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A theory of optimal green defaults Sustainability 10 8 , art. Review article "Assessment of economic flood damage" Nat. Material substitution and path dependence: Empirical evidence on the substitution of copper for aluminum Ecol. Applying participatory multicriteria methods to river basin management: Policy 24 2 , - full text url Messner, F. Participation in multi-criteria decision support for the resolution of a water allocation problem in the Spree River basin Land Use Pol.

Diffuse nutrient reduction in the German Baltic Sea catchment: Cost-effectiveness analysis of water protection measures Ecol. A systematic approach for assessing spatially and temporally differentiated opportunity costs of biodiversity conservation measures in grasslands Agric. Methodische Defizite der Umweltbewertung im Bundesverkehrswegeplan Assessing the costs of natural hazards — state of the art and knowledge gaps Nat. Flood risk assessment in European river basins - concept, methods, and challenges exemplified at the Mulde River Integr.

Recommendations for the user-specific enhancement of flood maps Nat. Economic evaluation of structural and non-structural flood risk management measures: Hazards 62 2 , - full text url Meyer, V. A multicriteria approach for flood risk mapping exemplified at the Mulde river, Germany Nat. Hazards 48 1 , 17 - 39 full text url Meyerhoff, J. Landscape externalities from onshore wind power Energy Policy 38 1 , 82 - 92 full text url Michalek, G. Environment, Development and Sustainability 17 6 , - full text url Moreira, F. Standardised and transparent model descriptions for agent-based models: Consistency of the results of different MCA methods: Policy 24 2 , - full text url Mysiak, J.

Towards the development of a decision support system for water resource management Environ. Environmental impact assessment of urban land use transitions - a context-sensitive approach Land Use Pol. On the economic approach to the containment of land consumption Environ. Policy 12 3 , - full text url Ohl, C. Compensation payments for habitat heterogeneity: The mismatch between regional spatial planning for wind power development in Germany and national eligibility criteria for feed-in tariffs-A case study in West Saxony Land Use Pol.

Long-term socio-ecological research LTSER for biodiversity protection - a complex systems approach for the study of dynamic human-nature interactions Ecol. Towards an understanding of long-term ecosystem dynamics by merging socio-economic and environmental research Criteria for long-term socio-ecological research sites selection Ecol. Chemical leasing business models - a contribution to the effective risk management of chemical substances Risk Anal. Biodiversity conservation across scales: The political economy of fostering a wood-based bioeconomy in Germany Ger.

Infrastruktur und soziale Ungleichheit "Moss, T. Zwischen Universalisierung und Differenzierung. Smart regulation for water innovation - the case of decentralized rainwater technology J. The legitimacy of biofuel certification Agric. Human Values 28 3 , - full text url Partzsch, L. Basingstoke and New York: Values 18 2 , - full text url Pe'er, G. Adding some green to the greening: The effect of soil moisture anomalies on maize yield in Germany Nat. Governance im Kontext der EG-Wasserrahmenrichtlinie - State responsibility for environmental quality standards.

The environment as a challenge for governmental responsibility - The case of the European Water Framework Directive Ecol. Political responsibility for sustainability and consumer sovereignty. Ecological economics and institutional dynamics — Introduction to the special issue Environ. What can be learned from practical cases of green economy? Timbre Brownfield Prioritization Tool to support effective brownfield regeneration J. Fishing for social realities - challenges to sustainable fisheries management in the Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve Mar. Insurance models and European climate change policies: Malone, Debating climate change: Pathways through argument to agreement, Earthscan, London, , pp.

Market integration of renewable energies through direct marketing - lessons learned from the German market premium scheme Energy, Sustainability and Society 5 1 , art. Contributions of flexible power generation from biomass to a secure and cost-effective electricity supply—a review of potentials, incentives and obstacles in Germany Energy, Sustainability and Society 8 , art. Towards a sustainable innovation system for the German wood-based bioeconomy: Implications for policy design J.

