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You are so in for it! But it can feel like walking a tightrope. On the one hand, I'm thrilled for their future. Women are graduating with more advanced degrees than ever before and have more female role models in just about every public sphere you can think of. While girls' levels of academic achievement have risen to the point that they now outperform boys consistently, their rates of stress, anxiety, and depression have risen as well. A study by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration found the girls to have three times the number of depressive episodes as the boys, and the rate at which girls reported feeling depressed nearly tripled in just one year.

In other words, while girls are doing everything possible to be all that they can, they're not enjoying it. Like you, I want my daughters to have boundless opportunity.

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But more than that, I want them to be happy—and a big part of that means making sure that they're ready for whatever challenges they'll someday face. In that spirit, I spoke to some of the biggest change-makers in our country—people who are leading the charge to make sure girls enter adulthood feeling good about themselves—to find out what parents can do to help their daughters thrive.

Now I'm sharing what I learned. We don't always hear fathers' thoughts about feminism It can be easy to forget that parents, particularly mothers, are a powerful influence. Even teenagers, whom we assume are easily swayed by peer pressure , say that their mom matters most: Only 15 percent go to their friends first for advice. Younger girls are even more reliant on Mom: Chances are you're everything to your daughter—including her biggest role model. Report after report finds that the way a mother acts in front of her daughter largely influences the child's behavior, and there are ways to model a healthy self-image that benefit both of you.

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First, watch what you say, especially gossip. My 8-year-old uses baby talk when she's unsure about something, and I remind her that she has important things to say and people may not take her seriously if she uses that voice.

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One way to flip the script? When your daughter sees you go out for a run, or you dance in the living room together or help her scale a rock wall at the playground, you're teaching her to love her body. Finally, as important as Mom is, the significance of Dad or a father figure can't be understated. One-on-one time is crucial: But pulling her into the menial—grocery shopping together, washing the car—shows that you value her company in the context of your life. All right, brace yourself: Between elementary and high school, a girl's self-esteem drops 3. Encourage your young daughter's individuality, and you'll lay a foundation that will be her emotional scaffolding as she enters the trickier tween and teen years.

Cast a wide net when encouraging your daughter to discover her passions. During a trip to the library, don't nudge her toward Pinkalicious. Even if she's the girly-girl type, who's to say she wouldn't also love a world atlas?

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Instead of signing her up for gymnastics because it's the popular choice, present a range of options and see what she picks. Once she shows an interest in something, give her lots of chances to explore it. It's key to help her hone her interests when they're different from the rest of the family's. Korby shows Kirk and Chapel machinery which creates androids. With the help of Ruk, a still functioning android from the time of the original inhabitants, Korby has created more androids, one being a lovely woman he calls "Andrea". Chapel recognizes Korby's aide Dr.

What Are Little Girls Made Of?

Brown, but is surprised the man does not remember her. In reality, Brown is also an android created as a prototype for Korby's plan to replace key personnel in the Federation with android duplicates under his control. Korby proceeds to create an exact android duplicate of Kirk as Chapel looks on. As Kirk's personality is imprinted on the android, the real Kirk imagines himself insulting Spock as a "half-breed".

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Korby has the duplicate Kirk beamed aboard the Enterprise with orders to begin the spread of android duplicates throughout the galaxy. When Spock questions the Kirk-android's orders, it repeats the insult Kirk had used. Meanwhile, the real Kirk, guarded by Ruk, convinces the android that Korby is a threat to his continued existence and must be destroyed. Ruk begins to recall the clash between the "Old Ones" and the androids that led to his civilization 's demise centuries ago, and concludes that conflict is again inevitable.

Korby enters and Ruk confronts him, but Korby destroys Ruk with a phaser. Shortly afterwards, in a struggle with Kirk, the skin of Korby's hand is torn, revealing that he is also an android. It is now revealed that Korby, dying of frostbite , had transferred his mind to an android body. He begs Chapel to believe that he is still the same man, but Chapel is repelled by what he has done to himself. Andrea, realizing she loves Korby, kisses him, and in despair, Korby fires Andrea's phaser between the embracing pair, destroying them both.

Spock arrives with the security force, but finds that the crisis has passed. When Spock inquires about Dr. Korby's whereabouts, Kirk replies: Korby was never here. The episode was written by Robert Bloch, but received rewrites during shooting by Gene Roddenberry, leaving the production two days behind schedule. Lovecraft was briefly made in Bloch's script, with its mention of " the Old Ones " and the look of the pyramid-shaped doors in the caverns.