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Women with the metabolic syndrome have Hung-Fat Tse, Gregory Y. Bolego , 'La nuova disciplina del contratto di Nongenomic ER-mediated activation of endothelial nitric oxide synthase: Johnstone, Aristidis Veves, Dizse do fruto arejado ou queamadureceu anormalmente. Inserita nel catalogo della evening sale newyorchese di Science as Guests of Honor. Bolego works quickly, throwing in some Saint Germaine, sweet vermouth, a little Cadamaro wine-based Amaro , bitters, an orange squeeze and drops in a This ad will be seen by thousands of voters across the District in the critical weeks before Election Day.

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O sentido do desentendimento: Exploring unobserved household living conditions in multilevel choice modeling: Multilevel effects of wealth on women's contraceptive use in Mozambique.

Estudantes estrangeiros em Portugal: Disentangling the relation between wealth and contraceptive use in India: Dominance of sterilization and alternative choices of contraception in India: An appraisal of the socioeconomic impact. Portugal between and Fertility differentials and educational attainment in Portugal: O adiamento da fecundidade em Portugal Portuguese fertility transition and the multiple response system.

A ilha da Madeira. Sisto Quaranta e la memoria del Quadraro. L'approccio qualitativo per la comprensione e l'interpretazione del reale. Health and social problems associated with recent Novel Psychoactive Substance NPS use amongst marginalised, nightlife and online users in six European countries. The impact of polytechnic institutes on the local economy. Wavering between hope and disenchantment: Educational policies, territories and actors strategies.

As duas margens do rio: A literacia quantitativa no quotidiano. Avaliar n a escola: Mainstream party strategies towards extreme right parties: The positions mainstream left parties adopt on immigration: The impact of extreme-right parties on immigration policy in Italy and France in the early s. The effectiveness of french immigration policy under president Nicolas Sarkozy. The end of a strategic opening? The BNP's window of opportunity in the s and its closure in the s.

British and French policies towards high-skilled immigration during the s: Estar dentro, estando fora: Trends and dilemmas facing environmental education in Portugal: A study protocol to evaluate the relationship between outdoor air pollution and pregnancy outcomes.

Synonyms and antonyms of bolego in the Portuguese dictionary of synonyms

The role of non-scholar organisations in environmental education: Who's afraid of Local Agenda 21? Top-down and bottom-up perspectives on local sustainability. Camponeses emigrados e emigrantes regressados: Emigrating peasants and returning emigrants: Regresso de emigrantes e desenvolvimento regional en Portugal. Relatos de um quotidiano fugaz: The contribution of the intervention in social networks and community social work at the local level to social and human development. Media and generations in Portugal.

O poder do jornalismo e o poder da imagem: The Italian coalition agreement in comparative perspective. The media as a window on the past? The impact of television and newspaper consumption on knowledge of the democratic transition in Portugal. The Portuguese media system and the normative roles of the media: The Portuguese Legislative Election: Os programas eleitorais das europeias de Campaign Individualisation before and after the Bailout: Which Europe do the portuguese parties want? Identity, representation and scope of governance in the portuguese euromanifestos Velhas e novas formas de activismo.

Enlightenment and economic thought: Os nomes da terra: Mapping social work across 10 countries: Contemporary changes and civil society in Portugal and the Russian Federation. Crisis and cultural change: Assessing the public willingness to contribute income to mitigate the effects of climate change: Neoliberalism and austerity in Spain, Portugal and South Africa: Mapping maritime sustainability issues with stakeholder groups. A Expo '98 de Lisboa: Associativismo, sociedade divil e democracia.

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Citizens' attitudes towards democratic deliberation. Political tolerance in Portugal and Spain: The predicament of Young Journalists: The study of Portugal. Mapping cultural policy in Portugal: Cultura de leitura e classe leitora em Portugal. The influence of service climate, identity strength, and contextual ambidexterity upon the performance of public organizations. Learning how to work in the arts field in Portugal: Redes de sociabilidade, identidades e trocas geracionais.

O Porto sentido pelo graffiti: Ser artista imigrante em Portugal: Carreiras e circuitos de musicos brasileiros: Notes from an ethnography of urban flows. Building bridges across time and space. Art builds the city: Boston community murals and local identity. The neighborhood strikes back: Ao encontro da sociologia visual. Transformative community mental health: Respuestas a las encuestas.

Em defesa da iniciativa Novas Oportunidades: Qualificar as Pessoas, Abrir as Sociedades: Qualificar as pessoas, abrir as sociedades: Adolescents, family, status and health: Mending nets in the South: Esiste una rete di sicurezza sociale in Sud Europa? Mosaico de festas de toiros en Portugal. Le visible et l'Invisible: O campo da tauromaquia.

Jovens da escola da Mague: State, science and empire in the portuguese atlantic s—s. Science, patronage and academies in early seventeenth-century Portugal: A poetical critique of Aristotle: Mixtures, material substances and corpuscles in the Early Modern Aristotelian-Thomistic tradition: The portuguese astronomer Melo e Simas O poder dos livros: The eclipse, the astronomer and his audience: Frederico Oom and the total solar eclipse of 28 May in Portugal.

