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By choosing this day to celebrate Jesus' birthday, the church could co-opt the popular pagan festival, as well as the winter celebrations of other pagan religions.

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Some scholars think that he was born between 6 B. Not long before Herod's demise, which is believed to have occurred in 4 B. But historians disagree about Herod's actual year of death. What's more, the horrific mass infanticide is legend, not fact, Reza Aslan, a biblical scholar and author of "Zealot: To pinpoint Jesus' birth year, other scholars have tried to correlate the "Star of Bethlehem," which supposedly heralded Jesus' birth, with actual astronomical events.

“I came up with this story when my niece was born with six air bubbles in her brain”

For example, in a article in the Quarterly Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society, astronomer Colin Humphreys proposed that the fabled star was actually a slow-moving comet, which Chinese observers recorded in 5 B. Scholars also debate the month of Jesus' birth. In , astronomer Dave Reneke argued that Jesus was born in the summer. That you can be inside the fairytale and see the brain parts, and you have this little science psychic character that can show you projects where you are in the brain.

Did you get support by the Norwegian government?

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It just takes a long time. The first million would be just pre-production, figuring out the story, figuring out how to do it in Unreal 5, figuring out how to convert the story into a script for VR.

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