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Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Learn more about Amazon Prime. His responsibilities included the analysis of reconnaissance photography taken by U-2 spy planes overflying Cuba 90 miles off the Florida coast. His responsibility was to turn the ideologically threatening language from the Kremlin into politically neutral language for consumption by the American diplomatic establishment. Between the two of them they had a complete picture of developments at home and abroad. But their shared knowledge, which could have taken the two superpowers back from the brink of Armageddon, proved to be a lethal mix of deceit and murder.

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In the spectrogram, you can see radiation at a constant frequency of 2. The signal at 2. In the diagram, this signal is recorded before, during and after an earthquake.

During March 11, the signal with frequency of 2. HAARP was broadcasting the 2. As seen on these spectrograms, the emission on frequency 2. Then it restarted in the next 3 days for shorter periods of transmission sessions. Naftali Berg, who was a prominent award-winning researcher on the board of fame of the Army Research Laboratory of the Pentagon.

Berg" could get the generals to take his calls without an appointment, to approve funding for their projects, could organize and direct certain high-level, high-knowledge projects. Naftali's office in the Army Research Laboratory looked like a Chabad House rather than the office of one that held the second highest ranking position in the ARL.

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He had seforim everywhere, a daily minyan, a picture of the Rebbe [Menachem Mendel Schneerson, leader of Chabad Lubavitch sect, known and worshipped as Moshiach - Jewish "messiah"] prominently displayed and a sink with a qvart and towel. Torah in Memory of Rabbi Berg http: The same story is with major environmental disasters, floods, hurricanes, etc. It is nearly impossible to find a single major earthquake prior to which there were no HAARP broadcasts.

Moreover, these broadcasts go on and repeat on nearly weekly basis as you can verify from the Induction Magnetometer data yourself at the following link:. The chart will update automatically with the latest real time data. You can perform your own study and check the charts for any other date going back several years. You can also see a list of some of the major earthquakes and corresponding charts of magnetometer data.

Not even nuclear weapons represent such a danger. It is not like a rocket or an airplane that could be shut down. Furthermore, when such broadcasts are performed at full power, the environmental effects could lead to unpredictable and unimaginable damages to the environment including the plasma balls and fires destroying large areas and even cities. It also fits very well into the the "quantum transition" scheme, "the end times scenario" and appearance of the "messiah", known as the second coming of Christ.

These schemes are used to frighten people with such uncontrollable horrors that they simply give up the very idea of resisting this evil most profound. The same thing is true with creation the opposite of horror - the artificial state of bliss, "peace" and "love" for the same purpose - to make you passive and perceive the world events as either all pervading inevitable evil or "the transition of mankind and the planet to a higher state".

But remember one thing: If you yourself are not willing to put down the fire in your own house, who is going to do it for you if you do not even have an idea in your mind to resist the all-consuming and all-engulfing evil? If this were a movie treatment, it would be rejected as implausible. Our leaders are not chosen for their intelligence or achievement but rather because they are able to win the peoples' trust and willing to betray it. They are chosen by a small Satanic cult - Cabalistic bankers and Freemasons-that controls the world's finances and media.

Our "leaders" are junior members of this international cult, called the Order of the Illuminati. Many "leaders" are kept in line by having them indulge in horrifying occult rituals including human sacrifices, sexual orgies, pedophilia, rape, torture and murder. The Illuminati goal is to degrade and enslave humanity, mentally and spiritually, if not physically.

This group's influence is like a cancer that extends throughout society. It has subverted many seemingly benevolent organizations like charities and professional associations and most political movements, especially Zionism, Communism, Socialism, Liberalism, Neo-conservatism and Fascism. This is why society seems to be run by soulless men with pinched faces who spout platitudes and exude evil.

The Illuminati have subverted all religions and institutions including one group that fancies itself "chosen by God. But whenever critics suggest that the "Chosen" are being misled and betrayed, they are accused of "racism"-a clever way of quashing resistance. Thus, attention to the most pressing problem of all time is dismissed as "prejudice.

