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From the standpoint of the evolving Soul, such is a most undesirable and unpleasant delay. Still there is much speculation, and eager students will readily re-assign their own, preferred terminologies to what is clearly and obviously a universal phase, dimension and eventuality of human spiritual evolution In the crisis before us, we may find that those who are of some spiritual mien are precisely those who choose to walk the walk , and not simply delight in talking the talk, because if things must come to a premature and unfortunate end, again , it will surely be important HOW we conduct our final moments months, years, decades, etc.

That man will argue hardest, longest and most irrationally, once pressed, because he is fearful, because he does not know where to turn when challenged and most of all, because his belief system is already stressed, and stretched, to the caving point These types are not on the spiritual quest proper in this incarnation, they are asking questions but the type of growth they are after is within their own particular religious tradition where the can render true, positive and effective service , and pursuing questions about the series of incarnations culminating in human Enlightenment is a disservice both to themselves, and to others, because they approach the subject with neither honesty nor with any significant insights.

How can they, when they themselves reject the very teaching out of hand?

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What I offer, then, is the testimony of one who knows a little, even though he has been shown quite a lot, and quite often , at that. I share only what I consider reasonable , from within my own wide and varied set of meditations, spiritual experiences, insights and observations. As such, my direct, eyewitness and firsthand testimony spans more than 7 incarnations and years. I gather it to some degree from each of these independent lifetimes, from all of them holistically and as a set, yet predominatly from the definite bias of my present incarnation for obvious enough reasons, as I do not claim as yet an unbroken stream of consciousness from first to last.

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My studies have taught me much about the lives of various Rishis, Adepts, Arhats and Sages In the following post, however, I will simply share a handful of cases where I can trace at least two, hopefully subsequent incarnations of the same Soul, giving enough details as to make the venture worthwhile, while still preserving anonymity, since most of the individuals I mention are still in incarnation I know of few cases out of dozens where I have been able to gain insight into prior incarnations that were not either linked to a relatively advanced Soul This, if a person will stop and think about it, is entirely logical, as it is like walking along the beach and observing the shells, looking for something like a Scotch Bonnet, a sand dollar or even the pearl from an oyster.

Yes, such are still relative rarities , yet these are exactly the reason most of us look for shells. It is not the ordinary ones we wish to find. Perhaps our lives, like these shells, are ordinary in the sum-total as yet Even two Scotch Bonnets the NC State seashell, btw are not quite identical, despite being cast from the same proverbial and symbolic mold The most recent insight I gained into a former incarnation is the case of Beatrix Potter.

This idea was not altogether new to me, as often in retrospect I can trace the emerging realization as having taken several months, or years, to gestate. Only gradually did the connections gel, such that I now have very little doubt as to my assessment. The person in question, who was formerly incarnate as Beatrix Potter, first came into my life during college, at least 20 years ago. This would suggest a total delay of easily two decades What does this show? Simply that I did not immediately discern the connection. Presumably I did not need to when I met this person in college.

I also did not make the connection consciously about 10 years ago, when I re-established my friendship with this individual, briefly. Further, it has now been several years since I have had any connection at all with this person. Again, while the specifics of this gradual realization are of interest to me, they do not signify anything out of the ordinary in this case The important aspect of the realization, for me, is the realization itself. The person in question is extremely attractive, highly functioning, calmly energetic, uplifiting, radiant and positive in nearly every aspect.

Her alignment is decidely mental, yet her polarization is toward the Causal higher mental vehicle, and while she is highly cerebral at times, there is such a tremendous downflow of Buddhic force that she is almost overpowering Her smile is beaming, but she will never be subject to emotional excitement or imbalance. Her disposition matches her attainment, which is that of a seasoned Initiate of the Third Degree. This may be an attainment in this particular incarnation, yet it is entirely possible Beatrix Potter reached this Initiation in her own lifetime.


Another possibility is that the current individual took both the 2nd and 3rd Initiations in her present lifetime. I cannot verify any of these three possibilities, except to say that the 1st Initiation lies many prior lifetimes in her past. The 3rd Initiation is the same one Jesus experienced as the Transfiguration.

Her Ray energy is different, however, being along the 5th Ray to the best of my ascertainment, although the 2nd Ray and 4th are also tremendous influences, this fact dovetailing with what I have already said about the powerful Buddhic radiation from her Aura. My commentary on my experiences with this person might reveal more if I continued, but this at least gives some idea.

I can say I knew this woman fairly well, in two different phases of our relationship, and I can also testify directly that her presence in MY life was always an uplifting, beneficial and HEALING one, while providing great spiritual impetus and Direction to my life Purpose and existence. She was able to do this rather simply, and as a natural result, almost a side effect of who and what she is Again, my conviction that her former life was Beatrix Potter is extremely high.

Looking earlier in her list of incarnations, I get nothing, nor do I feel inclined or interested. To see the thread, and to realize this much alone, is very much the same as I consider most of my other insights of this nature: Another guestimation, which I do not feel quite as certain about, is the case of a friend who is now deceased, having entered the higher astral or Devachan although I communicated with him fairly recently, to the specific point of clarity of precipitating a short poem from him, a rarity for me.