Handling uncertainty in bioenergy policy design — a case study analysis of UK and German bioelectricity policy instruments Biomass Bioenerg. Windows of opportunity for sustainable fisheries management: The case of Eastern Baltic cod Environ. Uncertainty of governmental relief and the crowding out of flood insurance Environ. Freedom of choice for future generations - New principles for resource economics Kyklos 53 2 , - Rauschmayer, F.

A framework for the selection of participatory approaches for SEA Environ. Participation in EU biodiversity governance: Policy 27 1 , 42 - 58 full text url Rauschmayer, F. Evaluation deliberative and analytical methods for the resolution of environmental conflicts Land Use Pol. Institutional challenges for resolving conflicts between fisheries and endangered species conservation Mar. Assessing and valuing peatland ecosystem services for sustainable management.

Editorial Ecosystem Services 9 , 1 - 4 full text url Reed, M. Participatory scenario development for environmental management: A methodological framework illustrated with experience from the UK uplands J. Harmonised techniques and respresentative river basin data for assessment and use of uncertainty information in integrated water management HarmoniRiB Environ.

Policy 8 3 , - full text url Remig, M. Research for sustainable development. Integrating local ecological services into intergovernmental fiscal transfers: Evolutionary strategies in environmental policy Ecol. Compensating municipalities for protected areas: Ecological public functions and fiscal equalisation at the local level in Germany Ecol.

Biodiversity conservation and climate mitigation: Challenges in framing the economics of ecosystems and biodiversity: Brownfield regeneration in Europe: Identifying stakeholder perceptions, concerns, attitudes and information needs Land Use Pol. A practice-oriented framework for identifying economic instruments to enhance biodiversity and human livelihoods J. Integrated nutrient transport modelling with respect to the implementation of the European WFD: Fiscal transfers for biodiversity conservation: Reviewing the role of habitat banking and tradable development rights in the conservation policy mix Environ.

Integrated planning and spatial evaluation of megasite remediation and reuse options J. Designing sustainable and economically attractive brownfield revitalization options using an integrated assessment model J. Opportunities and obstacles for the urban adaptation to climatic change in Latin America: Towards a flood risk assessment ontology — knowledge integration into a multi-criteria risk assessment approach Comput.

Exploring multicriteria flood vulnerability by integrating economic, social and ecological dimensions of flood risk and coping capacity: Theoretical incentive properties of contingent valuation questions: Do they matter in the field? Intergovernmental fiscal transfers to support local conservation action in Europe Z. Does movement behaviour predict population densities?

A test with 25 butterfly species J. The expansion of short rotation forestry: Insurance law and economics research for natural hazard management in a changing climate Geneva Pap. Liability for climate change: Risk classification and public policy Geneva Pap. The winding road to industrial safety: Natural hazard insurance in Europe: In the aftermath of Dresden: New directions in German flood insurance Geneva Pap.

A conceptual framework for damage compensation schemes Biol. The Gordian knot of mangrove conservation: Disentangling the role of scale, services and benefits Glob.

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Change 28 , - full text url Seegert, J. Integrated water resources management under different hydrological, climatic and socio-economic conditions: Household needs and demand for improved water supply and sanitation in peri-urban ger areas: Insights regarding transdisciplinarity and knowledge transfer gained from two case studies on integrated water resources management in Ukraine and Mongolia Interdiscip. Conceptualising uncertainty in environmental decision-making: Experiences with stakeholder involvement in strategic sanitation planning: The German energy transition as a regime shift Ecol.

Degrowth, the project of modernity, and liberal democracy J. The pitfalls of transformative science. Transformative Forschung als honest broker? The political economy of renewable energy policies in Germany and the EU Util. Policy 42 , 33 - 41 full text url Strunz, S. Policy convergence as a multifaceted concept: Public Policy 38 3 , - full text url Strunz, S. Between Scylla and Charybdis? On the place of economic methods in sustainability science Sustain.

Identifying barriers towards a post-growth economy — a political economy view Ecol. DSS-Ecopay — A decision support software for designing ecologically effective and cost-effective agri-environment schemes to conserve endangered grassland biodiversity Agric. A simplified mark-release-recapture protocol to improve the cost effectiveness of repeated population size quantification Methods Ecol.