Like a security beam, Illuminati tyranny is invisible until you cross it. Then, doors silently close and positions of influence are denied. If you persist, you are slandered, bankrupted or even killed. In the future, truth tellers and dissenters will be denied access to credit and trade. It is amazing how easily we have succumbed to tyranny. Public success is determined by acquiescence-witting or unwitting-in this diabolical conspiracy.

The people of the West are blinkered, leaderless and feckless. Our material and technological achievement is great, but culturally and spiritually we are impoverished and enchained. Recently, on his internet radio show, Alan Stang asked me if there is such a thing as a Jewish conspiracy.

He gets e-mail from people blaming Jews, Jesuits, the Vatican, Freemasons etc. I replied that the central banking cartel is the only group with both the motive and the means to take over the world. Consisting mainly of Cabala-believing Jews and Freemasons, it is the head of the octopus. The "motive" is to protect its priceless but fraudulent private monopoly over public government credit money creation. They need a "world government" to ensure that no nation prints its own money or defaults on the "loans" the bankers spun out of nothing. The "means" of course is their unlimited wealth funneled through their network of cartels, which allows them to own the government, mass media, education, etc.

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Anyone who succeeds in public life is their puppet or unconsciously serves their agenda. The ideology of world tyranny, Illuminism, derives from the Jewish Cabala which preaches that man i. About , a syndicate of bankers led by Mayer Rothschild started the "illuminati," a Satanic cult designed to subvert society. According to Miller, the goals of the Illuminati Communism and the NWO were the destruction of Christianity, monarchies, nation-states in favor of their world government or "internationalism" , the abolition of family ties and marriage by means of promoting homosexuality and promiscuity; the end of inheritance and private property; and the suppression of any collective identity in the spurious name of "universal human brotherhood," i.

Naturally, they are trying to suppress this kind of information. The excuse that I promote "hatred" is the tired pretext. In my mind, this confirms everything I am saying. I am not a great prophet but Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah and Amos also criticized Jewish "leadership" and would have been treated the same way today. Jewish leadership has perverted the ideal of a holy people chosen to advocate for morality into an elite self-chosen to take God's place. The bankers use this Jewish Messianism as an instrument to consolidate their material, spiritual and cultural hegemony.

The world government tyranny is the only conquest to take place without the knowledge of the conquered. In the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion," the author repeats, our "countersign" is "Force and Make-believe. When alien bankers control the purse strings, inevitably the State becomes synonymous with these bankers. The State is a ruse used to manipulate the masses, "public" in name only. This is the truth behind the "make-believe" face of the Communist NWO. This tyranny is also the first in history which cannot be mentioned for fear of being branded "anti-Semitic" and a "hater.

This ruse is achieved by blaming all Jews for the machinations of a relative few. It's as though all Italians were blamed for the activities of the Mafia. Blaming all Jews naturally makes them run interference for the Rothschilds, thus confirming suspicions. Talk about walking into the line of fire! What would we think of Italians if they defended Al Capone and organized crime? Organized Jewry uses "anti-Semitism" and "hate" like a witch doctor's curse from which all shrink in horror.

To neutralize this voodoo, we should wear the badge of anti-Semite with pride, asserting that it stands for opposition to the disproportionate Jewish and crypto-Jewish role in advancing the New World Order. No one is advocating or condoning genocide. Thus, anti-Semitism will become a legitimate political not racial movement directed against specific Jewish and non-Jewish Illuminati pawns and policies. For me, being Jewish is a matter of spirit, mind, blood and culture. I have a strong sense of God as an immanent moral dimension. I believe man's purpose and duty is to manifest this dimension.

