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Jan 09, Kamaliah rated it liked it. Honestly I am a tiny bit disappointed with this story. I like Travis but I love Tristan. The prologue was nice. The beginning gets better. After few chapters, the reading graph stays still.

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  • Night Stalks the Mansion: A True Story of One Familys Ghostly Adventure.

I like all the characters but not enough to captivate me. I was never confused with the characters. Reading her books m Honestly I am a tiny bit disappointed with this story. Reading her books made me feel like I know the whole family tree. That is why her books always have a special place in my heart. No matter how long I stop reading, I will always come back to them.

However, to me, how Russell and Clarissa get together might need further elaboration because to me it is so unreal. But what I really love is that Travis never forgets his first love even though they were separated. View all 29 comments. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Sigue teniendo unos personajes con una personalidad muy marcada, nada planos. Con secundarios con mucho peso en la historia. A cidadezinha, o cuidado nos seus trabalhos, a felicidade de viver num local calmo e as viragens na vida fizeram-me lembrar "A Estalagem de Rose Harbor" de Debbie Macomber.

Uma autora a descobrir. Jun 25, Toni rated it really liked it. I was so excited to receive the "Uncorrected proofs-special advance reader's edition" of this book. This is, indeed, a good read. I'm a romantic at heart and I loved this book. One quote that spoke to me: Feb 05, Anna rated it really liked it.

I don't know why I find myself skimming pages to move on, but lately more and more I do this in books. I don't know, too much focus on a particular story line, lose interest? Anyway, All in all I enjoyed it and it was a fast read.

Aug 10, Joana V. Gostei, mas acho que a autora consegue fazer bem melhor. Jul 15, Ana Costa rated it it was ok. Quase 20 anos depois, Travis regressa, tal como tinha prometido, a Edilean e reencontra Kim. Gostei bastante e fiquei com muita vontade de ler os restantes livros da autora.

Mar 18, Shell rated it really liked it Shelves: Another cute one in the Edilean series. Didn't LOVE it like some of the others, but still a fun story. Aug 18, Danita Minnis rated it it was amazing. Book 7 of the Edilean series reminds me of the 'old' Jude books - the magic is back in this one. Aug 07, Anne Marie rated it really liked it. This book picked up right after the previous in the series with Jecca and Travis' wedding. We also find out a lot of unanswered questions.

This book focuses on Kim Aldredge. Back when she was eight, her and her mom spent a summer at Edilean manor. Kim was very bored, until a twelve-year-old boy, Travis, and his mom came to live in the other apartment of the manor. Travis and Kim become best of friends. Kim teaches the sheltered boy how to play and most of all, have fun. After two weeks, though, This book picked up right after the previous in the series with Jecca and Travis' wedding.

After two weeks, though, Travis and his mom leave, no one knowing where they went. Back to the present, successful Travis receives word from his secretary, Penny, that his mom, Lucy wants a divorce from his dad because she wants to marry. The pieces fall together Lucy is living in Edilean with Mrs. Windgate and does sewing for her. She wants to marry Jecca's dad Joe Layton. Lucy's been secretive, especially to Kim, because she doesn't want to be recognized. Travis knows the divorce is going to be a problem because the only reason he's working for his dad is so his father won't give his mother a hard time.

His father is one of the richest people in the world, buying struggling companies and firing employees. Travis decides to go to Edilean to see his mother, who will need his help being a lawyer, and also to see Kim. He meets Kim when he happens to arrive during Jecca and Tristan's wedding.

After they reacquaint themselves, Kim has him stay in a guest house in her yard. The next few days Kim and Travis get to know each other, but many important items are left out Joe Layton straightens Travis out by putting him to work setting up his new hardware store. At least Travis is reassured that Joe and his mom make a good couple. Things start to look troubling when Travis finds out Kim's current boyfriend is trying to get her to marry him to help his money issues due to a failing catering business.

Travis comes to the rescue by buying the catering business with the help of Peggy's son, Russell.

See a Problem?

But when Kim finds out what's going on, she has an argument with Travis sending him away. The minute Kim sees Travis all is forgiven and they officially become a couple. All secrets between them are revealed soon after. Travis and Russell are half brothers with the same father. Lucy has no problems getting the divorce she wanted, and Peggy and Travis' dad are free to get together. Through helping Kim with her research to find her relatives, Russell saves Clarissa Aldredge, a widow, from falling in an old mill building.

They instantly fall in love and why not I know these books are fiction and meant to be love stories, but all these couples sure do meet and fall in love very quickly! Sparks are flying between Jecca Layton and Dr. At the urging of her dear friend Kim, Jecca put the ruthless New York City art world on hold to spend the summer pursuing her passion for painting while enjoying Edilean's tightly knit artistic community.

For years, Kim's cousin Tris -- the town's handsome and dedicated doctor -- felt a deep connection to Kim Sparks are flying between Jecca Layton and Dr. For years, Kim's cousin Tris -- the town's handsome and dedicated doctor -- felt a deep connection to Kim's college "sister" Jecca, though they had met only once before. Now, Jecca is swept off her feet by this strong, sensitive man in a summer of sensual delights.

