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I got to the final part of the mission, twice, and game froze. Is there some key action that is supposed to happen before i kill willimson? Ive had issues with this too, but both times I came with different solutions. When you reach the final point when you have to shoot Williamson on the ground to prevent any spoilers from leaking out , Reyes has to take out the president as well. The first time, he was taken out and it took a minute for the game to move forward.

The second playthrough, the president ended up just running away and Reyes not shooting. However, I was still able to access my weapon wheel.

Red Dead Redemption - Mission #43 - Great Men Are Not Always Wise (Xbox One)

So, I took a stick of dynamite and threw it to my feet killing both me and Reyes. You end up dying, but can replay from the exact point where you have to shoot williamson. Doing this, the game didn't hiccup when I shot Williamson and Reyes shot the president.

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Try that and see if that remedies your issue. This question has been successfully answered and closed. As one would expect, he won't be surrendering easily and may be harboring someone of interest. Houses are burning and civilians are lined up for execution. Eventually John finds Abraham Reyes on his knees being beaten by a group of soldiers.

An Appointed Time

Marston intervenes but the soldiers disregard him. Suddenly Luisa runs in with a large knife. Her efforts are futile as she's shot dead by the soldiers. John swiftly takes out all but the leader. Freedom begins You find yourself in a duel with Captain Zubieta. Watch the tutorial messages or skip them. One good headshot is usually enough. He'll fill up a little less than half of his meter and you'll need to wait out the Dead-Eye sequence.

As he thanks you a rebel runs in and says there are people in the jail willing to fight. Reyes wants you to free them while he makes speeches. Run up the stairs to the jail.

An Appointed Time

Along the way you'll come across three soldiers executing rebels plus two more at a burning house ahead. Kill all five for a boost of honor at the end of the mission. As soon as you enter the enclosed area at the jail, three enemy soldiers run out of the door to the jail. Take them out quickly beware of shotguns and enter the jail. Shoot the locks on the three cells to free the prisoners.

When they are all free run back to Reyes.

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Running up that hill Help the rebels get up the hill by wiping out the enemy forces. There is an initial group of about eight around the first barricades. Go up the hill and more are hiding among sandbag walls. There is also a Gatling gun at the top of the hill so be careful as you take out the enemies. If you take out the gunner another existing enemy will run up to take his place.

When a few are left five more run in from the left at the top. When all the enemies are dead get to the top. Reyes says to get on the gun and blast the gun powder barrel when they are ready.

Red Dead Redemption - An Appointed Time - Red Dead Redemption

A rebel sets it up with Reyes watching and then they get clear. Shoot the barrel with the Gatling gun or a rifle. With the door blasted open, six enemies appear and attempt to exit. Kill them and move in where six more appear among crates. Kill them and move up to the front door of the mansion to meet with Reyes.

As some rebels begin hacking away at the door, Reyes walks back towards the gate. He says reinforcements are coming up the hill and tells you to get on the Gatling gun. Run out and either get on the gun or have your rifle ready. Pick off the enemies coming up the hill. You can also run along the ridge on the left to ambush them. When they are all dead run back to Reyes at the front door. Finish this sh- A cutscene shows Allende and Bill Williamson fleeing inside the mansion. The rebels then break through the door.

Go inside and out the back door to the left. A cinematic shows an armored wagon taking off with escorts it's actually possible to kill the driver while still inside the house. Go down towards the gate. Kill the three enemies around and grab one of the horses.

Saving Private Reyes (again)

Chase down the wagon. There are three enemies on horseback, two on the wagon driver and shotgun , and one deadly Gatling gunner on the back of the wagon.

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  4. Kill them all and get to the wagon. A cutscene shows Marston and Reyes taking position outside the door. Allende surrenders as he tosses Williamson out and stands on him.

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    You are put in control to finish off Bill. Either kill him and Allende if you wish as soon as possible or let John and Bill argue. Eventually Reyes will shoot Allende. Williamson grabs his gun and leaves you no choice so kill him before he kills you.