Again, this individual always seemed to me to be a fairly advanced Soul on the 5th Ray, just as the friend above. I knew Mycroft during graduate school, which is in between the two phases of my relationship with the first individual. Mycroft died a few years ago, but in all I knew him for perhaps a decade, though the relationship was the kind, between true Friends, which touches on the timeless and the ageless dimensions of our being.

Probably only in latter years, possibly even after his death, did I decide that Mycroft may well have been St. I cannot say for certain that he was not Dr. Rather more likely he was simply a contempory of the latter, which points toward St. Anthony, as this saint overlaps slightly with the life of the Good Doctor. I have no other insights into possible incarnations, and given the overall gap between incarnations I would suggest that Mycroft was the next incarnation of St.

Anthony, if the correlation is correct. It is always possible that St. Anthony had another, fairly immediate reincarnation, or that Mycroft was the reincarnation of another, relatively recent lifetime in the series ending early in the 20th century. I would clarify the distinction, however, since already there is discrepancy with my friend who once walked about as Beatrix Potter.

In the former case, the Soul in question is extremely advanced. She is a High Initiate in her Master's Ashram, and at most I would expect her to reincarnate a handful of times prior to Liberation. Here is where a study, and proper insight into the final, culimating series of lifetimes for ANY Soul would be of advantage.

By this I mean that he would perhaps incarnate twice as many times as the friend above. Say, more times? This is the distinction: Where a Soul is near to completing its evolution, we may truly liken it to a multifaceted jewel, still displaying a few rough edges , but otherwise very close to true Perfection [Ephesians 4: The desire to Serve Humanity is so great, and the spiritual aspiration is so strong, that many times the enlightened Soul will make the sacrifice of its Devachan, foregoing the hard-earned and well-won Heavenlife of sweet rewards and blissful review whereby we ALL sift through our greatest experiences, so to speak, and learn to appreciate their TRUE VALUE [Matt 6: I know that Beatrix Potter did this, and I know of many others I will relate a few As a man of science George had never had any time for religion.

In particular he was drawn to a newborn baby in the hospital adjoining the morgue because she would not stop crying, and doctors had been unable to diagnose the problem. Much to his surprise he found that he was able to communicate with her telepathically, and also to scan her body and establish that her hip had been broken, probably at birth.

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Incredibly, as soon as George was well enough to pass on this information, the doctors x-rayed the baby and found that she did indeed have a fractured hip. There are other, similar cases of near-death experiences involving obscure, factual information that combine to strongly suggest that our individual awareness or consciousness does indeed continue to exist even when the physical brain is absolutely non-functional.

So far so good. But is there any evidence to support the further idea that individual souls have many lives? Here we encounter two important areas of research, the first involving children who have spontaneous memories of past lives. Although historically most of these cases have come from Asia, one of the finest involves a young American boy called James Leininger of Lafayette, Louisiana. Born in , his fascination with toy planes from the earliest age took a more sinister turn as he approached his second birthday, when vivid nightmares began.

He would thrash around in his sleep, kicking out with his legs up in the air and moaning: His mother Andrea had no particular religious convictions but, when her mother suggested these might be memories of a past life, she began to encourage little James to talk about them.

And he began to reveal startling details, such as that the pilot of the plane was also called James; that he had been shot down by the Japanese; that he had flown Corsairs; and that one of his fellow pilots went by the name of Jack Larsen. He also mysteriously mentioned the single word Natoma. His father Bruce remained dubious about any sort of spiritual explanation, but he knew that neither he nor any other member of their family had any particular interest in aircraft or the war.

So he began to research, and quickly established that an aircraft carrier called the USS Natoma Bay had been stationed in the Pacific during World War II and had taken part in the notorious battle for the Japanese island of Iwo Jima early in He ordered a book about this, and was flicking through it one day when James pointed to the island of Chichi Jima on a map and exclaimed,.

Military records then showed he had originally been part of an elite special squadron who test-flew these planes. When Bruce asked his son why he called them Leon, Walter and Billie he replied,. None of this detailed information is available on the internet pages about the Natoma Bay even now, let alone in popular books and so on. With this we must first appreciate that the human brain appears to store a complete record of everything we have ever been exposed to, no matter how briefly or how long ago, and that although most of these memories remain inaccessible to our normal consciousness they can be accessed in trance.

So apparently authentic and detailed past lives, even including strong emotions and strange accents and so on, have sometimes been proved to come from perfectly normal sources — not least historical fiction, which is often overlooked by spiritual researchers. Nevertheless, there remain some cases involving information so obscure that only a paranormal explanation seems appropriate. One of the finest involves a young woman dubbed Jane Evans , who was one of many subjects regressed by the Welsh hypnotherapist Arnall Bloxham.

She first visited him in the late 60s and proved a responsive subject who, over the course of a number of sessions, regressed into six separate lives from Roman times onwards. Her most celebrated past life was that of a persecuted Jewess in 12 th century York, but on close investigation this case is somewhat inconclusive. In fact her strongest life in terms of obscure evidence involved Alison, a young servant to the 15 th century French financier and merchant, Jacques Coeur. The soul inhabits a given body and at death, the soul casts that body off and goes on to assume another body.