A software tool for designing cost-effective compensation payments for conservation measures Environ. Ecological and economic conditions and associated institutional challenges for conservation banking in dynamic landscapes Landsc. Exploring group dynamics in deliberative choice experiments Ecol.

Promotion of afforestation in West Saxony: From explanation to application: Efficiency and applicability of economic concepts dealing with environmental risk and ignorance Ecol. Agglomeration payment, agglomeration bonus or homogeneous payment?

Risk Estimation on High Frequency Financial Data: Empirical by Florian Jacob PDF

Spatially uniform versus spatially heterogeneous compensation payments for biodiversity-enhancing land-use measures Environ. Ecological-economic modeling for biodiversity management: Estimating optimal conservation in the context of agri-environmental schemes Ecol. Cost-effectiveness of managing Natura sites: Why be wasteful when preserving a valuable resource? A review article on the cost-effectiveness of European biodiversity conservation policy Biol. How to select instruments for the resolution of environmental conflicts?

Synergies and trade-offs between nature conservation and climate policy: Energiewende — Wo stehen wir und wie geht es weiter? Evaluating presence data versus expert opinions to assess occurrence, habitat preferences and landscape permeability: Nach uns die Sintflut? June , 80 - 82 Barton, D. Wasser und Abfall 13 , 10 - 16 Bathe, F. Chancen zur Rationalisierung und Demokratisierung der Verwaltung? Umweltfreundlich oder nicht - eine Frage des Indexes. Wassernutzungsabgaben - Weiterentwicklung von Abwasserabgabe und Wasserentnahmeentgelten zu einer umfassenden Wassernutzungsabgabe.

Kampf um das Wasser Hirschberg 61 1 , 25 - 29 Dombrowsky, I. A decision model for the efficient management of a conservation fund over time Animal Biodiversity and Conservation Das Kooperationsverhalten der Staaten bei der Begrenzung globaler Umweltrisiken: International environmental cooperation in the one shot prisoners' dilemma Schmollers Jahrbuch 1 , 1 - 26 Endres, A.

International environmental cooperation with risk aversion International Journal of Sustainable Development 6 3 , - full text url Endres, A. Taxes versus quotas to limit global environmental risks: Wirtschaft und Philosophie Perspektiven der Wirtschaftspolitik 5 2 , - full text url Fischer, B.

Chemicals regulation and the Porter hypothesis. A critical review of the new European chemicals regulation Journal of Business Chemistry 2 1 , 19 - 36 full text url Gagelmann, F. Climate protection through tradable permits: Recht 37 1 , 17 - 27 full text url Gawel, E. Probleme der internen Leistungsverrechnung Friedhofskultur 11 , 35 - 38 Gawel, E. Warum man Kostendeckung nicht erzwingen kann Friedhofskultur 3 , 30 - 34 Gawel, E. Konsumtionsregeln bei der Neuordnung der W-Besoldung: Braucht die Abwasserabgabe eine neue Zielstellung?

Wasser und Abfall 15 10 , 41 - 48 Gawel, E. Friedhofskultur 8 , 21 - 23 Gawel, E. Neuordnung der W-Besoldung in Hessen: Recht 36 2 , 77 - 81 full text url Gawel, E. Februar , 5 full text url Gawel, E. Nationale Klimaziele und die Kohlekraft - Wege und Irrwege. Neustart der Klimapolitik erforderlich ifo Schnelldienst 71 1 , 8 - 10 full text url Gawel, E.

Anwender sollen Folgekosten tragen Agrarzeitung Freitag, Deutsches Verwaltungsblatt 7 , - Gawel, E. Interview mit Herrn Prof. Kosteneffizienz in einer nachhaltigen Wasserwirtschaft: Akteursvielfalt bei der Stromwende: The regulation framework of the German water sector from an economic point of view: Wasser und Abfall 16 3 , 3 Gawel, E. Begriff der Wasserdienstleistungen in Art. CO 2 -basierte Kfz-Steuer - eine Klimaschutzsteuer?

Kalkulation nachfragenschwacher Friedhofsleistungen Friedhofskultur 1 , 21 - 24 Gawel, E. Der Kalkulationszeitraum Friedhofskultur 4 , 24 - 26 Gawel, E. Kalkulation neuer Bestattungsformen Friedhofskultur 99 10 , 15 - 16 Gawel, E. Begriff und Stellung im Rahmen von Art.

