Manual How the Children Became Stars: A Childrens Treasury of Inspirational Stories, Myths, and Fables

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Give the picture to the one you are jealous of. He walked very far, Ijapa did, and got verytired. Ijapa was very hungry, too. Ijapa came to the village where Ojola, the boa snake, lived. Ojola will surely give me food to eat. They sat in the cool house andtalked. Ijapa smelled food cooking in the other part of the house. When he came back, the food wasplaced in the center of the house and Ijapa smelled the aroma. But Ijapa could not reach the food. Ojola, the snake, was coiled all around it. Ojola's body was so long and his coils were piled so high that there was just no wayIjapa could get to the food.

Ijapa got more and more hungry. But Ojola, why are yousurrounding the meal? When we eat, we sit around the foodlike this.

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He feltmuch in his heart about what happened. Ijapa decided to invite Ojola to his house for a meal on a feast day. Ijapa's wifeprepared all the foods and Ijapa went out to weave a long tail for himself out ofgrass. He stuck it on with tree gum. Ojola arrived to share the feast. Ijapa had coiled hislong grass tail all around the food.

Ojola could not get near enough to eat. Ijapaheartily ate the food. Around and around Ojola went. He could not get to the food. Then Ojola remembered how it waswhen Ijapa had come to eat at his house. How did you feelthen? How do you feel at the end of the story? What would you say tothem? They believed that God was taking them to a land wherethey would be free and happy, the land God had promised them. On the way, God did many great and wonderful things for the people. When theywere so terribly thirsty that they thought they would die, God helped Moses andAaron make water gush right out of a rock!

And God also gave them food, themiraculous manna that arose like dew around the bushes every day. There wasalways enough manna for all to eat — and it tasted good, too! When the Hebrews were near the promised land, Moses sent his young helperJoshua, along with Joshua's friend Caleb and ten other spies, to see what it waslike.

Everyone could hardly wait for the twelve to return! The spies brought back a very happy surprise with them. They were ready to go! They will not go in, but wander inthis desert for many years. Their children will go into the land I promised andJoshua and Caleb, too, for they believed. Although the fisherman worked very hard, the couple had very little and hiswife was never satisfied.

She scolded him when he returned home having caughtonly a few fish. One morning the fisherman threw his heavy nets into the sea hoping to catch a lotof fish. But there was only one, a bright golden fish! The fisherman was amazed to see such a strange fish and he was even more amazedwhen the fish talked!

Ifyou do, I will make any wish of yours come true, for I am the son of the King of theSea! When he told his wife about the golden fish and thewish it had promised to fulfill, she was very angry. See how bad theold one looks? That is my wish! My wife has a wish! Now tell me what your wish is. You will find it there justas I promised. I should have asked for a big house!

We shouldn't be happywith a house like this when we can have a palace and fancy clothes and jewels,too! The golden fish agreed to make the palace and all the precious things, but notso pleasantly as before. Still the fisherman was glad his wife was getting what shewanted. How magnificent the palace was! And there stood the fisherman's wife all dressedup and covered with sparkling jewels! What more could wepossibly need? Go ask the fish to make me a queen! Lightning flashed and thefisherman saw the golden fish swimming on the big waves. He told the golden fishhis wife's wish.

But the golden fish said nothing and then disappeared in the darksea. Another flash of lightning lit up the sky and the fisherman saw that the palace haddisappeared. Everything the golden fish had given was gone and the old housestood right where it had always been. They got a longstick, Turtle bit down in the middle of it, and the geese flew up high over the talltrees.

Soon the children below saw an amazing sight in the sky — two geese carrying aturtle! I'm the one who is so smart. And Turtle fell straight down to the earth. Is there someone that holds back because they're too quiet or shy? What would you do when Turtle talked on andon to you? Think about somethingthat you overdo. Today do less or, if possible, none of that one thing. Spend one wholeday doing more of that thing. A poor man lived with his wife and six children in a very small one-room house. They were always getting in each other's way and there was so little space theycould hardly breathe!

