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Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Kincaid's Call by Leigh D'Ansey. This is not the matronly PA he was expecting. Even worse is the nagging sense of familiarity.

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Kate Summers has created the life she wants and knows exactly the kind of man she needs: Published first published May 10th To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The island is known as a tourist location, but the island suffered damaged after Hurricane Luis and Hurricane Georges , and a lack of tourist after September 11 and the murder of a British couple on the island.

The hurricanes caused great damage and this can also be seen in the novel when she describes how great the library was before, but how the library was completely destroyed and left in rubble after the hurricane.

Kincaid's Call

Antigua was not able to fully recover after the hurricanes. Kincaid explains how many people in office were charged with all forms of corruption. Antigua was never able to recover to become what it used to be under the British government. They lack money and uncorrupt political officials.

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A Small Place is a polemic, "an enraged essay about racism and corruption in Antigua. In the first section of A Small Place , Kincaid employs the perspective of the tourist in order to demonstrate the inherent escapism in creating a distance from the realities of a visited place.

Furthermore, the tourist industry is linked to a global economic system that ultimately does not translate into benefits for the very Antiguans who enable it. The tourist may experience the beauty on the surface of Antigua while being wholly ignorant of the actual political and social conditions that the Antiguan tourism industry epitomizes and reinforces. In effect, the industry recolonizes Antigua by placing locals at a disenfranchised and subservient position in a global economic system that ultimately does not serve them. While Kincaid expresses anger towards slavery, colonialism and the broken Antiguan identity that it has left in its wake, she avoids retreating to simple racialization in order to explain the past and present, for doing so would further "other" an already marginalized group of people.

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She uses her anger about the situation as a way to definitively inform readers about the postcolonial Antiguan daily life. Being an enraged essay focusing on racism and the effects of colonialism, some people account for the most consistent and striking aspect of her work to be what critic Susan Sontag calls her "emotional truthfulness". Sontag describes Kincaid's writing as "poignant, but it's poignant because it's so truthful and it's so complicated.

She doesn't treat these things in a sentimental or facile way. In , A Small Place was criticized as a vitriolic attack on the government and people of Antigua.

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According to Jamaica Kincaid: Writing Memory, Writing Back to the Mother she was not only banned unofficially for five years from her home country but she voiced concerns that had she gone back in that time, she worried she would be killed. There can really be no difficulty with that, but I do not see why Caribbean people should admire her for denigrating our small place in this destructively angry fashion.

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