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E10 — Ist die Klimapolitik mit Agrarkraftstoffen auf dem richtigen Kurs? Die Allmendeklemme und die Rolle der Institutionen. Wassernutzungsabgaben als Instrument einer effizienten Wasserpreispolitik nach Art. Wo bleibt die Reform des Kommunalabgabenrechts? Kommunale Steuer-Zeitschrift 61 1 , 1 - 9 full text url Gawel, E. Juli full text url Gawel, E. Ist Wassersparen wirklich Unsinn? Kalkulatorische Wagnisse Friedhofskultur 5 , 26 - 28 Gawel, E. Taking into account environmental and resource costs for waste water discharge: Finanzierung der vierten Reinigungsstufe durch die Abwasserabgabe.

Besoldung nach W2 und A Effizienz und Wettbewerb in der deutschen Wasserwirtschaft - Ordnungskonzepte zwischen "Modernisierung " und "Regulierung" InfrastrukturRecht 10 11 , - Gawel, E. Das Recht auf Wasser in der Umsetzung: Sustainable access to water for all: Zur Umsetzung des Rechts auf Wasser: Zur Lenkungswirkung der Abwasserabgabe. Zur Lenkungswirkung von Wasserentnahmeentgelten. On the steering effect of wastewater levies. Wasserentnahmeentgelte zwischen Wassersparen und Wasserdargebot.

Binnenschifffahrt 66 11 , 67 - 73 Gawel, E. Energiewirtschaftliche Tagesfragen 63 10 , 29 - 34 Gawel, E. Wird die Energiewende ungerecht organisiert? Energiewirtschaftliche Tagesfragen 61 3 , 24 - 28 Gawel, E. Der Markt kann's nicht richten. Oktober , 24 - 24 Gawel, E. The future of the energy transition in Germany Energy, Sustainability and Society 4 , art. Erfassungsmethoden und ihre Bewertung Natursch. Recht 33 5 , - full text url Gawel, E. Zur regionalen Differenzierung von Wassernutzungsabgaben Raumforschung und Raumordnung 69 5 , - full text url Gawel, E.

Markt- und Systemintegration erneuerbarer Energien: EEG — towards more market orientation of German renewable energy support policy? Akteursvielfalt bei der Stromversorgung: Dimensionen, Zielkonflikte und staatlicher Handlungsbedarf Energiewirtschaftliche Tagesfragen 66 7 , 22 - 28 Gawel, E. Mikroverunreinigungen und vierte Reinigungsstufe: Is the commission on the right course?

Ein richtiger Schritt zur Erreichung des Klimaziels? Wie viel Europa braucht die Energiewende? Ist der Kostendeckungsgrundsatz in Art. Deutsches Verwaltungsblatt 15 , - Gawel, E. Kosten der Klimaanpassung im Wasserbereich. Nachhaltige Regenwasserbewirtschaftung im Siedlungsbestand. Ziele, Optionen und Herausforderungen. Sustainable rainwater management in existing settlements.

Kommunale Strategien und aktuelle Steuerungstendenzen. Nachhaltige Niederschlagswasserbewirtschaftung im Siedlungsbestand - Herausforderungen der institutionellen Steuerung InfrastrukturRecht 9 11 , - Glachant, M. Companies' participation in EMAS: The influence of the public regulator Business Strategy and the Environment 11 4 , - full text url Glante, F. Internationale Klimapolitik nach Kyoto: Ecosystem services and their economic valuation in the focus of politics and resarch in Germany Nat.

Instrumentenmix der Klima- und Energiepolitik: Weil sie es uns wert ist! The new economics of nature: Das Vorsorgeprinzip - Refine it or replace it? Der Wert der Natur in Euro. Ein Interview von Andreas Weber P. Voluntary international climate finance under the post-Kyoto framework: Playing fair within climate protection policy?