I won't ever impose my idea of good on you. But in a society that had its bearings, questions of what is true, just or beautiful would be a focus of constant debate. I am an assimilated Jew. I identify with the human race first, my countrymen second, and Jews third. I have had no Jewish education and don't regularly associate with Jews. So far, except for the Ten Commandments and a few parts of the Old Testament, the "religion" doesn't attract me. In contrast, I can see the civilizing effect Christ's Gospel of Love has had on society. The first baby steps in human spiritual evolution is considering others before oneself and recognizing that all men not just Jews are brothers.

What is of prime importance is the ritual act, rather than the significance which that act is supposed to have or the belief attached to it. The next step for me was concluding that Judaism is a pagan racial creed at best, and a Satanic secret society at worst. The nature of a secret society is that the membership is fed idealistic platitudes and isn't told the real agenda.

Very few Jews read these books. If they did, they might realize that the Talmud is full of hate and contempt for non-Jews. They would discover that the Cabala is the basis of modern witchcraft, astrology, numerology, tarot cards, black magic, androgyny, sex worship and much of the New Age movement. It teaches that good and evil are one and that black is white and vice-versa.

Cabalist Jews tell this joke privately: He asks them, 'What is 2 plus 2? He kicks them out. The third answers, "'Whatever you want it to be. The Cabala is the basis of the cult of sex worship that has engulfed the world. Conjugal sex is a required ritual for Cabalist Jews on the Sabbath. Physical desire supposedly "increases a man's love for God," and intercourse is "an instrument for uniting with God. You unite with God by serving Him seven days a week. Sex is a natural instinct like eating, not a sacred act.

The arc of Western Civilization has gone from ascent belief-in-God to descent belief-in-Satan. The apex was the so-called "Enlightenment" when the money men decided they could take over from God. Typically, the decline into moral darkness is represented by Luciferians as light, sunrise eg. According to Texe Marrs, the Cabala teaches that the "holy serpent is the true God; that all the evil that a person does, through alchemy is magically transformed into righteousness; and that yes, Lucifer is Lord.

Satan is the true and only god. That is the essential doctrine of Cabalism. I suspect the Cabala is the blueprint of the post-Christian era, the reason we are drowning in media-generated occultism, pornography, violence and fear. As a youth, I was told that Jews always have been hated for no reason. This is how the leadership controls and manipulates Jews. My grandparents died in the holocaust and my parents bore the scars of passing as non-Jews in Nazi Europe. I was told Israel was the answer to centuries of persecution.

I saw my fellow Jews in America as a small and vulnerable community.

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I now realize anti-Semitism is caused by a complex variety of reasons. The main one is that, unknown to most Jews, Judaism contains an ideology of supremacy and domination. The Illuminati Jewish leadership regards itself as God. God was found guilty of various ignominious acts and convicted in absentia. Berliner Taegeblatt, May 1, This sentiment plays an important part in the New World Order.

It provides a support system for the central bankers and diverts blame away from them. If your ethnic or religious group is secretly being used for evil, you had better distance yourself or you will be left holding the bag. This applies to almost everyone, not just Jews.

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As an ethnic Jew, I ask, does the Jewish god represent a universal moral order or a primitive tribal egregore i. Is the Jewish egregore now Lucifer? We maybe approaching a crisis. Organized Jewry and their Masonic allies are following a script based on End Times Biblical prophesies which they may have written or modified. The New World Order is supposed to rise from the debris. The human race is entering a Dark Age. As the New World Order is enacted, anti-Semitism inevitably will grow. Now is the time for Jews to awaken and take a stand. Now, there is no reward for such a courageous act, only scorn.

Later if anti- Semitism becomes rampant, Jews will have to circle their wagons. It will be too late. Two final and unrelated comments: Many Jews are alienated from the concept of a loving God represented by Jesus' teaching. These Jews are metaphysical outcasts. They feel they have to "earn" love by overachieving.