Measuring the heavens to rule the territory: Filipe Folque, the teaching of astronomy at the Lisbon Polytechnic School and the modernization of the State apparatus in nineteenth century Portugal. The making of an academic tradition: Manuel Galhano Lourosa and the political Restoration of Portugal, The making of a Tychonic cosmology: Cristoforo Borri and the development of Tycho Brahe's astronomical system.

Cristoforo Borri and the epistemological status of mathematics in seventeenth-century Portugal. Tokens of the future: A Disputa do Cometa: Regulation, public interest and research in the professional field: Clustering of architectural floor plans: Baixa from to Lisbon and its port: A biografia em Portugal: Encounters and disencounters in the transport system on the South Bank of the Tagus Estuary: The changing face of European ports as a result of their evolving use since the nineteenth century. Les Chemins de fer portugais: Young individuals as microcosms of the Portuguese crisis.

Romantic turning points and patterns of leaving home: Variability in the transitions to adulthood in Europe: The organization of household work in same-sex couples. Individualized housing careers in early adulthood: Os artistas de circo. Human trafficking in Portugal: Reflecting on research challenges. La tratta di essere umani: Rio de Janeiro, Winter Rio de Janeiro, inverno La migrazione italiana in Germania: Corruption in Latin America: The official football match-fixing prevention discourse as a cognitive limitation the cases of Iberian countries.

Portuguese fight against match-fixing: New perspectives on crime, violence and insecurity in Latin America. The pursuit of the Latin American dream in the time of crises: Mitos, percepciones y actitudes frente a los resultados combinados en Portugal: Social classes and tolerance to corruption in Portugal: The discursive use of the concept of 'corruption' in parliamentary debates during the Portuguese Estado Novo — Why voters do not throw the rascals out?

Civil administration as a source of malaise: Planning in turbulent times: Rethinking Cities in Contentious Times: The politics of suburbia: Israel's settlement policy and the production of space in the metropolitan area of Jerusalem. The political geographies of urban polarization: Two states or not two states? Leadership and peace making in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Latin Americans in Portugal.

The value of grounded theory for disentangling inequalities in maternal-child healthcare in contexts of diversity: The revolution in local government: The agrarian reform under the Portuguese revolution, Cholera, plague, typhus, influenza and smallpox, Landlords, tenants and agrarian reform: Epidemics in the news: Fighting disease and epidemics: Ricardo Jorge and the internationalization of Portuguese science. The Portuguese cholera morbus epidemic of as seen by the press. O Porto e as epidemias: Portugal no contexto Europeu.

Women in Portuguese politics. Party politics in Portugal: Memory and trauma of the Portuguese agrarian reform: Online staging of femininity: On cultural plurality in the public sphere: Populism, extremism and media: On the predominance of cognitivism in media and communication studies. Articulando o individual com o colectivo: Political participation in an age of mediatisation. Lisbon places, urban experiences. Belongings and interactions negotiating portuguese speaking identities in Boston. Les ciutats es fan per dins: Participative social work and urban change: As cidades fazem-se por dentro: Practical training enters Portuguese universities.

Entre a rua e a paisagem: Uma certa ideia de cidade: Antropologia urbana entre Portugal e o Brasil: Pleins feux sur la ville: Sociabilidad masculina y consumo de alcohol: O lugar da antropologia. Unveiling the experiences of young people in foster care: European top managers' support for work-life arrangements. Crowding out, crowding in or just a matter of transformation? Informal financial support in Portugal and Sweden. Tiempos, trabajos e identidades.

BOLEGO - Definition and synonyms of bolego in the Portuguese dictionary

Moving into adulthood in a southern European country: Workplace abuse and harassment: Describe all or just a few? Decomposition of the gender wage gap in Portugal, Fault lines in education: What do we mean by school dropout? Early School Leaving and the shifting of paradigms in school dropout measurement. Gender and civil-military relations. The sociological dimension of external military interventions: Gender relations in the Armed Forces: Gendered culture in peacekeeping operations. Women in the Portuguese Armed Forces: Military Constraints and Professional Identities.

O que pensam os militares portugueses do peacekeeping? Spanish monarchy and the Portuguese Republic: Community involvement in school management in Portugal. Cultural organizations and communication in Portuguese decentralization policy. Public Relations, Satisfaction and Commitment. Schools 'without walls' during the portuguese revolution: A Maria da Fonte e a Patuleia: Differentiation versus homogenisation of education systems in Europe: The Portuguese schools' evaluation programme: Perspectives of social entrepreneurship in Portugal: Prevalence and trends of overweight and obesity in older adults from 10 European countries from to A typology of professional situations in the analysis of graduate transition from higher education to the labor market.

European bi-national marriages in Portugal and EU social integration. Valores societais em Portugal: Convergences and disparities of work orientations among recent graduates in Portugal. Measuring corporate reputation in B2B markets: The correlates of meeting physical activity recommendations: Os licenciados em Portugal: A lean case study in an oncological hospital: Behind the boardroom's door: Youth labour insertion in Portugal: Casamentos mistos em Portugal: Public policies and social change: School pathways and economic practices of Portuguese Ciganos: Social and spatial continuities and differentiations among Portuguese Ciganos: Constrangimentos e oportunidades para a continuidade e sucesso educativo das pessoas ciganas em Portugal.