Finally the man could stand it no more. He talked to his wife and asked her what todo. Whatever it is,you can tell me. The rabbi then asked him a strange question. So he went home and took all the farmanimals into the tiny house. The next day he ran back excitedly to see the rabbi. I did what you told me and the animals are all overthe house! So the poor man went home and took the goat outside. But he ran back again to seethe rabbi, crying and wailing.

With the cow it's like living in a stable! Can human beings live with ananimal like this? Go home now and take the cowout of your house. The next day he came running back to the rabbi again. The house is so quiet andwe've got room to spare! What do you think the rabbi would tellyou if he heard it?

If a friend complained to you,what would you say? One day, a woodcutter went out to chop a load of firewood to sell in the market, buthis favorite ax was gone. He looked all through the woodpile, behind his house, andeven in his house. He looked everywhere he thought he might have put the ax, but he could not find it. The more he looked, the more upset and frustrated he became. He exhaustedhimself looking for his precious ax.

Then he noticed a boy — his neighbor's son — standing near the woodshed. He's got his hands behind hisback and his face has a guilty look too. I can't prove it, but I'll make thatboy pay anyhow. It was his ax! He inspected the boy up anddown, from head to toe. He looked at him right in the eye. Would you do anything differently?

Pretendyou are the boy. AfterMuhammad nodded a warm welcome to the cat, it sat right down on the hem of hisvery precious robe, and went to sleep. All day long Muhammad shared with the assembly, and as the sun rose to itsgreatest strength and fell again, no one moved from their place.

A Children's Treasury of Inspirational Stories, Myths, and Fables from Around the World

The cat as wellremained asleep and still, healing in the way cats do, in the protection of theprophet Muhammad and the softness of his robe. At last, the day came to its end and everyone returned to their dwelling places tofind peace for the night. Muhammad was the last to leave. All alone under the stars, Muhammad took a knife and cut off the hem where thecat lay sleeping. He had ruined his precious robe, but had not woken up the cat!

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Whatwould you do when the sick cat walked up to you? What would you dowhen the cat sat on his precious robe? In the village lived a shoemaker who one day decided to head off for the bigcity of Warsaw. It was a long way to walk, and after a while the poor shoemaker grew very tired. But he was afraid to go to sleep. When I wake up, I won't know which way to go.

Before he lay down, he took off hisboots. He placed one boot with the toe pointing toward the big city and the otherone with the heel pointing back home to Chelm. But as luck would have it, while the shoemaker snored away in a deep sleep, aforester's wagon passed by and a tree branch hanging over the side bumped intothe shoemaker's boots.

The boots got all turned around and now the toe of one bootpointed to Chelm, his hometown, and the heel of the other to Warsaw, the strange. So what did the shoemaker do when he woke up and looked at his boots? He followed the toe straight back to Chelm! He walked right by the village marketplace with its few small shops.

He passed thelittle synagogue where the people came to study and pray.

How the Children Became Stars

They were thevery image of his own wife and six daughters. The woman and girls hugged andkissed the shoemaker just as if he were their very own husband and fatherreturning home from a very long journey. I think I'll stay here and wait to see if he returns. Draw or paint a picture of what youmight have imagined the big city of Warsaw would look like.

What would you like your family and friends to do for you when you getback? All the animals lived with theirfather, Mulungu, and the world was a peaceful place.

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One day Chameleon put a fish trap in the river and, when he checked, it was full offish. Chameleon took the fish home and ate them. So he put the trap in the riveragain, but this time when he pulled it out it was empty. There they will grow. They grew until they were as tall as men and women are now. The animals came to see what the man and woman would do. The man and thewoman rubbed sticks together and made a fire. The fire jumped from bush to bushand swept through the whole forest.

The animals had to run very fast to get away! The man and the woman hunted a buffalo and killed the animal and roasted it onthe fire they made. Then they ate it. The next day they killed again and cooked theanimal for their food. So they did every day. And they arekilling all my animals!

