in twenty-fours hours raised a full company, the first company in the country recruited for the war. C of the 2nd Mass. In an historical long shot of the most remote order of probability, Cogswell also fought at Bentonville, the last battle of the Civil War.

From close of an A. They compiled their observations in a book called Our New West, published in Speaker H ouse of R epresentatives U. A serendipitous pair, for the completist. Successfully defended Florida against Union invasion; postwar Ga. Civil War era Congressman, known for his eloquence - and for declining appointments of two Presidents as Associate and Chief Justice to the Supreme Court. A Radical Republican promoting equal rights for ex-slaves, Conkling was an early Presidential contender in Curious signature in an unusual shade of Concord grape, so watery that it appears faded but judged appearing nearly thusly when written, and otherwise very fine.

He fled with Davis after Richmond Light mount toning, some dust soiling of high spots of texture, else good plus. Colored Troops, later Capt. Fighting at Nashville and Decatur, Ala. Garfield when he was shot. Civil War era Congressman; delegate to ill-fated Peace Conference. In dark brown, with circular grill cancel in pale grey on last four letters of his name. A critical Union supply depot, it held a million rations of bread. Distinguished as a naturalist, exploring in Mexico with a Smithsonian expedition. Glory Road, Bruce Catton. Commanding the newly-created Dept.

Congressman from both Ohio, , and N. Antebellum planter, Cox commanded the 2nd N. Personally commended by Robert E. Lee for his bravery, Cox led a division at the surrender at Appomattox, later serving in three U. Congresses, and Secretary of the U. Minor toning, pale glue stains at edges and bottom of onlaid card, else fine. Light mount toning, else very fine.

Boasting a long naval career back to , Craven became Commander of Annapolis. Brooklyn early in war, aiding capture of New Orleans in Uniform light-toning around periphery, perhaps from an old envelope, else about very good. A graduate of University of Penna. Although this was a relatively minor engagement, Crawford tried for years to become officially acknowledged as the sole savior of Gettysburg, but without success. The preservation of the battlefield, however, is largely due to his efforts Commanding a division in Army of the Tennessee, breveted for gallantry at Stones River.

A very wild-appearing Maj. Coffee-and-cream ink, else excellent. Colorful figure, wounded in prewar Indian fighting by a poisoned arrow; wounded at Lewisburg, commanded 2nd Cavalry Div. Developed lifelong friendship with his subordinate — Col. Captured late in the war when Confederate cavalrymen entered Cumberland, Md.

Geronimo escaped, costing Crook is command. Civil War Governor, nominated in in the expectation that he would help carry the Keystone State for Lincoln. Close confidante of Lincoln, visiting the Executive Mansion several times during the war. Credited with establishing the cemetery at Gettysburg, Curtin was on the platform as Lincoln delivered his immortal Address. Considered for Vice Pres. Trivial edge toning, old mounting paper on verso, else excellent. Serving in 2nd Mass. Mount toned, else excellent. In Boatner, but obscure and rare. Curtis, how do you know when your feet are cold?

End-of-war Chief of Staff for Dept. As Congressman, Curtis sought insane-asylum reform and abolition of capital punishment. Upon outbreak of the war, commanded Southwest District of Mo. A self-made businessman, the burning of his Maine woolen mill followed by the Panic of led to his ruin. Starting over in Wis. Wounded in the face at Globe Tavern in , he never recovered.

Perhaps the only war-dated item signed by any general officer at Detroit we recall handling. Once glued on a sheet, some tan toning at right, else very good, and excessively rare thus. In rich brown on ivory. Old soft horizontal crease below, few light handling wrinkles, else fine and attractive. Delegate from Nebraska Territory, friend of Lincoln, and Congressman for the entire war - minus five weeks. An outspoken abolitionist, Daily was one of the first declared Republicans in Neb.

Postwar, Dandy built Ft. Kearny at foot of the Big Horn Mountains, and Ft. Abraham Lincoln in North Dakota. The clash - including George Custer - was also unusual because it was fought by dismounted cavalry. Davies went on to lead cavalry at Petersburg and Appomattox. Centering and wide margins suggest this was signed for Shaw. Fine wrinkles, perhaps from postal handling, dust-toning of card mount, else very good plus.

Entering local politics in last year of Civil War, rising to Sen. Minor soft crease at blank upper right tip of cream card, else excellent. By a Brig. Davis left to return with a revolver and mortally wounded Nelson He was never punished Morton, who had accompanied him during the altercation Some card mount toning, else fine. An antebellum cotton speculator, raising and financing the 1st Fla.

Cavalry in , Davis commanded provisional forces in eastern Fla. Soon sent north, he led Dept. It is unknown whether Davis or Shaw retraced it in ink Davis lived til , but a conversation piece. Old vertical mailing folds, small light stain at blank lower portion, else about very good. First enlisting in local militia — at age 10 — he raised the 25th Penna. Leading in North Carolina, St.

