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Internet porn geared to the male audience is a continuous wave of one specific male body part doing everything imaginable to every conceivable female body part, from head to toe. Much of this material involves extreme close-ups of one particular body part at a time. This is always completely devoid of any emotion, romance or tenderness. He in total control; having done to him, or doing, exactly what turns him on most. This is male sexual fantasy at the highest level of stimulation. Dominance, Aggression, and Violence in Male-Centered Porn As discussed previously, the more cellular memories biological and physiological processes that pornographers can link their porn to throughout the male brain and body, the greater chance they have of addicting their viewers.

Porn scenes ranging from simple "male in control" to aggression, rape, torture and murder, abound in Internet porn geared to the male viewer. These kinds of images link sexual arousal in the male mindbody with emotions of shock, anger, confusion, violence and domination which cause the male mindbody to release enormous amounts of additional testosterone, which further increase male narrowing, loss of reason, feelings of aggression, and sexual drive and arousal. High amounts of adrenaline and other chemicals are released as the male mindbody switches into "fight or flight" mode.

Why does this happen? Because the mindbody is experiencing so much stimulus and physiological activity at once, that it cannot adapt to it fast enough. In other words, the male mindbody goes into stress. Internet porn of this ilk creates a chain reaction in the male mindbody with hundreds of hormonal, chemical, emotional, physiological and biological processes all converging at once! The male viewer is not only addicted to simple sexual arousal, but this arousal is linked to mindbody processes that would never be normally linked to the sexual process.

Talk about addiction at a whole new level! This would be like a drug addict shooting up with a dozen different hard-core drugs all at once. The Male Viewer Craves Variety The mindbody is always seeking stimulation, a peak experience of some kind. Once a certain level of peak experience has been reached, the mindbody will naturally seek to then achieve a higher peak experience in that same frame of reference.

Pornographers know that if they show the same images again and again, the male viewer will become bored and seek greater stimulation elsewhere. Thus, Internet pornography geared to the male audience is an ever-changing array of images, people, objects and scenarios providing links to associated websites containing increasingly depraved material.

A viewer could literally stay on the Internet many hours each day and never see the same image twice! Internet pornographers also know that as time goes by male porn addicts seek increasingly greater stimulation. Internet pornographers oblige by offering everything from the partially nude pin-up girl to the hardest, most perverse images. With Internet porn, nothing is considered out of bounds or taboo. It is all there at the push of a button from anywhere in the world. As the male viewer's addiction appetite continues to heighten, the Internet pornographers are there with instant gratification, like drug lords waiting with the next "harder kicking" strain of crack cocaine.

Pornographers also know that not all males are "turned on" by the same images, so they strive to appeal to as many viewers as possible. They offer the male audience anything and everything including children, animals, objects, fetishes and settings-literally hundreds of thousands of different kinds of porn.

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For example, the author explains the pros and cons of strobes vs hard lighting. But, if you don't know how to meter your strobes and set your white balance, then the advice falls on deaf ears. It is assumed that you already know how to use a camera and take a good photograph of people. If not, learn to take pictures before you hire models. The advice presented is from a woman's point of view, but someone with a wealth of experience. There are some key items in this book which took me years to learn the "hard way. Then again, just because you buy a cookbook doesn't mean you are qualified to open your own restaurant.

This is a cookbook for success. This book is a very thin description of how to get into the Internet content provider world. The problem is that as far as the real useful information, it could have been done with even fewer pages. Maybe 10 would have been good.

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The content is meant for a photographer not a videographer. The most useful information is in the smaller print sidebars liberally placed in each chapter. A page on how much to pay models is probably the most useful and that information can be gotten from the World Modeling website or Luke Ford.

Not much on how to sell your work, all very general information. Too little information for the price. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I must and only say that Lady Sharlot has given the best and wonderful guide to break in the business. Thank you so much for this wonderful book. A must read for any serious pornographer, experienced or beginner. It reads like a very practical guide for would-be pornographers.

That is both a plus and a minus, because it doesn't take much to see that it is probably an uphill climb to make any sort of decent income this way. Lots of work, lots of challenges, and you are not at all likely to do this secretly or on the side.

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One person found this helpful. Handy stuff to know just in case I have to abandon my morals and ethics and bow to the almighty god: First off, understand that I am writing this from the point of view of someone who has not become an internet pornographer. Just how good the information contained in this book is is not something I have fully explored. I am, however, a fairly educated individual who has done some research on the topic of internet porn, and my girlfriend and I have both read this book and talked about going into the business.

Overall, I think this is an excellent book. It contains lots of information, including possible content, getting a lawyer the first major step , types of cameras, types of lighting, set dressings, getting models, selling your pictures, and attending pornography conventions. Lady Sharlot also shares a great deal of her own experiences and talks about how she and her husband got into the business.

Absolutely no promises are made with this book; nothing here suggests that you will become rich and famous photographing naked women, nor does it suggest you will get laid by doing so--trying to have sex with the models is, as Lady Sharlot puts it, very unprofessional. Believe it or not, she also mentions that strip clubs are not one of the best place to seek models out, and gives some very good reasons for why this is. The one major criticism I have of this book is that she really does need a better editor. It's not horribly written, by any means a lot of books on this subject are, according to reviews, practically illegible.

It just has a number of typos and the use of the smiley-face icon is way overdone. In addition, "quotation marks" are frequently used in places where they could be removed. I almost wish I could have edited this book myself. I get the impression that this book is self-published. As is the case, there is one more thing I would like to point out regarding my personal experience when I bought this book: I ordered this through Amazon via a third-party seller, which, I'm guessing, is the actual publisher.

One week after I received this book, I got another copy of it through the mail.

How to Be an Internet Pornographer: Lady Sharlot: Books

My first impression was that a mistake was made in shipping and they sent me two copies by mistake. Then I took a closer look at the first copy: Near as I can tell, they sent me a bad copy one that the printers messed up, perhaps by accident, caught the error before I was able to, and sent me a good copy before I could complain. Now that, my friends, is what I call excellent customer service. Honestly, if you're looking for a good book on how to get into the business of internet porn as a content provider, buy this one.

Trust me, you'll like it. This book appears promising yet falls woefully short on delivery.

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  • Most of the info in the book you already know or can learn from a myriad of other books or sources. It promises to show you how to become an internet pornographer yet tells you little or nothing about how to set up a website, find hosting, payment options or any of the other nuts and bolts needed to be succesful. The info on where to find models is no mystery, just common sense. What to pay models was a bit interesting but the advice to pay by check is accounting All in all I give it 2 stars which is a shame, a colaberation with someone wed-savvy may have made this a winner.

    I got this as a gag gift for my husband and he has read it but is not ready to use it.

    The scary effects of pornography: how the 21st century's acute addiction is rewiring our brains

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