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About Publish Join Sign In. Readers Benefits of registering Where are my ebooks? After several days, I came to this conclusion I can because the author does such an amazing job writing a story about this complicated boy. This book was different from anything I have ever read and it was an amazing read!

When I was reading it, I thought 'now how is the author going to make me like Adam and end this book? No Did I want the book to end? This book has you at page one. Am I looking forward to the sequel? When is it coming out??? Did I feel connected to the characters? I fell in love with a sociopath!!! From page one, I was hooked.

It was To Die For!! Ellory is a tough girl. She sticks up for herself. Doesn't take crap from anyone. Including the girls at school, who's favorite pastime is bullying her. When Adam walks into their school Ellory is instantly drawn to him. Despite the fact she can sense a darkness about him, she lets herself love him. Adam has these overwhelming feelings that lead him to thoughts of murder. He tries not to act on these impulses but he can't always control them.

Ellory is the only person he's met that doesn't make him feel the urges. Because of that he's completely fascinated with her. He's determined to make her his. I really, really liked this book! The topic is creepy on its own, before you even read it. You don't want to be rooting for Adam but I was. Some people are just born bad. It was interesting to be inside of the mind of a sociopath.

Okay so I wasn't too sure what to expect from this psycho thriller book, I wanted to have an open mind to see where the author would take me. This is the story of a teenage boy, Adam who realizes he is different; he's obsessed with blood and killing. As the story goes on he attempts to control his urges but fails and kills his girlfriend. His family moves to a new town and he thinks he will have a fresh start and really control his darker side. Within the first week of school Adam meets Ellory, a very strong, mouthy, self-assured girl who despises Adam when they first meet.

Never having had this reaction on someone Adam is intrigued and begins to pursue Ellory. Immediately Adam's urges to kill girls disappear when he's around Ellory and for the first time he begins to feel things. The couple struggles to maintain their relationship as Adam fights to keep his darker side and secret from Ellory and she begins to fall for Adam despite all the warning signs.

Hammond has done a great job creating this 'bad boy' psycho killer fighting to stay in and come out. I've never read a book like this before and the way it ended really has me wishing there was a part two coming out soon. I hate when a story ends right at the climax and there is too much left up in the air. This one freaked me out. There is not much I can say, really. This one was weird one for me. And not necessary in a bad way. I did like it. The guy was really creepy. He goes from pricking his own finger, to killing animals, to hunting bigger targets He wanted to see the life flow out of something living, to shiver in delight when he saw the red, sticky substance pour our of veins, like hot magma from a newly erupted volcano.

He kills and he has no remorse. But he is really good at hiding who he really is. He is a straight A student, a popular guy, and a football star. Adam lives in Chicago with his family. But his father is a top defense attorney so nothing comes of it. After his father gets transfered from Chigago to a small town in Ohio, Adam looks at this as a fresh start. He will control his urges and leave the past behind.

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But its easier said than done Then he meets her- Ellory: Ellory is not a normal girl. She is such a likable character though.

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She speaks her mind. She lives with her mother, she has two somewhat nerdy best friends, and she is known to make out with guys from her school, do keg stands and has a potty mouth to boot. Adam is intrigued by her. After spending more time with Ellory, he thinks maybe he could be different. Adam and Ellory are happy together. Adam makes me feel alive.

My wall has been demolished. That is until Ellory descovers what Adam is Will it change everything for them? But he told me once that I was different. Oh boy- this book is crazy! But in a good way. It is also funny a lot of the time. I will say, there was a twist that I caught pretty early and I was proud of myself: D view spoiler [ I just knew Miss.

I have to know what happens to these two!!! View all 15 comments. Okay I have a pretty good idea what this book was trying to be, but sadly it just couldn't pull it off completely. I give it 3 stars because of the potential this one has. And it did cause me to need to know how this one ends. Therefore I couldn't put it down. Which I did not get. The book starts off with how Adam comes to be.

