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There is plenty of variety lurking within these pages and you might just find a few new writers to follow. May 26, Leo Robertson rated it really liked it. Aphotic Realm announces itself on the speculative scene with this excellent collection of creepy and mesmerising shorts!! May 13, S. I've been really impressed with every magazine issue to come from Aphotic Realm, they have a knack for bringing out the best stories and their first Anthology is no exception!

Some really dark creepy tales, something in here for everyone! Silencing the Bell by Gary Buller In this haunting tale, Harry Stubaker is a desperate man chained to his wicked past.

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Other Mother by Skye Makar I've been really impressed with every magazine issue to come from Aphotic Realm, they have a knack for bringing out the best stories and their first Anthology is no exception! Other Mother by Skye Makaris For those who love fairy-tales you'll love this brilliant blend of your favourite tales, a very strange and beautiful story on what it means to be a woman. Summers Emma just wants someone to her listen to her and the problems she's going through, but there's no one but her strange friends who want to know and soon she finds herself isolated. Ever get that feeling you're the only rational person in a world gone mad.

But will Chad and Steven ever listen to their parents? I loved the ending to this slice of Australian horror! Can we ever be free form our savage natures once they are awakened? A young Prince has been set a trial by his father which he must pass in order to rule. The Wall's End by Ruldolfo Serna Mesah and Salem are fighting for survival in a world grown savage but the past comes back to get them. A scary dystopian tale about the future of our race. The Forgotten House by S. Budd Kirsten just wants to make a house into a home, but someone else also has their eye on it!

Persistence of Memories by John Crain Miyoko and Winston are on the hunt for a planet that can sustain human life and finally think they have found it, the future of mankind is saved. Enid and the Owls by KT Wagner A really cool and strange tale about a lady called Enid who lives to serve others whilst completely ignoring her own needs. The Yellow Door by Isha Ro A really creepy and original tale of a strange and enticing new arrival in a well to do street.

It's not in style with what the neighbours want their nice little street to look like and soon they find themselves drawn to the garish yellow door It's definitely no laughing matter! After a disastrous relationship turns sour he stumbles upon the ultimate plan. Dinner Party by Ashley Libey A really cool tale about a kick-ass mum set in a turbulent future that leaves you very scared about the future! Cajoled by Bronte Pearson A really sinister tale about chance encounters and bad break-ups. Is there nowhere where a girl can feel safe? A Mother's Love by Micah Castle A really awesome tale about the sacred feminine nature and the folly of men.

Provident Justice by Carrie Connel-Gripp I was really creeped out by this tale, it reminds me of how easily we are all subjected to being brainwashed. Number Seventeen by J. Heatherton This tale really struck a chord with me and has so much relevance with what's going on today in politics on both sides of the Atlantic. The Shape of Goverment Centre by Gene Grantham A great story that starts off being hilarious but soon takes a very downward turn when college friends go on a drink fuelled escapade.

The Almost Cannibal by Morgan K. Tanner Possibly the darkest tale in this collection! Don't read before going to bed. Black Lung Hay Fever by S.

Casey A dark foreboding tale about the strange going ons in a small American town. You'll never look at Wurzel Gummidge in the same way again. May 13, Morgan Tanner rated it it was amazing. Aphotic Realm is a website that any fan of horror short stories should check out. These guys are fans, and great at publishing and promoting indie authors who strive to create dark and creepy tales that stay with you long after the lights go out. So here is a best-of anthology with 20 haunting and macabre stories to whet your sadistic appetite. I love my stories to end on a downer, and this collection did not disappoint on that front.

Silencing the Bell by Gary Buller is a great way to kick things off. A man who seems to have lost everything is haunted by the past mistake that caused it all. It seems to be all in his head, but is it really? Rot Brothers by Simon McHardy is a tale of two brothers who really should have listened to their parents. When one tries to lie his way out of a terrible situation things turn a little disturbing.

Making plans to buy that sad, lonely house next to the tracks is definitely not a good idea. This was a creepy story. This one had me engrossed from the start and the ending is killer. This one was probably my favourite. The Yellow Door by Isha Ro brings small town life to a harrowing end. Ashley Libey packs a body-snatchers-type punch in Dinner Party. This story only hinted at the real horrors going on in the town. I wanted more, and I mean that as a big compliment. Provident Justice by Carrie Connel-Gripp is another story with the small town setting, but this time the residents are not what they seem when are they ever?

Number Seventeen by JR Heatherton is a weird one. A son is exasperated, then suddenly fearful of what his parents tell him they heard. Never go against the authorities, people, they know best.

Monsters and an empty underground station… what else do you need? The atmosphere here was brought to life so well I could almost smell the place. A great ending to this collection. My story, The Almost Cannibal, also features. So all in all this was a great collection of terrifying tales and one I would definitely recommend. Support a superb website and pick up a copy like, now! Tales From the Realm: Volume One is a great anthology filled with twenty different stories varying within horror, weird, and sci-fi genres. I am excited for Volume Two from Aphotic Realm, as I can only imagine the stories will be even better, though that would be difficult to do as each story is great in Volume One.

