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Others appeared to be animal forms, familiar from the zoos of my childhood, but dressed in clothing and carrying themselves with obvious intelligence. Still others were made of metal and glass and gems, artificial beings like the silver eagle on my shoulder, though in a riot of shapes and forms. And many more besides were of uncertain provenance, strange mixtures of organic and inorganic, of human and animal and machine.

But there was a time five thousand years previously when a sect arose, the Iron Mass, that insisted that everyone had to live according to its doctrines of organic superiority and extermination of all artificial or digital intelligence.

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The reappearance of Stone spurs interest throughout the Entelechy in finishing a stalled project to create the Further , the first faster-than-light spaceship, to explore beyond the limits of the Entelechy to hopefully discover a new, non-Earth-derived intelligence. Feeling that he can never blend into the Entelechy, and not wanting to feel like a helpless ward of this society, he accepts. To dismiss the rest of the plot over pages in just a few words, the first destination of the Further turns out to be, not a new, non-Earth-derived intelligence, but a world colonized since their isolation by the Iron Mass, who are plotting to resume their attack upon the Entelechy.

Beyond the Threshold contains a satisfying number of anthropomorphic animal characters.

Chris Roberson (author)

Beyond the Threshold is a fascinating ride to the farthest reaches of the imagination. It still has lots of strange new worlds to seek out and explore. Library of Congress created two furry subject headings in - When you look up library books on a computer, typically you get a des …. Comments Post new comment. Notify me when new comments are posted. Humankind is spread across three thousand light years in a myriad of worlds and habitats known as the Human Entelechy. Linked by a network of wormholes with Earth at its center, it is the world Captain RJ Stone awakens to after a twelve-thousand-year cryogenic suspension.

Stone soon finds himself commanding the maiden voyage of the first spacecraft to break the light speed barrier: In search of extraterrestrial intelligence, the landing party explores a distant pulsar only to be taken prisoner by the bloodthirsty Iron Mass, a religious sect exiled from the Entelechy millennia before. If you plan to buy this book, you can support FanLit by clicking on the book cover above and buying it and anything else at Amazon.

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