Guide You and Your Audience: Getting Them from Point A to Point B (FT Press Delivers Elements)

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TED's secret to great public speaking

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The worst parts of this book were a This book is overhyped. The worst parts of this book were about the actual craft of creating a presentation - bad Powerpoint advice, bad graphics advice and especially bad advice on how to use bullet-points. Weissman conveys the key point correctly - keep visuals simple, including simple typography, simple use of text, simple use of graphs and images.

But the examples he provides are not at all impressive. If you've been doing this type of work for a while, avoid this book and pick up something by Nancy Duarte or Garr Reynolds. They're both brilliant writers on this topic. Jerry Weissman is good.

Similar authors to follow

Whether we're new to the art of presentation or are experienced presenter-trainer-teachers benefitting from the useful reminders Weissman provides, he carries us through the presentation cycle with lots of guidance, including warnings of how we can go wrong: He also offers the structure that telling a good story provides: He provides a concise survey of structures we can incorporate into presentations to make them flow and reminds us of the importance of "verbalization"--rehearsing our work out loud "just as you will on the day of your actual presentation" p.

Furthermore, he models the very skills he is trying to develop by incorporating presentation stories throughout his book in an effort to help us understand the process viscerally as well as intellectually. It's often the lines that seem to be most casually tossed off that take us most deeply to the heart of presentation professionalism.

Writing about his attendance at investment banking conferences, he tells us that he is there "because they let me observe many presentations in one place, in a short time. There's no mistaking the seriousness with which Weissman expects and encourages us to approach the art of presentation: With that as our guiding light, we should all be on our way to successful and engaging experiences for those we serve. Oct 08, Grzegorz Witek rated it really liked it. I liked this book. I'm sure I will use the information from his book very often.

Before I started reading "Presenting to Win" I thought it might be yet-another-book-about-improving-yourself. But no, it's not saying "be confident, speak loud".

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It contains many general rules, but also many simple hints that will, I'm sure they will, improve the way I'm preparing presentations and showing them. Getting your story right is the key to presenting well and the writer takes you through steps to do this. Admittedly, I wanted more time on the topic and more examples. I highly recommend this book for those who want to improve their presentations.

Despite the name - a good book with interesting and fun stories and some recommendations that are worth keeping in mind. May 06, Carl Nohr rated it really liked it. Really enjoyed the focus on meeting the needs of the audience. Lots of very practical suggestions to improve presentations.

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Jun 13, Leanna Manuel rated it it was amazing. This was a fantastic book. I'm not sure what drew me to it since I am not necessarily in a position where I give formal presentations very often and frankly have avoided using audiovisual aids in the presentations I have given. Prior to reading this book I couldn't have told you what an IPO was and I'm not in an industry where I'm likely to give presentations to investors or in a multimillion dollar industry. I have given presentations though and they haven't always gone the way I wanted them to.

Now I know why. After reading this book, I feel much better prepared should the need for a presentation arise. In fact, I'm almost hoping that a chance to put these principles into action presents itself. I could also see many applications for the same information in other aspects of my personal and professional life.

Presenting to Win: The Art of Telling Your Story by Jerry Weissman

We are all "selling", whether it be a product, an idea or concept, or a relationship. We want others to get it, to understand us, and really we want them to agree with us or take a desired action. The way that we communicate that is critically important to whether we achieve our goal. All of these corporation-tested techniques explained in this book have many useful applications in life if applied creatively. The author practiced what he preached, and the use of the techniques was evident in the way he crafted the text, diagrams, and captions. Since I was reading on an older Kindle, some of the formatting wasn't the best, but even with that said, the attention to detail and the use of great communication techniques was evident.

I learned a lot - about presentations, about writing, about communication, and about myself. Nov 09, Stella Spang added it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Only read the abstract KEY for presentation: Persuade Tailor presentation Know your audience What you are going to say What you are saying What you have said Unique selling proposition Proof-of-concept Presentation flow Avoid pointless, irrelevant, confusing, complicated, and long presentation Pre-presentation preparation 1.

Place affects the style What: Brainstorming with the whole team During the presentation 1. The start Select among these seven time-honored openings: Do not make the presentation like a document Not many data No hand-outs 3. Implement the presentation in a flow Presenting to Win was downloaded to my Nook library when Barnes and Noble offered it for free in October It uses PowerPoint and in its examples. PowerPoint is likely to adapt to those instructions.

Weissman wants us to strongly remember the phrase, a presentation is not a document. The speaker needs more than Word to write a speech and PowerPoint for the graphics. He wants the speaker to be an audience advocate so that your message gets through to the audience before their e Presenting to Win was downloaded to my Nook library when Barnes and Noble offered it for free in October He wants the speaker to be an audience advocate so that your message gets through to the audience before their eyes glaze over.

How can what you have to offer serve them? At times, your interests and those of your audience are bound to diverge, which creates the potential for conflict and frustration. You may dearly desire that raise, that lucrative sales contract, or that crucial loan or investment needed to keep your business afloat.

Inevitably, your audience members will have their own motivations and issues that differ from your own. The art of persuasion must be balanced by Audience Advocacy: Alex Naqvi is the former CEO of Luminous Networks, a private Silicon Valley company providing optical Ethernet solutions that enable the giant telecommunications carriers to deliver, on a single platform, a combination of Internet traffic, interactive and broadcast video, and voice services.

Although a veteran in the industry, Alex usually finds the telecoms, as they are known in the trade, a crowd that is an especially tough sell. But, Alex has learned to recognize, understand, and respond to the interests and feelings of those audiences. Our new technology makes it possible for telecoms to deliver better Internet service more economically than ever before.

We thought that using Luminous Networks would be a no-brainer for any telecom manager. Many of the managers we were hoping to sell our services to had been with the firm for 20 years. They were conservative and maybe a little afraid of the new and the unknown. We went in with a rather cocky attitude, talking about how our technology was "a radical paradigm shift for the new century.

We were alienating the very people we needed to win over. In time, we learned to soften our presentations. We started describing our technology not as a radical shift, but as a natural evolution from the current technology.