Like a woman who overeats to compensate for lack of love, they seek money and power. In extreme cases like the Rothschilds, their quest for limitless wealth and power, their need to own and control everything, define Satan's dominion. I used to look askance at the ability of Christians to enjoy ordinary life. I had to justify my life, find life's meaning. I didn't realize that life has inherent meaning when it is led according to God's loving design. Finally, people can't discover the truth if they don't know what to look for. The truth-that mankind is controlled by Satanists-is hard to prove conclusively.

But in more than 60 articles, I show that this is the most convincing explanation for mankind's morass. The greatest danger to this country lies in their large ownership and influence in our motion pictures, our press, our radio and our government. Charles Lindbergh delivered these words in Des Moines, Sept. Exactly sixty years later, the Illuminati Zionist Mossad is a prime suspect in the "false flag" attack on the World Trade Centre designed to foster more war. Zionists were also behind America's entry into World War One. They made a trade-off. America will enter the war if Britain takes Palestine from Turkey.

See my website for "Americans are Rothschild Proxies in Iraq". History repeats itself because it follows a prepared script. The Rothschild banking syndicate did not announce its intention to overthrow Western civilization. It went ahead and did it. The Rothschilds claim to represent the Jewish people but there never has been a vote. For over years, they have used Jewish groups and Freemasons to foment war in order to advance their world government tyranny. Their Jewish agents admit it. For example, on May 4,, the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz stated:.

Freemasonry foretold "three world wars. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam the Moslem Arabic World and political Zionism the State of Israel mutually destroy each other. The Rothschilds control both sides. Jews - all of us - are pawns in a wider game of chess designed to finish Western civilization and build a New World Order on its ashes. On a cosmic level, the plot is to hijack mankind and divert it to the service of Satan and his disciples.

Today, even after the debacle in Iraq, Zionists lobby for an attack on Iran. Zionism is controlled by "the Order of the Illuminati" which represents a group of dynastic families, generational Satanists, associated with the Rothschilds and European aristocracy, united by money, marriage and Freemasonry i.

This cult stems from the Satanic Jewish Sabbatean-Frankist movement described later in this volume.

While it often exhibits disdain for non-Jews, this cult intermarries strategically with other generational Satanists. It monopolizes power, wealth and culture and works to stymie moral and scientific development. It is re-engineering humanity to be serfs in a Neo-Feudal World Order. What we call "history" is theatre. Our human experience is largely the product of a spell they cast by "education" and mass media.

Our political and social attitudes are given to us. For example, currently there is a full-court-press to undermine marriage and family and make us look to promiscuous sex for life's meaning. See my book, "Cruel Hoax: Feminism and the New World Order. When the Cabalists' plans for a tower reaching to heaven were foiled by God, they instigated their centuries-long vendetta against Him and vowed to hijack His Creation.

The Cabalists were relatively few in number so they decided to conquer using Gold, i. In Amschel Mayer Rothschild, an orthodox Jew who never changed his underwear and let his clothes fall apart, convened a meeting of 12 prominent Jewish bankers. They refined their programme by baiting the hook with the spurious promise of "liberty, fraternity and equality. In , they appointed Adam Weishaupt to reorganize the Illuminati which merged with Freemasonry in According to Andre Krylienko, Freemasonry was used "to enlist non-Jews consciously or unconsciously in the service of Jewry.

The Cabalistic bankers were behind the revolutionary movements of the 17thth Centuries as well as each respective reign of terror. Throughout history, they have pursued an evil vendetta against humanity. They finagled a monopoly on credit usurping the government's right to create money and have used it to conquer the world. Since they create money out of nothing, they think they are God. This meshes with Messianic Jewish and Cabalistic prophesies.

Essentially, for co- operation in their diabolical plan, they let fellow Jews and non-Jewish Freemasons in on their lucrative racket. In a famous statement, Georgetown University professor Carol Quigley, an insider who was Bill Clinton's mentor, said the central banker plan is "nothing less than to establish a world system The Illuminati control the Establishment in Europe, America and most of the world. Its secret war against humanity is designed to make us acquiesce in their tyranny i. They are responsible for revolutions, depressions, and more recently and the "war on terror" - pretexts for more war and a police state.

