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Rap is one of the most important cultural expressions from the 20th century. Since its beginnings in America, it has expanded throughout the world, from Japan to Italy.

Italian hip hop started in the mids in Milan and other important cities such as Rome and Napoli. Characterized by its political and critical lyrics, Italian rap finds in Jovanotti its most famous exponent; however, here are three more artists who have pioneered in the style. One of the most popular rap acts from the beginnings of the movement in Italy, Articolo 31 takes its name from an article in the Irish constitution that guarantees freedom of the press.

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The band was formed by rapper J-Ax real name Alessandro Aleotti and DJ Jad Vito Luca Perrini , who, shortly after meeting and finding common ground in their musical tastes, decided to start a project. The duet has released seven studio albums, achieving success and popularity. They have also mixed hip hop with rhythms like funk and alternative rock. The band released just one album, called SxM that, according to the specialized press, "revolutionized the world of Italian rap forever," and marked a milestone in Italian hip hop.

His music is pompous and experimental, fuelled by a devious Eminem-like humour and exaggerated Balkan beats.

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Here his ironic bombast is deployed against the stereotype of his home region as a paradise of sand and sun: At the end of the video the tourists, led by their devious guide, come across the population of a village dead in the square. As the final chorus begins the Puglian people return to life as zombies and charge at the onlookers: For those who remain, though, hip-hop remains one of the most important cultural forms through which to express anger at a corrupt elite and articulate dreams for different ways of living.

It was met with the usual boos and the commentariat took no time at all to raise the national lament. Yet while the critics despaired rappers and groups across the country - Murubutu , K Maiuscola , Inversi -were continuing to work beneath the radar of the industry and without the support of journalists.

At the heart of this is language itself, in this case, sharp, angry and at times, poetic. While the possibility of this mobilizing globally as many utopian thinkers suggested in the 90s now seems a pipedream, its importance in Italy should not be underestimated. For some, rap is part of a movement for social justice, for others it is the only way out of hell. If you enjoyed this article then please consider liking Can Europe Make it?

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Amir Issaa, Italian hip-hop artist, raps about citizenship law

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