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Let us talk about the reason behind the failure, or let me put it as the reason why people do not succeed. The major reason for failure is that one does not understand the meaning of success. The second reason is people do not want to work hard to progress.

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They look forward to something that can give them what they aspire in their hands without working hard. They do not realize that their shortcuts are not only making them smarter. Success is always cleverer than them. Even your victory takes a shortcut and does not stay longer whilst doing a tit for tat action. The third reason of failure is because people measure success in terms of money. Success is continuously improving yourself and struggling on being the best in what you are. Doing anything with dedication and passion leads to the victory.

50 Reasons Why Some Businesses Fail While Others Succeed

One achieves success when he continues to improve himself, his skills, his living, and improving the way how you relate. When you do not get compatible to changing your habits, you can never go being successful. One has to move on from low-frequency people and go on making better connections. You got to get better. Instead of wasting your time, you need to spend time on high-quality activities. This will change your daily routine.

People do not want to adapt the change and continue working on activities they have been doing by now. This can never fetch one an achievement. Suppose you plan to make your business better and you require acquiring new technology, it is imperative that you spend time with new technology rather than wasting time on watching TV like you ever did before. To get adapted to the technology, you will have to use the latest technology yourself first, study about it to gain better knowledge and it is only then that you can implement the same in your business.

Adapting to something new is highly imperative. While you are moving upwards on the steps of success, a new balance is crucial to be maintained. One also has to have a balance between his spiritual, physical, financial as well as relational life to avoid clutter or stress from any of the factions.

Most of us fail to keep a balance between all these factors. One should be adaptable to any situation that he faces. You should be able to eat whatever is placed in front of you; one should be able to spend time with anyone no matter what happens, and one has to justify mediocre behaviors and activities reasonably. Also, success demands to cut down your time given for entertainment along with the money spent on it.

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The same money should be spent on your productivity that will lead to your achievement. Thus, we fail to achieve success. The choices of people stay and do not change simultaneously with their achievements. It is imperative that you make your choices of a better quality, create better quality relationships and make better choices in all the factors that affect any part of your life.

While we have something different and new to face in life, we tend to say NO. The better you become at analyzing your progress, and the more meticulous you are in this approach, the better your chances for success. Most of us are not effective managers of our time. Considering that in our present reality, time can never be created or reused, what we do with our time is incredibly important.

Stephen Guise

While money can be spent and saved and earned, time cannot. Time is definitely running out, no matter how you look at it. So use your time wisely. No one is perfect. However, some of us have a way of allowing our bad habits to get ahold of us more than others.

The Biggest Reason Why Most People Don’t Succeed - Success Resources

You know who you are out there. And you know what? As long as you devote your life to improving and making things better. If you have some bad habits, make sure that you work to extricate yourself from them.

Are you determined?

The biggest problem that we face when trying to rid our lives of bad habits that might get in the way of our chances for success is that we try to go from zero to hero overnight. Like a rubber band, we snap back, eventually reverting to our old selves and quite possibly even worse.

Use the micro-changes approach to eliminate bad habits slowly over time. But, whatever the mind focuses on, the mind gets. You have it inside you.


No matter what it is, you can achieve anything you put your mind to. But the thing about failure is that it either drives you or it stifles you. If you allow yourself to give up, then all of that work was effectively wasted. Henry Ford once said that failure was a chance to start again, but this time more intelligibly. Big goals are not easy to achieve.