Chameleonran up into the tall trees. So Mulungu climbed the rope all the way into the sky, far away from the men andwomen of the earth. What would you do differently?

How the Children Became Stars

When you see what is happening on the earth, whatwould you do? What would you say to the man and to the woman? What would you say toMulungu? SandcastlesOnce there was a place where a winding river ran quietly to a distant sea. On warmsummer days, the children would come out to play in the sand beside the river. They'd splash in the water and look at it sparkling in the sun. One day, all the children decided it would be fun to build sandcastles. But insteadof working together, each one chose to build their own. They all thought that their sandcastle was the most special and wanted to keep itfor themselves.

But after everyone's had been finished, a boy running toward theriver kicked over someone else's castle. Instantly the owner went crazy with anger. It didn't matter whether thesandcastle's destruction had happened by accident or on purpose. The only thingthat counted was that his castle was completely ruined! Let's all give him the punishment he deserves! This sandcastle is mine! No one but me can have it! Nobody cared about thesandcastles anymore. A girl stomped on hers and a boy smashed his until soon there was not a singlesandcastle left standing by the shore. Then, without looking back, all the childrenreturned home to their families.

How did you feel about it? Did it matter whether you were the one who broke or lost it? Has anybody donethat for you? Take turns telling each other allabout what makes the thing you painted or drew so special. When Abraham died, the blessing had passed to Isaac and Isaac in turn was to giveit to his oldest son.

But Isaac's wife Rebekah gave birth to not one, but two sons. These twins, Esauand Jacob, were as different as they could be. The older one, Esau, was born covered with fiery red hair. He grew up to be a wildand adventurous young man who wanted only to hunt. Jacob was born holdingonto his brother's heel, and he liked staying home and learning. Esau was the father's favorite. He brought the old man the good hearty meat hehad hunted and killed.

Jacob was the mother's favorite. He learned cooking andmany other things from her. One day Esau was out hunting and Jacob was home, cooking a pot of lentil stew. Esau had been gone the whole day and was hungry as a bear. I'm dying from hunger anyway.

King Midas and the Golden Touch for Kids READ ALOUD - Myths and Legends for Children

Just get me somefood! He had become blind and was soon to die. I want to eat of it so that my soul may bless you before Idie. Then he will give you the blessing! Old, blind, Issac was fooled into believing it was his son Esau hetouched. He gave Jacob the blessing. When Esau came in later, he realized what had happened. He was angry and afraidthat there was nothing left for him. And Isaac blessed Esau too. If you wereJacob, would you have done what you did if you had known that it would causehim to hate you for a long time?

What are the special things aboutJacob? Hewas given a young ox-calf as a present and was so happy with the ox that he namedhim Great Joy. He treated the young ox with kindness, feeding him rice and other special foods. Great Joy grew and grew, until he was very, very big and very, very strong. Now Iwant to do something for him. They agreed that the next day Great Joy would try to pull thehundred carts, all filled with sand and rocks.

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The whole town turned out to seewhat would happen. Could a single ox pull such a heavy load? The Brahmin harnessed Great Joy to the line of carts and climbed into a seat rightbehind him. What is it that you call me? The Brahmin cursed and threatened him more, but Great Joy stood hisground. Everybody laughed and hollered and made fun of the Brahmin and his ox.

Finally the Brahmin had to release Great Joy, pay the merchant one thousandpieces of silver, and go home. The Brahmin was heartbroken and, crying many tears, he went to bed. Everyone in the town is laughing at me, and it's all because ofyou. Or broken a plow? Or stepped on your children's feet? He knew the ox was right. Let us start over again. Theres a Time for Everything. The Right Things to. It All Started with Holey Clothes. Great Waves of a Great Ocean. Throwing Stones on the Road.

The Gifts of the Butterflies. When Daniel Faced the Hungry Lions. The Two Silly Cats. The First to Get the. The Monkeys Reach for the Moon.