See the section on "Hidden History" within. Jewish elements provide the driving forces for both Communism and capitalism, for the material as well as the spiritual ruin of this world. They are more unconscious sinners than voluntary evil doers This book focuses on how Jews are used. Another volume could be written about how Freemasonry is used. In the meantime, I recommend "Unholy Alliances" by Dr. I expect that Jesuits have also played an important role but I have not had time to research it yet.

I emphasize that the Illuminati conspiracy is all-pervasive, has infiltrated every social institution of significance and includes millions of non-Jews. I believe all human beings have a direct relationship with the Creator regardless of their religion or lack thereof.

We all have a spark of the Divine within. I judge each person by his response to his Divine calling, not by his ethnicity, religion or race. Most Jews are unaware of the Illuminati agenda. They are manipulated and compromised like everyone else. For example, all Americans are implicated in war crimes in Iraq by their taxes.

But the average American had no say in the inception or execution of this war. Organized Jewry doesn't represent me any more than the U. Both have been hijacked by the Illuminati banksters. The Illuminati hides behind the skirts of ordinary Jews. The cult that hijacked the world is the tiny nucleus of Cabalistic bankers and Masons based in London and directed by the House of Rothschild.

They govern through their subtle control of large corporations cartels-especially finance, oil, defence, pharmaceuticals, media ; government, mass media, secret societies, intelligence agencies, the military, law, churches, foundations, think tanks, NGO' s and education. Illuminati power is omnipresent yet the masses don't even know it exists. Recently, Doreen Dotan, a Jewish woman from an Illuminati background, posted a talk on You Tube saying she is tired of taking the blame for the Rothschilds and Warburgs.

Unlike this courageous woman, ordinary Jews have been complacent. Professor Albert Lindemann wrote that Jews actually "do not want to understand their past, or at least those aspects of their past that have to do with the hatred directed at them Modern Anti-Semitism and the Rise of the Jews," , p. Generally, Jews act like people engaged in an enterprise that they don't really care to understand as long as it continues to work in their favor. I rarely hear from Jews one way or the other.

But your website has broken it down into more manageable parts, which I appreciate. I also appreciate the way you don't spread hatred, which is common among people promoting the validity of the Protocols. Nothing happens without the blessing of money. The Illuminati finance whom they like. Most people "go along to get along" unaware of the big picture. They instinctively embrace ideologies and groups that advance their material interests.

Hence the Communist term, "useful idiots. The masses are "accustomed to listen to us only who pay it for obedience and attention. In this way, we shall create a blind mighty force which will never be in a position to move in any direction without the guidance of our agents The people will submit to this regime because it will know that upon these leaders will depend its earnings, gratification and the receipt of all kinds of benefits.

Virtually every nation, group and religion has been co-opted and ordinary Jews are no exception. Read within, "The U. The knee jerk charge of "anti-Semitism" is basically a ruse to keep people ignorant of the Illuminati conspiracy. Nobody is condoning or advocating genocide. The charge is used to stifle opposition. The issue is really about a monopoly of credit, power, culture, and wealth. The bankers are concerned only with their own supremacy and that of their Sabbatean- Frankist-Illuminati cult.

This isn't about the ordinary Jew. Jewish leaders cannot concede any legitimacy to anti-Semitism because they have no intention of changing course. Thus they pretend it is motivated by "prejudice. It regards the death spasms of the mouse as "hatred. Judaism has been hijacked. Originally Judaism was based on Moses' vision of God as a universal moral force. This is the only Judaism I identify with. I have always intuited that life is neither random nor meaningless but governed by inherent moral and spiritual laws.