The new MoorFutures - carbon credits including additional ecosystem services Nat. Landschaft 90 4 , - full text url Karthe, D. Binnenschifffahrt — Ist die Erhebung von Wassernutzungsabgaben angezeigt? Praktische Ausgestaltung einer fortzuentwickelnden Abwasserabgabe. Conceptualising imperfect knowledge in public decision making: Transformationen zu einem nachhaltigen Wasserressourcenmanagement. Anreizregulierung und Energiewende - eine Mesalliance? InfrastrukturRecht 10 11 , - Korte, K. Regional differenzierte Stromnetzentgelte als Auslaufmodell? Spatial coordination of generation and network in a liberalised power market: Power grid investments and incentive regulation: Spanischsprachige Besprechung der von H.

Sichere Stromversorgung bei hohen Anteilen volatiler Erneuerbarer: Was kann ein Strommarkt 2. Security of power supply with high shares of volatile renewables: Does the power market reform deliver? Energiewirtschaftliche Tagesfragen 67 5 , 19 - 24 Lehmann, P. Valuing wilderness in Iceland- new approaches in contingent valuation Icelandic Journal of Geography 1 , 29 - 40 Lienhoop, N. Wie viel Artenschutz ist gesellschaftlich optimal?

Ende der Abfalleigenschaft — am Beispiel von Brennstoffen aus der hydrothermalen Karbonisierung. Kreislaufwirtschaft im Bereich Holz. The application of the Contingent Valuation method in estimating the climate change mitigation and adaptation policies in Greece. An expert-based approach Environment, Development and Sustainability 12 5 , - full text url Messner, F. Zwei Sichtweisen auf das Umweltproblem: Die neue Wasserrahmenrichtlinie der EU: Wasserranhmenrichtlinie und Naturschutz - Kontrahenten oder Partner?

Recht 37 10 , - full text url Monsees, J. The role of public participation in managing uncertainty in the implementation of the Water Framework Directive European Environment 15 6 , - full text url Oelmann, M. Models of sustainable user fees in the wastewater sector Part 1: Conceptual framework for basic fees for wastewater disposal KA - Korrespondenz Abwasser, Abfall 64 4 , - full text url Oelmann, M.

Sustainable models for wastewater management fees Part 2: The suitability of alternative basic fee models for wastewater KA - Korrespondenz Abwasser, Abfall 65 9 , - full text url Ohl, C. Linking perceptions and water management: Mit einer Mangelware umgehen? Nachhaltige innovative Wasserwirtschaft - deutsche Governance-Struktur im internationalen Vergleich ifo Schnelldienst 60 18 , 16 - 26 Petry, D. Auswirkungen unterschiedlicher Datengrundlagen auf mesoskalige Wasserhaushaltsmodellierungen: Philosophical aspects of incommensurability and incomparability Informatica 12 1 , - Rauschmayer, F.

Reflections on ethics and MCA in environmental decisions J. Linking emotions to needs: Ethics of multicriteria analysis International Journal of Sustainable Development 3 1 , 16 - 25 full text url Rauschmayer, F. Studierende stellen sich ihre Klausur selbst. Evaluation concepts in European governance of natural resources Environ.

European governance of natural resources and participation in a multi-level context: Landschaft 79 11 , - Ring, I. Supporting nature conservation in urban landscapes: What to do when nature conservation is successful and humans face competition again Journal of International Wildlife Law and Policy 11 , - full text url Ring, I.

Das Unsichtbare sichtbar machen: Comparison of empirical methods for building agent-based models in land use science Journal of Land Use Science 2 1 , 31 - 55 full text url Rode, M. Integrated river basin management: La reserva de biosfera Cabo de Hornos: Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve: How to promote urban nature: Financial risks of natural hazards: Economies of integrated risk management?

An empirical analysis of the Swiss public insurance approach to natural hazard prevention Economics of Disasters and Climate Change 1 2 , - full text url Schwarze, R. The political economy of natural disaster insurance: Protected species in conflict with fisheries: Speeding up the energy transition Nature Sustainability 1 , - full text url Strunz, S. On the alleged need to strictly Europeanise the German Energiewende Intereconomics 49 5 , - full text url Sushchenko, O.

