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For the Children's Hour. A choice collection of stories for the preschool child, carefully selected, adapted, and arranged by two veteran kindergarten teachers. Includes nature stories, holiday stories, fairy tales and fable, as well as stories of home life. David Copperfield Charles Dickens E-bok. Baby Mitchell was an August squirrel. That is, he was born in the month of August.


His pretty gray mother found a nice hole, high up in the crotch of a tall chestnut tree, for her babies' nest; and I know she lined it with soft fur plucked from her own loving little breast,-for that is the way the squirrel mothers do. This chestnut tree grew on the side of a steep mountain,-none other than Mount Mitchell, the highest mountain peak in all the eastern half of the United States.

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It is in North Carolina, where there are a great many beautiful mountains, but none of them more beautiful than Mount Mitchell, with the great forest trees on its slopes.