This led me to invent "Scruples", the game of everyday moral dilemmas, in Judaism today is based on the Talmud, which consists of the interpretations of "sages" Pharisees during the Babylonian exile BC to AD. Generally speaking, the Talmud contradicts the spirit of Moses and takes precedence over the Old Testament. Jesus reviled the Pharisees as hypocrites, liars and a "generation of vipers. Elizabeth Dilling, , a courageous Christian whose visit to Soviet Russia in inspired a year study, exposed Judaism's most closely guarded secret-its supremacism and hatred for non-Jews, especially Christians.

What follows is very distasteful and shocking. I take no pleasure in presenting Dilling's conclusions. However, I believe they are true and too important to ignore. The devil operates by deceiving and corrupting good people. According to Dilling, the Talmud is founded on the assumption of Jewish supremacy. Summarized, Talmudism is the quintessence of distilled hatred and discrimination, without cause, against non-Jews. It characterizes the Virgin Mary as a "harlot" and adulteress and Jesus as a "bastard" and sexual pervert who was crucified as a "blasphemer of Pharisee Judaism.

Christians in hell are punished by "hot boiling excrement. Judaism rejects Moses' vision of God as a moral force. Its basic doctrine is that "God is the "En Sof" a nature essence which has no attributes and can neither know nor be known. New descriptions concocted for this very old Satanism, such as Such resentment, however, is always portrayed by Jews as 'persecution of the Jews. Michael Wex, the Jewish author of a book on the Yiddish language confirmed Dilling's finding:.

I doubt if 10 per cent of Jews today are aware of the Talmud. However I do think the leadership is influenced by these attitudes. What fault could the Pharisees find with a gospel that preaches human brotherhood and putting others before yourself? It denies their special claim. They're competing with Christ to be God themselves.

Thus the Talmudic hatred of Christ. Another main book of Judaism and the central text of Freemasonry is the Cabala. The Cabala depicts the achievement of universal harmony in terms of facilitating sexual union of male and female deities. It preaches that "arousal below provokes arousal above. It is also seen in the propensity for homosexuality and pedophilia among initiates. The Cabala preaches that man influences God, and creation requires destruction.

Encyclopedia demons demonology by vinayak pandey - Issuu

It is not monotheistic; it even includes sacrifices for Satan the "God of the gentiles" so he won't sexually molest the "divine Daughter" the female principle. It is the cornerstone of belief for all Illumined Ones [Masters of the Illuminati] and is hostile to non-Cabalistic Jews. When Antichrist arises, he shall be basing his practice of the occult on the Jewish Cabala. Thus, the irony is that, when Antichrist strides out of the newly-built Jewish Temple after committing the "Abomination of Desolation" and begins his effort to slaughter every Jew on earth, the Jewish Cabala will have provided the major impetus for his efforts!

Indeed, the Cabala formed the cornerstone of Adolf Hitler's occult beliefs, so this terrible irony will strike the Jewish people twice in world history. Some writers have suggested that the Jewish religion is a ruse. Harold Rosenthal seems to confirm this:. What could be more effective, and at the same time more above suspicion, than to borrow and utilize the idea of a religious community?

In my view, Jews are an ethnic or racial group. Talmudic Judaism is not a religion but a racial credo. Jewish holidays celebrate historical events. Religion by definition means to know and obey God. God's nature is essentially Moral, i. Christ taught that God is Love. The Jewish God is really an alter ego for the ambitions of the Pharisaic Jewish leadership. The Jewish God does not represent a universal Moral Order. He serves Jewish leaders, and Jews to a lesser extent, but no one else. Talmudic Judaism does not renounce wealth, power or lust. It puts little emphasis on eternal life.

It is materialistic, naturalistic and regards non-Jews as sub-human. Talmudic Judaism is a model of totalitarianism. It isolates Jews from non-Jews by enforcing a complex system of laws governing every aspect of life. It was enforced by the rabbi often on pain of fine, beating, death or banishment. Adapted from Plato's political system, it was one of the original models for totalitarianism and kept most Jews in bondage until roughly This authoritarian Jewish tendency is evident in the attempt to suppress my writing. Goldwin Smith calls the Talmud a vast repertory of "legalism, formalism, ceremonialism, and casuistry.