Appealing card penned both sides in his hand: Commanding widely, including the French-speaking 55th N. His defense of the Wheatfield against Confederate onslaughts was successful - but at a price: Replicas of his skillful paintings of friendly Indians he encountered during his postwar command in North Dakota remain on permanent display there. Double rule in pink around sig. Mounted on onionskin, light waterstain, else about very good. Probably added to Shaw in s.

Commanded at Cold Harbor - from a stretcher while crippled with inflammatory rheumatism. Devens later served as Attorney Gen. Hayes; Camp Devens named for him; his statue reposes on the Mass. Moving to Chicago to start a business at about 16, his partner was — Elmer Ellsworth. Both young men became fascinated by the Zouave precision drilling technique, with its showmanship and ornate uniforms.

Unlisted in Sanders and Seagrave. First fighting in the War of - at age fourteen - Dix remained in the Army to support his mother and her eight children. Studying law with the encouragement of his friend John C. Calhoun, the young Dix rapidly climbed the political ladder, becoming Sen. Two weeks after his appointment, in Jan. If anyone attempts to haul down the American flag, shoot him on the spot. Andrew Tallman of the Cohasco Building. Creator of precursor to the modern Intelligence Corps of the U.

Wounded at Pea Ridge and in July , when his pistol discharged in his coat pocket , then hit in head by a Confederate sharpshooter while peering through a breastworks eyehole during the siege of Atlanta. Postwar Chief Engineer of Union Pacific, planning the route of the Transcontinental Railroad, and one of the two men shaking hands in the immortal photograph of the Golden Spike ceremony. Namesake of Dodge City. Light dust-toning at blank left of card mount, some light amber mottling, the mount only trimmed at right, probably by Shaw when it would not fit into one of his storage boxes, else very good.

Senator , switching from Democrat to Republican following the Missouri Compromise. Delegate to ill-fated Peace Conference. On tan slip, old mounting on ivory. While still recovering, he was captured - on the very evening when he first remounted a horse - and sent to the infamous Libby Prison. Leader of The Minute Men, a pre-Sumter, pro-secession militia in Missouri, Duke eventually indicted for arson and treason, escaping to Ky. Nephew of founder of the Du Pont business empire. First going to sea on a gunship at age 12, he advanced quickly, credited with helping modernize the Navy, studying steam power.

In June Du Pont was named Pres. Light ivory toning, else fine plus. Cooper, Aid e de Camp and Asst. Alexander Macomb, Commanding the Army of the U. Published by Robert P. Among its pages, many woodcut figures of maneuvers, samples of six forms including morning report, muster roll, pay roll, provisions, clothing and equipage, and 23 pp.

Variant binding with 10 pp. Interesting perspective on the meaning of militia: It ought, therefore, to be properly organized and instructed The books published for the regular army are too voluminous and diffuse to supply this want Then, drink for success to the warriors for right, Who have left happy homes, as our Fathers of yore Imprints of this purveyor are seen much less frequently than those of Magnus. Letter of Union soldier Charles H. We have bin to Church all day and have to go every Sunday It is a long time to stay out here in this lonesome hole McClellan for their gallantry at Williamsburg.

One wonders what he told his daughter Mary, whom he addresses in this letter, upon his premature return to Maine. To her friend Martha Haney, Lansing, Iowa. On interesting basketweave-watermarked lettersheet. Whittingham is ill and will not be able to hear the German class tomorrow, so I shall not have to study my lesson What did you have for Christmas?

I had several very pretty presents. The one I valued most was Mrs. We had a weeks vacation Christmas which I spent at Bainbridge I must tell you something which will be to your advantage. So prepare to listen. You must count 40 white horses different ones of course and the first single gentleman you shake hands with is deeply in love with you. After you count a hundred white horses, the first g entleman that kisses you which by the way is a very improper action will be your future husband.

I have counted 29 but do not dare to count the hundredth. All the girls are counting every white horse they see, and some of them are so anxious to get that they count white dogs. When you write please be more plain in what you say concerning our Friend L. Postal wrinkles at blank upper left corner, else about fine.

Research reveals that the addressee did get married four years later, having six children. Martindale, followed by holograph notation and signature of Brig. I send to you a copy General Orders No. Kerrigan of 25th N. I have now to recommend that Lt. Johnson be appointed Col. Savage be appointed Lt. The officers named are preeminently qualified for these positions I confess it would be a severe blow to my expectations for that regt.