Which are Okay I have a pretty good idea what this book was trying to be, but sadly it just couldn't pull it off completely. Which was too much, too long, and way less interesting. Unfortunately this continues till the end. So you get a huge shift in the story but it's very unbalanced. So much so that you often wonder "Ok, why am I reading so much about this girl's teenage angst, when I really need to be reading about Adam? And it never gets back on it's path. But I strongly advise if you pick this book up, make sure you have book 2 as well.

But be advised, book 2's release has continuously been pushed back for the past year.

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I'm not certain if it has finally been released though. View all 4 comments. Jun 10, Erin rated it it was amazing Shelves: Oh, for the love of all that is sane and good in this world, this book has royally messed with my head!!! I should have known after reading Insanity and seeing that the name of this series is "The Sociopath Diaries" that this was going to be one of those books you don't walk away from unscathed. And no, I did not From the start of Whisper, we know Adam's secret. We know what he is. We see from his perspective how he lusts for blood and feels no remorse for what he does to get his release.

It's Oh, for the love of all that is sane and good in this world, this book has royally messed with my head!!! It's disturbing, sickening, and inhuman. And we see Ellory for what she is; the rebel hurt by her absentee dad, determined to buck the system and be herself. Neither one of them was headed anywhere good, and neither one of them knew any way to be different.

But the moment they meet-he's intrigued by her unwillingness to throw herself at him like all the other girls, she's thinking he's just a gorgeous ass like the others-something just falls into place like a lock and key.

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For the first time in his life, Adam isn't picturing the awful images he always sees when he looks at other girls. And Ellory is forced to break down the walls of ice around her heart to let this frustrating boy in. She doesn't know what to make of him, but she knows for the first time she's letting herself really feel. But Adam's cool, sexy exterior still hides the monster within, and Adam fears that he will lose her forever once she sees him for who he really is. Can love really exist when you feel nothing? And can Ellory really love someone who's cold inside?

Just sitting here thinking about this story, my mind is racing and my conscience is screaming how wrong all of this is. I mean, how completely messed up is it for readers to be hoping a sociopath get his HEA?? Well, yeah, that's me! Part of me wants to bang my head on the wall to knock some sense into myself, because in all honesty what Adam has done is unthinkable. There is no overlooking what he's done so that they can walk off into the sunset happily together.

There's no cheesy epilogue about their 2. I can't even begin to fathom how this series will ever end even remotely happy, because Adam just can't get away with what he's done. But that doesn't stop me from wishing he could finally be free from the monster within; I so wish Ellory could be that one thing that finally breaks him from the cycle and sets him free. I was of course creeped out by Adam's behavior throughout the book; there truly is a very sick and twisted part of him deep inside. It's almost like he's a schizophrenic, with one of his personalities being this soulless monster and the other being the gorgeous, smart jock that everyone falls head over heels for.

It's amazing how much he embodies the typical YA romance heartthrob in many ways, all the while covering up this horrifying secret. It was terrifying sitting there wondering if that evil within Adam was going to rise back up, knowing that it was just one more reason that we should loathe him and want him punished.

I was so incredibly conflicted, battling between my feelings for both sides of this troubled character. I was even conflicted with Ellory's feelings; when she discovers who Adam is but still wants to be with him, half of me wanted to shake her and scream "are you crazy??!! On second thought, maybe I'm the one that's schizo This book was just awesome, it had me so hooked that I flew through it in less than a day.

The story was unique, entirely disturbing, and captivating, and it was as much of a psychological thriller as it was a YA romance. As the last few chapters roll around, Hammond throws in a major twist and utter chaos!! OMG now we're left with the cliffhanger that will surely be utter torture until the sequel!! Hopefully it will be out soon and I won't have to suffer long, but I absolutely can not wait to see what happens with this story!! View all 25 comments. Sep 19, Fathima rated it it was amazing. This is just pure epicness bound into one freakishly awesome book!!

Lauren Hammonds writing technique , god the woman is a genius!!

Adam - I love you dude!! I know that you are pretty dangerous but I still dont care! Ellory , girl you've made ne proud!! She's just supah amazing! I love chics who are proud of themselves and really dont care what the world thinks about them!! This book was just great from start to finish!