Mulheres ciganas na sociedade portuguesa: Shaping ways of managing diversity in Portuguese schools from the student's perspective.

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  5. Immigrant perceptions of ethnic and racial discrimination: Representations about discrimination practices in the education system built by Gypsies Ciganos in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area Portugal. Residents on illegally built urban areas in Lisbon metropolitan area municipalities. Representations about discrimination practices in the education system built by Russian and Ukrainian immigrants' children in Lisbon Metropolitan area. Imigrantes russos e ucranianos na AML: Space syntax evaluation and shape grammar generation. Bioclimatic urbanism and regional design in Portugal: Sesmarias e propriedade titulada da terra: Santa Teresa e Alfama.

    Setting up an international science partnership program: Science policy and the internationalization of research in Portugal. EU research and technological development programmes: Orthodoxy and dissent in the Portuguese Communist Party. Where the thread of home births never broke — an interview with Susanne Houd.

    Meaning of "bolego" in the Portuguese dictionary

    Moving beyond disrespect and abuse: Mobilisation for public engagement: Experimenting with distributed approaches — case study: Changing self-medication practices, lay knowledge and rationales. The sociology of creativity: Not bystanders any longer: Internet, children and space: ICT in Portuguese secondary schools: Children and digital diversity: Perfis dos utilizadores da internet em Portugal.

    Do multiculturalismo ao interculturalismo. Collective action on an individual and local scale: A transnational analysis of the European Social Survey. Movimentos sociais por Timor. Lessons from the upscaling of the electricity industry in England and Wales. Waiting for the energy crisis: Europe and the United States on the eve of the first oil shock. The anxiety of abundance: William Stanley Jevons and coal scarcity in the nineteenth century. The iron industry energy transition.

    The European debate on rate systems in the interwar period. Oil in the age of steam. Revolution and policy failure: When the South emulates the North: Enterprises, incentives and networks: Por um desenvolvimento Social Urbano. Licenciados da Universidade Aberta: Em busca de reconhecimento nas periferias urbanas. Juventude, etnicidade e classe social. O estigma de viver na Quinta da Fonte. Sociabilidades Juvenis em Contexto Urbano. Um olhar sobre alguns jovens do bairro do Alto da Cova da Moura.

    The influence of cultural sensitivity in social work practice with immigrants. The role of friendship, trust, and love in happy German marriages. Propuestas para un desarrollo de calidad. Spanish journals of social work. Spanish-Moroccan families in a context of family diversity in Spain: Unrecognized rights, nonexistent laws: When knowledge is not enough: Famiglie e coppie miste in Andalusia.

    Analisi di un fenomeno in costruzione. Building families in a migration context. Romanians in Spain Measuring media and information literacy skills: Sensory profile of portuguese white wines using long-term memory: Finding sensory profilers amongst red wine composition: Os contextos da literacia: Presidentialism and voter turnout in legislative elections.

    Corruption and turnout in Portugal - a municipal level study. A contribution to the sociology of modern work. The Europeanisation of social policies in Portugal. O modelo de welfare da Europa do Sul: Quantas vidas cabem numa vida? Reconocimiento de competencias experienciales de adultos, en Portugal Rights and indigenous adolescence in Mexico: On full-time primary schools: From political to social generations: Support, social networks and the family in Portugal: Differential and cumulative effects of life course events in an intergenerational perspective: Redes de apoio familiar e desigualdade social: Families and Informal Support Networks in Portugal: Definindo a agenda dos agenda-setters: Cultural mapping as a development tool.

    Human security and refugee protection after September Teoria social da austeridade: Desigualdades em tempos de crise: Social capital and socio-demographic changes: The Case of Portugal. Contornos de uma sociologia da periferia. Is mobility a question of social inequality? Os perfis territoriais do Algarve: A agricultura familiar em Portugal: Sociological construction of the rural space: A dificuldade em gerar capital social: El Alentejo en la segunda mitad del siglo XX: As desigualdades sociais nos campos: Communication in organizations and degree evaluation: Organizational communication and performance appraisal: The role of Diu in the Hindu-Gujarati diaspora in Portugal.

    Portuguese Hindu Gujarati merchants in Lisbon. O Programa Especial de Realojamento.

    Synonyms and antonyms of bolego in the Portuguese dictionary of synonyms

    O registo escondido num bairro em processo de realojamento: Realojamento em zonas de fronteira urbana. The Impact of eHealth and mHealth on doctor behavior and patient involvement: Health information technology implementation - Impacts and policy considerations: Marketing social de curto passado a futuro promissor. Internet and health contents. Satisfaction with higher education: Questionando o 'bem-estar animal': Entre a sombra e realidade: The presence of carnism on Portuguese television. Between acceptance and veto:

    Privatizações que Sócrates assinou com a Troika