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Analysis, good ideas, explanations and the force of will are not enough to change a paradigm. Endless strategizing and theorizing do not lead to action that makes a desired difference. What is now called for is activism, experiments, and Conscious Leadership for implementing paradigm-changing ideas, such as offered in this paper and by many others around the world. Anything less is like moving deck chairs on the Titanic.

In the past thirty years, the Star Wars movie series has helped create a cognitive shift in masses of people, without regard to background philosophies, ideologies, religions or cultures—a shift which appreciates a universal energy field reaching through all sentient life— The Force, that infuses and empowers those standing for justice and the good of all peoples, full of noble purpose, shared values and accomplishment. It decries the Dark Side of that energy field, which fights for domination, power, control, self-interest and greed.

This cognitive shift leaves us today with awareness of dissonance in everyday life, a dissonance that has people often feeling devalued and insignificant in deference to system interests, economic interests and political interests not grounded in commitments to their well-being and the wellness of the surrounding world. This awareness does not allow simply for complaint. It is proving to be a stimulus for broad discord, public dissent and political change…, from all sides of the energetic field.

Those of us who aspire to be With the Force must find the courage and determination to bring espoused values to life in real world action that demonstrate their effectiveness, quality, benefit and mutuality for people of good will and the world in which we live. Now is the time to create and require businesses, organizations, institutions and governments to represent these noble purposes and our highest values without compromise.

We must stand in the way of those who fail to meet our needs, and demand that they hold themselves to a higher standard. Only such perseverance will save the Earth and all the peoples on it from becoming a 21 st century Titanic, a failed experiment in the glorious potential of humanity. Old Aristotelian Orientations circa B. Tony Turnbull, his colleague and friend, who was of immense and important help in making this paper more simple and clear. Kathy Smith who showed her ability to turn almost anything he created into a work of art.

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A Pragmatic view on the Evolution of Life. Predation, Gender and our Anthropological Oxymoron. Memory of Suffering and the Pedagogy of Freedom. Essays from the Anthropocene Eds. Simon Nicholson and Sikina Jinnah. HOME "A multidisciplinary forum focused on the social consequences and policy implications of all forms of knowledge on a global basis". As an MC I got to make people laugh and blow off some steam, especially when a nasty heckler decided he wanted some attention, well, it was therapeutic for me to give it to him…with both barrels of my bilious voice box.

All of these things, and more, got me through the darkest days and I am now out of the courts and my son happily lives with me a good amount of the time. My case might be over but the insanity of the secretive family courts continues. I promised myself that when my own case was completed I would stick with the issue and try and help to generate change. I have documentary making skills. I have a comedy club. I have a cause. I have friendships and contacts with some of the finest and freshest comedians here in London, arguably the world capital of stand-up comedy.

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  • So put them together and you get, well, a work-in-progress. I have recently set up the fledgling campaign We Are Family project, whose primary mission is to crowdfund a feather-ruffling documentary on….

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    Much of what goes on in these courts beggars belief, which is why a film is needed to show people what crazy actually looks and behaves like. The film might tell tragic tales but who wants hitting over the head with a big stick of depression? I have been immensely supported by the comedy community. I certainly hope some of the comedians will aid me and provide creative ideas for elements of the film, and some might even appear in the finished documentary. During these special comedy nights, some acts have done a brand new five, others told just the one bespoke joke, yet they have all helped to bring the funny and the money.

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    The nights have been filmed and the complete shows are offered as a downloadable reward for anyone making a donation to funding the documentary, which we intend to start shooting in the spring. It is clear to me that I am once again a very fortunate man. My son is secure and what I have is indeed what I wish I had: I salute you one and all. For more information, visit the We Are Family Project Facebook page , or their crowd-funding page on sponsume.

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