But when long shadows announce Jecca's return to "real life" and the big city, the lovers must decide: Can they survive the distance? And who will sacrifice the life they've created for themselves to be together? Paperback , pages. Published December 27th by Pocket Star first published December Jecca Layton , Dr. Edilean, Virginia , United States. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Moonlight in the Morning , please sign up.

Be the first to ask a question about Moonlight in the Morning. Lists with This Book. Jan 17, Sia rated it it was ok. There were several things that I couldn't get over - 1 Tris having the hots for Jecca when he was 27 and she was 19; 2 Jecca sounded a lot more mature than 26 years old - it would have been better if she was 30; 3 how quickly Tris "fell in love" with Jecca I'm all about love at first sight, but this wasn't it. Anyways, Jecca was too multi-talented for anyone to identify with. She was good at everything.

I groaned each time where I read that she was able to solve issues, such as the fashi There were several things that I couldn't get over - 1 Tris having the hots for Jecca when he was 27 and she was 19; 2 Jecca sounded a lot more mature than 26 years old - it would have been better if she was 30; 3 how quickly Tris "fell in love" with Jecca I'm all about love at first sight, but this wasn't it. I groaned each time where I read that she was able to solve issues, such as the fashion show.

She mentions it later on, but by that time it was pointless. Maybe I missed it, but I didn't even know he was in love with her. She also focused quite a bit on Reede's break-up with Laura C. To help Reede get over Laura it has been like 8 years and he has yet to get over it , Jecca and Kim, created a situation for Reede to see her. When he saw her, he automatically got over it. Last but not least, we never learned about Lucy's background! View all 5 comments. Feb 16, Nan rated it really liked it Shelves: Forgive the execrable title.

If you're a full member of the Cult of Deveraux, you'll love this book, as I did. If you're a part-time, non-dues paying member, it might not do much for you. If you're completely unfamiliar with Deveraux, I'd recommend going back to Lavender Morning the start of her Edilean series and catching up a bit before you hit this one. But that's not too much t Forgive the execrable title. But that's not too much to ask, is it?

Read three books in preparation for this one? Ah, who am I kidding?

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  5. Toccata in C Major, Op. 7.
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  7. Shorebird Ecology, Conservation, and Management.
  8. If you're drawn to Deveraux, odds are that you've picked up her books a few times over the years. This book is much like her others--a career woman meets a wonderful, dreamy man who is also a professional and they must figure out if their desire for each other is enough to support them if it means abandoning their work. If you've read Deveraux, or if you have any common sense, you'll be able to see the answer long before her characters.

    However, I enjoy the ride enough that I don't mind knowing in advance all the curves in the road. As predictable as she is, there is something sweet and satisfying for me in a Deveraux novel. And that's about all I can say. Jan 08, Laurie rated it liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. IMO, this was definitely not one of Deveraux's better efforts. I really struggled to make it through the first half of the book. Jecca's thoughts and behavior were problematic for me as well.

    • Stranger in the Moonlight (Edilean, #7) by Jude Deveraux?
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    She first meets Tristan when he literally falls on top of her while she's sleeping in a lounge chair outside, and instead of thinking "Rapist! That reaction just does not ring true to me - every woman I know would have been screaming at the top of her lungs and trying to push the strange man away from her, no matter how nice his breath was! Later on, after Jecca figures out who Tristan is, he tells her that Kim gave him a picture of Jecca and Sophie in bikinis, which he keeps in his mirror. The picture is folded back so that Sophie is hidden and only Jecca is visible.

    Jecca tells him how flattered she is because she has never been anyone's pinup before. Again, this reaction seems very strange to me - if a guy that I had met once and didn't even remember! Why would Kim have given him that photo, anyway? In fact, by the end of the book I found myself resenting Jecca for forcing him to give up his life in Edilean to be with her in New York. Jecca admitted that she hated working in the gallery and wanted to be able to spend more time on her art, so her adamant refusal to stay in Edilean past the end of the summer didn't make sense to me at all.

    Marrying Tristan and staying in Edilean would have been perfect for her - Tristan could have supported her so that she didn't have to work and could devote all of her time to her art. Instead, she forced Tristan into deciding to give up his practice in Edilean so that they could be together in New York. After all her rambling about how unhappy she would be if Tristan made her choose between him and her life in New York, why couldn't she see that Tristan would be just as unhappy if he had to choose between Jecca and his life in Edilean?

    Moonlight in the Morning (Edilean, #6) by Jude Deveraux

    Yes, her new job as a fashion designer is what ultimately forced her to remain in New York, but that opportunity didn't present itself until after she had already walked away from Tristan and Edilean. Also, Jecca's reaction when she found out that her father and Tristan hadn't included her in their plans to open another Layton Hardware in Edilean seemed way out of proportion to me. I can see how it might have come across as somewhat manipulative, but why was she so convinced that it was a personal betrayal? What difference did it make to her whether her father lived in New Jersey or Virginia?