Carbon taxation and market financial instruments for mobilizing climate finance. Artenschutz durch handelbare Zertifikate? Recht 29 5 , - full text url Tonner, K. Efficient approximation of the spatial covariance function for large datasets — analysis of atmospheric CO 2 concentrations Journal of Environmental Statistics 6 3 , 1 - 36 full text url Viering, K. A systemic approach for modeling soil functions Soil 4 1 , 83 - 92 full text url Volk, M.

Can transaction cost economics explain the different contractual arrangements for the provision of agricultural machinery services? EMAS and regulatory relief in Europe: A model-based procedure to determine economically efficient compensation payments, for measures to protect endangered species Nat. Landschaft 82 4 , - Wittmer, H. The transition of energy systems towards sustainability: Ecological-economic modelling for designing and evaluating biodiversity conservation policies - EE Modelling Special Section Ecol.

Valuing climate change mitigation. Applying stated preferences in the presence of uncertainty Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, pp. Cost-benefit assessment within the context of the EC water framework directive: Economic valuation of biodiversity: Joint production and responsibility in ecological economics: Effects of climate change on the profitability of carbon credit sales: Das Menschenrecht auf Wasser als Allokationsproblem: The human right to water as an allocation problem: Conflict, cooperation and institutions in international water management.

An economic analysis Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, pp.

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Environmental and resource costs under article 9 Water Framework Directive: Content and implementation of a right to water: Was uns die Natur wert ist: Sustainability and the art of long-term thinking Routledge Studies in Sustainability Routledge, Abingdon, pp. Entropy, water and resources. An essay in natural sciences-consistent economics Springer, Berlin, pp. Umweltbewertung und politische Praxis in der Bundesverkehrswegeplanung: Concepts and instruments for a rational bioenergy policy: Wasserrahmenrichtlinie - Wege aus der Umsetzungskrise: Behandlung von Stromspeichern im Stromsteuer- und Energiewirtschaftsrecht: Ecosystem services in rural areas: Leibniz University Hanover ; Leipzig: Mainstreaming the economics of nature: TEEB - The economics of ecosystems and biodiversity for national and international policy makers.

The photovoltaic support scheme in Germany: Klimaschutzpolitik im Bereich des motorisierten Individualverkehrs in Deutschland. Emissions trading and business Physica, Heidelberg, pp. Ecological economics of sustainable watershed management Adv. Die Governance der Wasserinfrastruktur. Emissions trading for climate policy: US and European perspectives.

Economics and management of climate change: Permit trading in different applications Routledge Explorations in Environmental Economics 33 Routledge, London, pp.

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Risk habitat megacity Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, pp. Nachhaltige Wasserbewirtschaftung und Landnutzung. Urban transformations - Sustainable urban development through resource efficiency, quality of life and resilience Future City 10 Springer International Publishing, Cham, pp. Die Kunst langfristig zu denken: Human - wildlife conflicts in Europe: Climate adaptation Santiago Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, pp. Nachhaltige Wassernutzung in der Schweiz: Stated preference methods for environmental valuation: Nachhaltige Entwicklung in Industrie- und Bergbauregionen: Teubner, Stuttgart, Leipzig, S.

Towards successful participation in European biodiversity and water governance. Die Elbe im globalen Wandel: Water, war and reconstruction irrigation management in the Kunduz region, Afghanistan In: Water, environmental security and sustainable rural development: The multifaceted contribution of biodiversity to human well-being: Patrimonio cultural de la Reserva de Biosfera Cabo de Hornos propuesta.

Reserva de Biosfera Cabo de Hornos. The Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve. A proposal of conservation and tourism to achieve sustainable development at the Southern end of the Americas Ediciones Universidad de Magallanes, Punta Arenas, p. Emissions trading and business Physica, Heidelberg, p. Land-use change, risk and land-use management In: Risk habitat megacity Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, p. Urban regeneration and brownfield remediation: Sustainability assessment for brownfield regeneration. Vom Wert der Vielfalt: Localizing global change in Germany In: Netzgebundene Wasserinfrastruktursysteme unter dem Einfluss globaler und regionaler Wandlungsprozesse In: Konzepte und institutionelle Ansatzpunkte In: Linking transition theories with theories of institutions - Implications for sustainable urban infrastructures between flexibility and stability In: Urban transformations - Sustainable urban development through resource efficiency, quality of life and resilience Future City 10 Springer International Publishing, Cham, p.