Jul 16, Maura rated it it was amazing. Aphotic Realm is an up-and-coming fiction magazine for the strange and the sinister, co-edited by Adrian Alexander Medina and Dustin Schyler Yoak. Tales from the Realm Vol. Special kudos to Aphotic Realm's art director Gunnar Larsen, the creator of the anthology's gorgeous cover, who consistently provides the magazine and the themed anthologies with eerie, breathtaking visuals. The anthology offers something for every fan of dark Aphotic Realm is an up-and-coming fiction magazine for the strange and the sinister, co-edited by Adrian Alexander Medina and Dustin Schyler Yoak.

The anthology offers something for every fan of dark fiction. There are mythical creatures, monsters, ghosts, and various undead; the kind of evil we cannot comprehend and the kind we can; bonds between people that transcend all obstacles and those that destroy us; foreign places, foreign worlds, and how oblivious we are to the perils; above all, the fragility, majesty, and darkness in us humans and in all we strive for.

Silencing the Bell by Gary Buller.


Explores the consequences of inexcusable actions, guilt, and punishment. Other Mother by Skye Makaris. A tale of a fairy who's served royalty for generations, and the costs of those relationships to everyone involved. What happens when what's inside our heads makes no sense to the rest of the world. Rot Brothers by Simon McHardy. Relationships between siblings, mistakes, loss, and revenge. The Trials of Man by Tevis Shkoora.

A fantasy tale of a royal coming of age, and learning the hard way that the world is much bigger than himself. The Wall's End by Rudolfo Serna. The conditions on Earth have changed and so have humans, but will the modifications persist through generations? Be careful what you wish for, because someone might acquire it for you. And not in the way you've envisioned.

Persistence of Memories by John Crain. A well-written sci-fi story of extraterrestrial exploration. It reminds us of that old saying that involves a feline and a thirst for knowledge Enid and the Owls by K. A heartbreaking, dark tale of aging; how the world stops seeing that people matter in their twilight years. The Yellow Door by Isha Ro. Precise and unflinching, a story of meaningless and perennial evil in our midst.

No Laughing Matter by Phil Temples. A detective story, with a hilarious, absurd premise that somehow, deep down, feels surprisingly My Better Half by Mark Blickley. Funny and unapologetic, a tale of a self-absorbed man who has a lot to learn and a unique opportunity to do so, yet, being who he is, doesn't. To ask other readers questions about Agents of the Realm , please sign up.

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Apr 27, Skye Kilaen rated it really liked it Shelves: I wasn't familiar with the magical girl genre before starting this, and I'm not sure how that happened, but I sure don't regret this being my introduction. In case the name of the genre doesn't essentially give it away, basically a group of girls get magical powers and form a team to fight evil. Every girl on the team has her own personality not typecast as "the bitch" or "the snob," etc. The diverse cast looks like the real world.

It's fun, it's dramatic, there's action AND cute crushes, and the art is super interesting. Aug 18, Jon Chaisson rated it it was amazing. I believe this was a webcomic that was suggested by another webcomic artist, though I've forgotten who She balances it with moments of lighthearted fun and personal growth, perfectly capturing the feel of living on a college campus in a small town. I'd mentioned I believe this was a webcomic that was suggested by another webcomic artist, though I've forgotten who I'd mentioned recently on Twitter that the dialogue in this series is extremely tight, and I have to say it's one of my favorite things about it.

The five Agents each have their own unique voice and often their own color-coded speech bubble if they're all talking at the same time! This kind of use of dialogue is often overlooked in many webcomics, but ML has chosen to use it, and she does a fantastic job. This series is so much fun to read! Definitely looking forward to more. Jun 17, Izzy rated it really liked it Shelves: I'm not really sure if I should finish until the last update or if this is supposed to be just volume one. I'm guessing it's volume one? Anyway, I really enjoyed this. It's really fun, the plot flows easily, the characters are charming, the art is pretty, there's A LOT of diversity and if you like magical girls you'll probably like this.

Nov 17, Vince rated it it was amazing Recommended to Vince by: What a delight, if you're a fan of Sailor Moon then you'll love this; the art is great, the plot is fun and never seems to drag. I love seeing queer POC being represented in such a fun and positive light Dec 17, Katryne rated it it was amazing. Really enjoyed this one. The characters are quirky and the story really flows. Kinda makes me wanna watch sailor moon though haha.

Aug 31, Nikhaule Martin rated it it was amazing Shelves: The plot is immensely entertaining without it being convoluted at all. However, the cast of this comic is absolutely astounding.

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Representation is so extremely important and Louis did a phenomenal job at drawing her characters and creating their personalities. Jan 01, Cat rated it really liked it. I'm glad I read this online, though I would like to purchase a paper copy eventually. The artwork is gorgeous and the characters are really starting to emerge as three-dimensional pieces.

The humor adds life and while the battle scenes are not drawn out or long, they are tense and show the strengths and abilities of the characters well. May 12, feux d'artifice rated it really liked it. Mar 22, Paris Chanel rated it it was amazing Shelves: Well, this was a fun read. Plus the artwork was cool and I loved the choice of colors that were used. Nov 17, Jack Vinson rated it really liked it. Fun recommendation from the library.

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