    She had already decided that she was going to return to New York. It's not like she lived with her father or saw him on a daily basis, and no matter how isolated Edilean may seem, they do have working telephones and Internet access. She could have been in touch with him just as often as if he still lived in New Jersey. Besides that, Jecca knew how unhappy her father was with the situation with Joey and Sheila in New Jersey, so it would have been nice if she could have recognized that his decision to move wasn't just about her, it was about making himself happy as well.

    Overall, this wasn't a terrible book, but I'm not sure that I would recommend it for people who haven't already been reading the Edilean series and want to see how characters from the previous books are doing. I was actually more interested in some of the secondary characters Reede, Kim, Lucy, and Sophie, for example than I was in Tristan and Jecca.

    Stranger in the Moonlight

    I look forward to learning more about them in future books. Jan 09, Kamaliah rated it really liked it Shelves: Reading her book again triggers all the beautiful memories from her other books. I have always enjoyed her writing. This book is the first of Edilean series that I read. Much different from her other books. This is a story of a simple yet delightful sweet romance between Tristan and Jecca.

    Playing the roles of Cupid and Psyche. I think that it is sweet n romantic that their first few dates were carried out in the dark where they get to know each other without actually knowing each other. Kind of a mysterious illusion. Oh my… As Tristan cross the room towards Jecca, my heart was pumping like crazy… The proposal: He proposed to her in front of his patients with a three carat ring designed by her best friend. Such a romantic scene. And I applaud and understand what and why Tristan did what he did. He saw Jecca when she was a teenager and he has always kept her picture.

    And him having the courage to leave Edilean just to be with Jecca, I love him for that. View all 10 comments. Feb 11, Jill rated it liked it Shelves: I was disappointed in this one for about the first pages or so. I just felt bored and wanted some good action to happen. After I finished this book, I went online to refresh myself about the Edilean series, as I couldn't remember what all I'd read. In doing so, I went to JD's website and read in a blog something about her being bored sometimes by what she's writing, but she has to do it in order to tell the story.

    Well, I say Ms. Deveraux, if you're bored, so are we! Find another way to ge I was disappointed in this one for about the first pages or so. Find another way to get that important information to us. That being said, I did enjoy the rest of the book, I really liked the characters and I'm a sucker for when anyone does anything special and over the top for a kid.

    I did think that she was a bit overdramatic at the end when she ran away. Who does that when they really love someone?! I read the 1st chapter of the next book, "Stranger in the Moonlight," and I'm excited to read that one. I love the premise already and it will be fun to see what Lucy is hiding from her past.

    Of course by the time it comes out, I'll have forgotten all of that. Jan 15, Maria rated it liked it Shelves: Although I have read better books by Ms. Deveraux, I have also read worse. I didn't get really attached to the characters in the book until I was nearly halfway through it, but there did come a point the children's fashion show when I did.

    Although I found most of the book too light and fluffy for my taste and the end of the book confusing, I will pick up the next in this series to see what happens to Kim. Perhaps now that I know the characters a bit better, a second reading might prove useful Although I have read better books by Ms. Perhaps now that I know the characters a bit better, a second reading might prove useful. I did wish that there had been more on Andrea and her father and also on Jecca's life at the art gallery to flesh things out a bit more. Off the cuff references to these characters and a one time introduction to Andrea's father didn't quite cut it when they both had more than a passing influence on Jecca.

    Moonlight in the Morning

    Ha sido una lectura tranquila y que ha despertado varias sonrisas tontas en mi cara. Si te apetece amor, con un toque de buenas sensaciones, te recomiendo esta novela.

    Moon Over Carolina - Gary Taylor with Najee

    Depois de ler dois livros da saga "Edilean" que adorei tinha altas expectativas para este "Amanhecer ao Luar" mas, quando comecei a ler o livro, parecia que este tinha sido escrito por duas pessoas completamente diferentes. Mar 12, Joyce rated it did not like it. I feel like another reviewer that Ms.

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    I skimmed the book as I did the last one of the original Edilean series. This wasn't as good as the other books in the series though I did really like Jecca, Nell and Tristan. Sep 06, Tracy rated it liked it. So behind on my reviews so this will be especially quick. Started out ok, but much of it was too cheesy and improbable.

    Ele mostrou ser tudo aquilo que pensava dele e muito mais! Adoro o seu trabalho! Dec 13, Mel P rated it really liked it Shelves: I really enjoyed this book! This book was definitely different. I loved the Cupid and Psyche allusion. I thought it was very romantic that their first couple of "dates" were conducted in the dark. That they got to know each other first. I know some people would scoff at that but I thought it was romantic.

    Then we find out that Tris has had somewhat of crush on Jecca since she was 19 and he Now I know so I really enjoyed this book! Now I know some people were slightly disturbed but all he did was talk to her once when she was He never pursued her. But he remembered her, even after all these years he remembered her. He had tried to meet her again over the years but for some reason or another they would miss each other by days and even hours.