Nothing can be more opposed to the spontaneity of conscience, trust in principle, and preference of the spirit to the letter characteristic of the Gospel I am not dismissing the whole Jewish spiritual tradition. I expect that there are many valuable veins of truth that can be tapped. Jews like everyone else have a direct relationship to God, by virtue of their soul.

I am saying that the good serves as camouflage for the Satanic, and we need to wake up to that. I am not saying Jews are Satanic. I am saying that organized Jewry is wittingly or unwittingly the tool of a long-term Satanic agenda. Their goal was to destroy Christian civilization and mankind.

Jews were identified with the use of medicines, drugs, poisons, cosmetics, aphrodisiacs, sorcery, alchemy and astrology. They were condemned as usurers, swindlers, desecrators, infidels and heretics. Jews were generally suspected of inspiring the schismatic sects, and the commonest charge against these heresies was "judaizing" Everywhere the Church and the people discerned the diabolical hand of the Jews turning simple Christians aside from the true faith Trachtenberg lays the blame for these attitudes on church teachings, but there is evidence they predate Christianity.

After narrating the massacres committed by the Jews on the gentiles in Africa and Cyprus, Edward Gibbon expressed in flamboyant terms the hatred of the Roman world for the Jews, whom he designates as the "implacable enemies, not only of the Roman government but of humankind.

Tacitus speaks of the Jews as enemies of all races but their own Histories, V, v , and Juvenal, in a well-known passage, speaks of them as people who would not show a wayfarer his road or guide the thirsty to a spring if he were not of their own faith. Before he worked for the Jewish bankers, Winston Churchill wrote, "It would almost seem as if the gospel of Christ and the gospel of Antichrist were destined to originate among the same people; and that this mystic and mysterious race had been chosen for the supreme manifestations, both of the divine and the diabolical.

There has been no progress, least of all moral progress And it is just our Morality, which has prohibited all real progress, and-what is worse-which even stands in the way of every future and natural reconstruction in this ruined world of ours I look at this world, and I shudder at its ghastliness; I shudder all the more as I know the spiritual authors of all this ghastliness It gives me no pleasure to repeat these things.

But until Jews scrutinize their affiliations, they will be compromised and blamed. While I believe many Jews as individuals have great warmth, genius and integrity, it has been liberating for me to scrutinize this complex heritage and distance myself. I am not alone. Many Jews sense something is wrong and are fleeing Jewish organizations in droves. One half of all U. Jews intermarry and three-quarters of these raise their children in another religion. The "secret society" appears to be the organizational model for Judaism as well as Freemasonry, Zionism and Communism which are Masonic orders.

Essentially, the leadership deceives and manipulates the membership with idealistic-sounding goals. Only those corruptible and blackmail-able are let in on the true agenda and allowed to rise. This model now applies to the whole world. The "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" is the blueprint of the New World Order and key to understanding history and current events. I examine it and the "forgery" claims later in this volume. Edith Starr Miller, an expert on religion and the occult, called Judaism "a secret society posing as a religion," and "a sect with Judaism as a rite.

The real purpose of Judaism and all secret societies, Miller says, is to con people into advancing the agenda of the super rich. Flavien Brenier compares the goals of Judaism with Freemasonry: This will mean that the foundation and the laws of the new structure of society will be drawn from pure naturalism. All those who are not suited to the work shall remain in the Masonic Lodge and advance in that without knowing anything of the further system. These dupes, "innocents" or "useful idiots" have the added advantage of attacking anyone who dares question their Cause.

Innocents cannot conceive they've been betrayed and cling to their precious identity. They prefer a comfortable lie to the bitter truth. Thus Satan fills his ranks. The holocaust duped Jews into taking Palestine to establish a "national homeland. But how many Jews would have sacrificed their money and lives for that? Deception is Satan's way. The Illuminati literally are his servants. The goal is to compromise people and then let them take the blame.