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I want more , the ending left me wanting for more! Cant wait to read the next book in this series! View all 30 comments. Dec 26, Sylvia rated it it was amazing Shelves: Geez Louise what the hell was that! Seriously that ending had me screaming WTF!! I really can't believe it and I'm actually shocked to the core with this one. This book has had my head spinning from the moment I read the prologue and first chapter.

We are introduced to Adam Jacobs and he's lust or more like need for blood. You can say he is somewhat like a vampire in that the thought of blood sends him into a frenzy but what's worse is that this book is not paranormal. The characters are as raw Geez Louise what the hell was that!

The characters are as raw and real and as human as they come, which scares the shit out of me. I was thinking to myself "what the hell did I get myself into. This book is freaky and creepy, and raw and honest, and captivating and enthralling. I felt like a possessed women trying to work my way through the pages, and I felt conflicted. I mean you know the truth about Adam while you are reading but you can't help yourself being drawn into him and his world. You can't help but feel sorry for him and want him to be good, but deep down you know he is the monster he claims to be.

And then you shudder to think that maybe there is the chance he is not, that what he feels and does can be healed but then the bad in him wins The moment that Adam feels good or worthy about himself is because of Ellory. Oh man this girl is so much fun. She is not the good girl that gets swept up by the bad boy. She is the bad girl who sneaks out at night, gets drunk, hooks up with other people's boyfriends and finds herself brawling any time she can. She is sass mouthed and takes no shit from anyone I really admire her ability to be who she is and not change for no one, not even a guy.

And for the first time in both their lives they find a connection with someone who is good for them instead of harming them. They find that with each other for differing reasons. For Adam, it's to keep the monster hidden in a cell and for Ellory, it's to learn to trust and let someone in.

It's so weird but beautiful and the same time. Eventually, Adam's monster gets the better of him and Ellory soon finds out the dangerous side to him. But the remarkable thing about that is that she is not freaked or scared of him Instead, she accepts this because she loves him and knows he can be a better man than that. Oh dear Lord in heaven, what the hell just happened and why oh why are we left hanging over the edge like that. Seriously I need book 2 now! Lauren Hammond, is a brilliant writer who takes a risk in her writing and it pays off big time What a roller coaster of emotions!

Gripping, thrilling, creepy and at times funny!!! We meet Adam as a young child, he's confused and has these deep, dark cravings. Although he's a child without emotion he knows immediately that these craving aren't normal and keeps them too himself. As he grows older he tries to suppress them and hides them behind a facade. He becomes the perfect poster ch 4. He becomes the perfect poster child, a young man who is the pride of his family.

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But secrets have a way of showing themselves when you least expect it. He slips up, but luckily for him a new job offer for his father takes him and his family away to another town. He vows to become a new person and hold the urges back. And then he meets Ellory, when she's around he for the first time in his life he feels like a normal teenage boy. He forgets about all his wrong doings and is drawn into her light and pure world. Ellory When Ellory sees Adam she's blown away by his good looks like every girl in the school. But when she sees who he's friends are she immediately hates him. But Adam realises he wants Ellory she's the light he needs to bring him out of his dark thoughts, finally Ellory gives in.

Their relationship changes Ellory she becomes happier person who was, but she soon realises, that somethings not right with Adam. Adam pushes her away when he feels he's too far gone and the urges are overwhelming. At this point everything and everyone are in turmoil in the book, it's a constant push and pull of emotions.

After a few close calls and a discovery, we come to a shattering finale which isn't really , where secrets are exposed and new truths are uncovered! I need the next book now!!! May 23, Reem Hardan rated it it was amazing. Just to be clear: I'm still shocked , I mean how can I not be shocked after such a horrible terrific, amazing ending? I mean yeah I'm still kindda freaked out about the whole "issues" Adam have That's obviously why I didn't give this book 5 stars , but the ending is!! I have to say I read this Just to be clear: I have to say I read this book, and continued reading it because of friend's reviews who were encourging, and I don't regret reading it, it's just I'm bothered by it like hell!!

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I mean Adam can be this amazing charming, funny,sexy, guy, but still what about the other part of him? But above all this was a great book. View all 13 comments. Lauren definitely has a way with words.