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I've climbed these unique mountains, but always with a group of hikers or a trusted guide. If all of this climbing and hiking sounds like too much work then rather spoil yourself to deep reflexology treatments or rejuvenating massages. Snowy Hogsback - Landia Davies Christmas in July is a jovial event, celebrating a northern hemisphere style White Christmas in the middle of the year.

The biggest annual event often coincides with the winter snows that frequently occur here and attracts families and young folk alike. Snowman - Landia Davies Very few places in South Africa receive any snowfall and it is uncommon in the Eastern Cape, except for up in some of its mountains, like Hogsback Mountain.

When the snow falls, visitors especially locals from cities in the region flock to the village to play in the snow - build snowmen, throw snowballs, make snow angels, get stuck in the snowy roads etc. Kings Lodge - Sleeping Out The town is bursting with activity during Christmas in July, hosting musical performances and a bustling arts and crafts market. The 'thing to do' is wonder around with a christmas hat on, sampling the warming gluvine. Accommodation is often filled to the max, so book in advance if you want to join the fun of celebrating a white Christmas in Africa.

A small fee is charged for access to a dozen or so well-established private gardens in Hogsback. The Hogsback Garden Club even has its own website, resplendent with colourful blossoms, blooms, bushes and more flora. This creatively decorated and friendly eatery offers vegetarian specials, has a laid-back vibe and is a lovely place to listen to the endangered Cape parrots and spot Samango monkeys in the surrounding trees.

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They also make excellent burgers and wood-fired pizzas, along with catering for the vegetarians. Nutwoods Restaurant , my favourite dining establishment in town!

The menu is creative, the service superb and each course a delightful culinary experience. Happy Hogs is the best place to immerse yourself in the local culture of Hogsback village, getting a feel for the social scene up on the mountain. Terra-Khaya offers something different and special - an experience of environmental sustainability in practice. Daneswold is a refurbished historical cottage offering panoramic views over the village, mountains and valleys below.

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For an upmarket English country stay in thatched chalets or well-euipped en suite rooms, the Arminel Hotel is my top recommendation. Some longer tours from Cape Town to Kruger via Lesotho, or similar itineraries, also stop in Hogsback en route. Village scene - Diane Holmes.

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An adventure-loving native South African, Landia likes to step off the beaten track and escape the crowds in nature. She loves living in the Overberg countryside with her animals and family, but she also loves exploring new places and cultures. Landia looks forward to travelling a lot more and helping to protect wild ecosystems.

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Landia Davies April 15 Article Quick Links The Tolkien connection - fact or fiction? About the Village of Hogsback Garden - Landia Davies The quaint town dates back to the late 19th century when British troops established a station up here. Horses at Lowestoffe - Landia Davies There are plenty of mountain biking trails in this neck of the woods, suitable for all levels of fitness - Hogsback is a mountain biking Mecca see Getaway.


Places Mentioned in this Post. View the map full screen. Maiar, like Valar, do not array themselves in a fixed form, but can freely change their form. Like Valar , however, this power can be lost when that power is spent in hate and mockery. Sauron , following the dark trails blazed by Melkor, took upon the form of - and remained - the Dark Lord in the Second Age. And yet, Maiar retain their immortality. From all indications, when the physical body of a Maia is destroyed, their spirit wanders houseless and their power diminished, until they are either able to take a physical form once more, or are restored by their corresponding Valar.

Examples of this can be seen in the threat of Luthien to Sauron upon his defeat at the Tower of Werewolves, whereby it is said:. Further example includes the resurrection of Gandalf after he and the Balrog of Moria were both slain, one by the other, on the mountain peak of Zirakzigil:. And naked I lay upon the mountain-top. There I lay staring upward, while the stars wheeled over, and each day was as long as a life-age of the earth.

Like most of the Ainur, the abilities and powers of the Maiar remain unknown and presumably diverse. Given the nature the Maiar were to aid the Valar in the shaping of the world ; they presumably have considerable power to augment the world around them.

Maiar, as primordial spirit beings, are functionally immortal and essentially immune to the ravages of time, even from physical destruction they remain in spirit form. Being of divine origin, they can shapeshift if they so choose. They wander the world unseen or shape themselves in any fashion, be they Elves or other creatures; called "Fanar" in Quenya could be destroyed but their being not extinguished.

It is suggested that the Maiar, in their service to the Valar in shaping the world, presumably had the ability to manipulate the elements and energies like their Valar counterparts.