The famous Hindu classic, the Bhagavad Gita, compares this to a man who might take off one suit of clothing and put on another. The man remains the same but the suits of clothing are different. In the same way the soul remains the same but the psycho-physical organism it takes up differs from life to life. The Buddhist term for rebirth in Pali is "punabbhava" which means "again existence". Buddhism sees rebirth not as the transmigration of a conscious entity but as the repeated occurrence of the process of existence.

Beyond the Veil

There is a continuity, a transmission of influence , a causal connection between one life and another. But there is no soul, no permanent entity which transmigrates from one life to another. Does Rebirth Make Sense? The channel for the transmission of kammic influence from life to life across the sequence of rebirths is the individual stream of consciousness. Consciousness embraces both phases of our being — that in which we generate fresh kamma and that in which we reap the fruits of old kamma — and thus in the process of rebirth, consciousness bridges the old and new existences.

Consciousness is not a single transmigrating entity, a self or soul, but a stream of evanescent acts of consciousness, each of which arises, briefly subsists, and then passes away. This entire stream, however, though made up of evanescent units, is fused into a unified whole by the causal relations obtaining between all the occasions of consciousness in any individual continuum. At a deep level, each occasion of consciousness inherits from its predecessor the entire kammic legacy of that particular stream; in perishing, it in turn passes that content on to its successor, augmented by its own novel contribution.

It's often said that the teaching of anatta is said to be the teaching that there is no self. I don't understand it in that way. I understand as that the teaching, all the constituents of individual identity are non-self; are not to be taken as a self. And so the teaching of non-self does not deny or undermine the reality of personal identity, but personal identity is established not through a substantial core of an unchanging essence which remains ever the same, but rather, personal identity is established through continuity , through the sequence of And so while there is no atman or self which is migrating from life to life while remaining ever the same, there is the continuity of personal identity maintained through the flow of consciousness, the underlying stratum of consciousness, which is ever-changing, but which preserves the impressions of previous experiences, and which preserves the karmic potentials generated by previous decisions and actions.

I think the hardest part about life-to-life rebirth is understanding what, if anything, actually connects between a being, and a new being born hundreds of miles away. For example suppose I die in America but supposedly Im reborn as a human in Africa. Is there actually any literal, physical connection between the two beings? How does the mindstream of my American body get to Africa?

Isn't it more simple and plausible to believe the new being born in Africa is a result of the genetic material from the parents, whose mind then continues to adapt and change as the being interacts with it's environment? It seems superstitious to believe that my mind thousands of miles away somehow continued on in this new being.

How Can There Be REINCARNATION When Time is An ILLUSION?

Perhaps rebirth is just a giant word game meant to make you less self centered, but in the end, doesn't really mean anything. I think the problem here is reifying the physical world as more real than the mental one. It's important to remember that even if the physical world has laws and rules that cannot be violated, that doesn't mean that it is primal or the fundamental nature of the reality we experience. I prefer to think of the body as the apparatus the mind uses to make sense of experience.

Various systems develop in order to ingest sensory data and the mind is the "central processor" that aggregates that into a cohesive experience of form, time, and space. So the "mindstream" doesn't need to get to Africa.

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  6. The mindstream is omnipresent. Physical reality exists within mind. So mind can aggregate a bundle of sensory systems in America or in Africa -- it makes no difference. You can gain direct experience into this yourself by training in meditation and attaining samadhi. According to Elder Master Liu Yu, when the practitioner assiduously recites the Buddha's name [or any other dharma practice] with one-pointedness of mind, oblivious to body, mind and the external world, transcending time and space, and when he has exerted the utmost effort and reached the goal, right in the midst of present thought, worldly delusions suddenly disappear -- the mind experiences sudden Awakening, attaining the realm of "No-Thought, no No-Thought.

    You just need to practice with an open mind. I assure you it is within your reach. Train samatha to samadhi. Watch what happens when the experience of body and physical reality melt away. Watch what happens when all phenomena in the mind reach stillness. It'll reveal all the answers. You just need to find your way there for yourself. Many people think that the Buddha said there is no self, but when you read the suttas you find he never took a position on the matter.

    He always deemed that the question of whether there was a self or not a self as not applicable. Once, when the Buddha was asked whether was a self he simply didn't answer. There was a specific reason why he didn't, and he elaborated on that in the exact same Sutta. And it was mentioned that the Buddha didn't answer the question because the asker would've been confused because he still conflates the self that's being refuted and the conventional self.

    I actually agree with you on the Pali Canon teaching that you are not the skandas. But the view that there is no self was never said by the Buddha. He only stated what you are not. But since I did not speak thus, the correct way to ask the question will be 'What is the condition of sense-impression? The Buddha went all semantics and corrected even a tiny wording, simply because the wording implies a "who. To say outright that "there is no self" is to say outright that "there is no car.

    Most people would point to a car and say "here's a car, what do you mean it doesn't exist?