Minor wear at fold junctions and one fold, else fine. Martindale resigned in - at age 21 - disappointed that he could not enter the Corps of Engineers. Investigated on charges - brought by Porter - that he influenced his men to surrender at Malvern Hill, he was exonerated. Martindale letters are very scarce, certainly one linked to his nemesis, Porter. Foreboding letter of Union Capt. Gilman Marston who had his arm shattered at 1st Bull Run, refusing amputation.

At Gettysburg, the regiment endured two-thirds casualties in under three hours. Marston enjoys the rare distinction of serving in combat while a sitting Congressman: One old vertical fold, minor creases, edge toning, else fine and attractive. Cinematic letter of Union soldier A lbert Everett, soon to be wounded at Gettysburg, where his 15th Mass.

Yesterday a battle commenced, near lost away on our right beyond Porter, up in the direction of Hanover Court House. It continued til about 9 in the evening. The cannonading was terrific, was awful, greater by far than we ever have heard before, either at Yorktown or any of the battles this side. At 9 the news came being telegraphed to Heintzelman from Little Mac, that the enemy had attacked McCall and suffered a bad defeat. And our men had been driving him since sunset. Sumner had just ridden along and the boys cheered him.

The cannonading this morning from light til six was as hard as yesterday. It kept growing further off as we drove them, and could scarcely be heard at the last. Troops are marching here in our lines this morning. I should not much wonder if the rebels skeedaddle before two days are over.

Bands are playing this morn again regardless of the nearness of Rebel batteries Orders came 10 minutes ago to hand in letters but the mail bag is still hanging up and will write more while I sit where I can watch it There will be a thunderstorm and rain There almost always is after our battles.

I suppose the cannonading creates a good deal of commotion in the atmosphere and indeed the musketry does too The wind from the battle field came surging over our heads and through the woods by our side, as though it was the advance of a hurricane. That battle was all about a mile on our left, but did not reach us Everything is still now. George McCall was captured and sent to Libby Prison. Light wear, else about fine. Scott 65, imperf at left, lacking lower left corner, likely separated thusly when removed from sheet of stamps. Old Point Comfort c. Insect spots, some postal soiling, else satisfactory.

Misspelling retained for flavor: We have moved down towards Harpers Ferry We are anxious to fight it out so we can come home if living through it. I want you to send me a five Dollar treserry note. I am out of money My helth was so poor that I bought what I lived on at a hi price, cheese 90 cts. We are now at camp at Bakerstown The writer, from Bath, N. Light Artillery, especially noted for their fighting in the siege of Petersburg.

You said that my mother was a going to send her likeness. I would like to have it very much and I will send mine home as soon as I get paid off We have not been paid in 4 months Enjoying myself first rate out here, going out 27 miles every other day on a scout. Night before last we caught the Capt. We was about 4 miles this side of the Black Water, agoing to stop there that night, and 5 others and myself was agoing to stand picket.

We were arunning our horses They must have thought we had discovered them, and they jumped off their horses and ran in the woods and let their horses go. As quick as we saw them we raised an alarm and the company came up. They sent us after the horses and they went in the woods after the men. We chased the horses about 3 miles before we caught them I got a large shawl that fell off the Capt.

I use it for a blanket and it kept me warm every night.

Munson, Underwood, Horn, Fairfield and Allied Families - Jacob Durant

We have got log houses built and The writer might be Zebulon Brower of Brooklyn, a day Lt. Infantry, resigning just before Thanksgiving, - one day before typhoid struck their camp. Letter of ill-fated Union soldier Lawson H. Heavy frost this morning. We received Orders last night that we could rest for a few days.

The emergency was over We have marched every day or night since the 10th Mother, you wished to know if I liked the people about Culpeper Culpeper was a small town, situated near the Railroad Taylor is still in Richmond We are 5 miles from the Rappahannock. The Rebles are laying still at this time The boys are very lively Just before Christmas , Rogers was taken prisoner, succumbing to disease at Charlottesville, Va.

Also see Lot Services will be in the Aldrich funeral home Saturday afternoon at 2. Burial will be in Woodland cemetery. Hervey Brown, pastor of the Church of the Nazarene, will officiate. Perham had been a resident of this city more than 50 years. He leaves 55 descendants and among the survivors are six children, Mrs. Perham; 32 grandchildren; 17 great-grandchildren and several nephews. Aldrich and all others who helped with kind words and deeds during our father's illness and death.

Fish, wife of Arthur E. Fish of Spragueville, died at the Elliot City hospital Wednesday evening about 6 o'clock following an operation for the removal of a tumor. Her age was 42 years, 11 months and 20 days. Perham of Boston, two sisters, Mrs. Neaves of Keene, and Mrs. The funeral will be held at the home of her sister, Mrs.

Neaves, Court street, Saturday afternoon at 1 o'clock. Interment will be at Swanzey Center.