Ecosystem services and protected areas In: The economics of ecosystems and biodiversity in local and regional policy and management Earthscan, London, p. Making your natural capital work for local development In: Stakeholder dialogues in natural resources management. Protection of low yielding Sanguisorba officinalis grasslands as habitat of the Large Blue butterflies Maculinea nausithous and Maculinea teleius - model calculations on the efficiency of agri-environmental schemes In: Studies on the ecology and conservation of butterflies in Europe.

Species ecology along a European gradient: Maculinea butterflies as a model. Environmental co-operation and institutional change. Prospects and challenges for biodiversity conservation in Guatemala In: Valuation and conservation of biodiversity. Using social capital to create political capital: A theoretical approach and empirical evidence from Thailand In: The commons in the new millennium.

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Institutional settings in transboundary water management: Management of transboundary water resources under scarcity. A multidisciplinary approach World Scientific Publishing, Singapur, p. Lessons learnt, open research questions and recommendations In: Society - Water - Technology: Technologies, incentives and cost recovery: Integrated water resources management in a changing world: Die Energiewende verstehen - orientieren - gestalten: Valuation of ecosystem services provided by biodiversity conservation: Ergebnisse von Zahlungsbereitschaftsanalysen - Interpretation und Verwendung In: Naturschutzrelevante Effekte des Kiesabbaus und ihre naturschutzfachliche Bewertung In: Umweltpolitik und Umweltmanagementsysteme In: Integrating the ecological and economic dimensions in biodiversity and ecosystem service valuation In: The economics of ecosystems and biodiversity: Water accords in the Middle East peace process: The status of international river management in Africa In: Co-operation on transboundary rivers Nomos, Baden-Baden, p.

Benefit-sharing in transboundary water management through intra-water sector issue linkage? On the water front: Integriertes Wasserressourcen-Management als Koordinationsproblem In: Institutions for international river management - is integrated water resources management a viable concept? A software tool for designing cost-effective compensation payments for species conservation In: A model-based approach for designing cost-effective compensation payments for the conservation of endangered species in real landscapes In: Biodiversity, ecosystems and ecosystem services In: Der Handel mit Emissionsrechten aus wirtschaftswissenschaftlicher Sicht In: Emissionszertifikate und Umweltrecht ; Trier-Kolloqium zum Umwelt- und Technikrecht vom Ecological economics at the watershed scale: Model-based criteria for the effectiveness of conservation strategies - an evaluation of incentive programmes in Saxony, Germany In: Zahlungsbereitschaftsanalysen in umweltrelevanten Bewertungsverfahren - die Eingriffsregelung als Beispiel In: Schriftenreihe Ingenieurwissenschaften 2 Starke, Sondershausen, S.

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Umweltschutz als Abgabenprivileg In: Regionale Verteilungswirkungen und Finanzierungsverantwortung: Efficiency-equity-trade-off as a challenge for shaping urban transformations In: Die Zukunft der Energiewende in Deutschland In: Environmental policies through climate engineering In: Die Zukunft von Abwasserabgabe und Wasserentnahmeentgelten In: A governance framework for a sustainable bioeconomy: Insights from the case of the German wood-based bioeconomy In: Towards a sustainable bioeconomy: Reform der Abwasserabgabe In: Support policies for renewables: The political economy of clean energy transitions Oxford University Press, Oxford, p.

Urban resources and governance: Mainstreaming climat e change adaptation into urban planning: BASE Adaptation inspiration book: Jena, Germany adaptation strategy as an essential supplement to climate change mitigation efforts. Climate change and cities: Technologische und institutionelle Anpassungsoptionen im Wechselspiel: Herausforderungen einer nachhaltigen Regenwasserbewirtschaftung In: Payments for ecosystem services In: On the connection between urban sustainability transformations and multiple societal crises In: Tisza river basin In: The adaptive water resource management handbook Earthscan, London, p.

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