Massachusetts soldiers and sailors of the revolutionary war. A compilation from the archives

Neaves, 91, widow of Burpee H. Neaves of Court St. A native of North Hinsdale, she was born Jan. She had been a resident of Keene most of her life. Survivors include two daughters, Mrs. Edgar Jennings of Brewerton, N. Gertrude Porter of Keene; seven grandchildren; 18 great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren. Funeral services will be held in the Fletcher Funeral Home Tuesday at 2 p. Interment will be in the family lot in Woodland Cemetery. There will be no calling hours. Perham, 39 Perham St.

Mr Perham was born Aug. He married the former Elizabeth Marshall Oct. Perham celebrated their 55th anniversary this last October.

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  • Perham conducted a building and contracting business in Keene many years. Also surviving are a foster daughter, Mrs. Virginia Atkins, Keene; two sisters, Mrs. Mary Neaves, Keene and Mrs. Services will be held in the Fletcher Funeral Home tomorrow at 2 p. Burial will be in Woodland Cemetery. Friends may call at the Funeral Home this evening. Perham, 90, husband of Lillian Kingsbury Perham of Westmoreland, died at a Westmoreland nursing home Thursday afternoon.

    He was born March 1, in Hinsdale, the son of Duston and Mirah Knapp Perham, and was a life-long resident of Westmoreland where he worked many years as a carpenter. Florence Riley of Westmoreland, Mrs. Mary Stark of West Groton, Mass. Irene Westover and Mrs. Shirley Farrar, both of Shirley, Mass. Thelma Piermarini of West Swanzey, Mrs. Charlotte Carter of New Boston, Mich.

    Elaine Legult of Leominister, Mass. Perham of Keene; one sister Mrs. Gertrude Porter of Keene; 49 grandchildren; 33 great grandchildren; and several great-great-grandchildren. Claude Berry will officiate and burial will be in East Westmoreland Cemetery. Friends may call at the Fletcher Funeral home Saturday 2 to 4 p. Burial was in East Westmoreland. Bearers were Linn Starkey Jr. Perham, 79, Father's Day proved to be a big event at his home on Summit Road. He is retired carpenter, and is the father of 12 children, grandfather of 36, and has 14 great-grandchildren.

    Only two were absent from the party at his home. The funeral will be held from his late home Wednesday afternoon at 2. He had lived in this city the greater part of his life. He is survived by a widow, Mrs. Nina Allen Perham, a daughter, Martha D. Perham, three sons, Elwyn A. Perham, all of Keene, his father, Dustin Perham of Keene, two sisters and five brothers. Perham, 83, formerly of Keene, died Monday in a Concord hospital after a short illness.

    He was a retired chair-shop worker and for a time was employed by the J. He is survived by two sisters, Mrs. Funeral services will be held tomorrow at 10 a. Gertrude Porter, 89, widow of Fred C. Porter, died in Concord Sunday night. She was born Sept. She is survived by one brother, Murray Perham, of Keene, and several nieces and nephews. Funeral services will be at the Fletcher Funeral Home Thursday at 2 p. Burial will be in Lower Cemetery, Langdon. Kenneth Batchelder, pastor of Sturtevant Chapel, officiated.

    Burial was in the family lot in Lower Cemetery, Langdon, where the Rev. Batchelder offered committal prayers. Shock following multiple fracture of pelvis 18 hrs. Perham, 49, of Marlboro street, died Friday afternoon from injuries sustained Thursday night in an automobile accident on Marlboro street.

    The funeral will be held Monday afternoon at 2 from the Aldrich funeral home. Perham was born in Keene a son of Dustin L. He was a carpenter. Besides a widow, he is survived by eight children, Mrs. Fred Porter of Westmoreland. He also leaves three grandchildren. Perham, 85, of 74 Park Ave. He was born in North Hinsdale Jan. He was employed by the State of New Hampshire as a bee inspector for many years.

    Perham is survived by his wife, Mrs. Hazel Matthews Perham, whom he married Nov. Kenneth Batchelder, pastor of the Sturtevant Chapel, and Rev. Egbert Dunker will officiate. Friends may call at the funeral home this evening 7 to 9. Contributions may be made in Mr. Perham of 74 Park Ave. Egbert Dunker of Bayport, L. Burial in the family lot in Woodland Cemetery. A memorial service was held at the funeral home Monday evening by members of Social Friends Lodge 42 under the direction of Walter Singer, worshipful master.

    Not ment in father's obit. Diodenal ulcer, terminal pneumonia. Dau Florence mar her uncle. Brown of Tomaston [Thompsonville] CT. Medical Nursing Center ae thrombosis cerebrial arteriosclerosis chronic brain syndrome diabetis mellitus. Woodford ae lobar pneumonia informant Jack DeForge. Village Cemetery by Lynn Cassano [C].