Would it make sense to tell average Jews or Masons the real agenda? They would not support it. By the time they find out, it is too late. Jews are kept in the dark about their history and religion. Between the first and the early 19th century, not a single Jewish history text was written. Afterward, Jewish apologists were the only ones allowed to publish and be heard.

Jewish dissidents like Norman Finkelstein are rooted out of positions of influence. At the same time, ordinary Jews are given a flattering self-image of a people disliked not for their leaders' attack on Christian institutions, or their part in the totalitarian New World Order, but for their superior intelligence, industry and devotion to social justice. Modern history recounts the overthrow of Christian civilization by Cabalist Jewish bankers and the people they co-opted using Freemasonry, Communism, Zionism, Liberalism, Feminism, Socialism, etc.

The Cabalist bankers want to be God, hence the rejection of God, the destruction of the Church, and the trend to "secular" society which is really only a transition stage to something much darker. Christianity never stood a chance. While Christianity taught people to seek spiritual perfection, Judaism regarded wealth as a sign of divine favour.

Like all true religions, Christianity is a spiritual discipline. It posits two orders,. The essence of all true religions is to raise mankind up by disciplining the lower carnal order greed, lust, power in favour of our spiritual aspirations truth, beauty, peace, harmony, justice. Just as it is unthinkable for an ascetic to run a brothel, a devout Christian cannot be a trader, i.

He wishes to serve God not Mammon. Jews happily filled this void and soon dominated many areas of commerce. Thus while Christianity and civilization and culture requires checking our bodily appetites, in many cases the Jewish preference is to regard self-restraint as repressive and unhealthy. Many Jews seem to favor Naturalism, i.

Conscience is not the voice of Nature but only the voice of prejudice",. I doubt if the Marquis de Sade was a Jew. Obviously, the conflict between the soul and body is universal. Organized Jewry doesn't have a monopoly on self indulgence. However, Illuminati controlled media and education legitimized De Sade just as the "Protocols of Zion" boasted of the "success we have arranged for Darwinism, Marxism and Nietzscheism. As Leon de Poncins wrote, the Jew always was the "doctor of unbelief," the enemy of faith and a bastion for those in revolt.

The only excuse for self indulgence is to learn that the objects we crave are overrated and don't satisfy our hunger, which is spiritual. Apparently, the Illuminati understands this. Insider Harold Rosenthal illustrates how they literally and consciously do the devil's work:. They procure one and consume it and are not filled. We have an infinite number of outward distractions, to the extent that life cannot again turn inward to find its definite fulfillment.

You have become addicted to our medicine through which we have become your absolute masters We have converted the people to our philosophy of getting and acquiring so that they will never be satisfied. A dissatisfied people are the pawns in our game of world conquest. Thus, they are always seeking and never able to find satisfaction. The very moment they seek happiness outside themselves, they become our willing servants.

The whole interview can be found online. Born in ,I have noticed that society has become increasingly money- minded. In my youth, stock market or real estate speculation was not widespread. Mutual funds were considered sophisticated. Today, average people are glued to the stock market, many day trading.

In real estate, "house flipping" enjoyed a vogue until the recent downturn. While Christians chose heaven and eternal life, Jews chose the earth and this life. The Jewish Pharisees would make this world a heaven-for them. They would be God. This denial and usurpation of the Divine is how I define the Satanic.

I also include the denial of what is natural and good, like love between man and woman, mother and child, i. When we seek limitless power, money and sex as a perverse substitute for infinite love, we express the Satanic instead of the Divine. The motivation behind the New World Order is Satanic. Strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darkness! Lucifer, the Son of the morning! It is he who bears the light Doubt it not! It also shows how Socialism and Communism were just devices to usurp power and property. His reign over the Universe will be obtained by the unification of the human races and through the elimination of frontiers.

A Universal Republic will come into being in which the Sons of Israel will become the directing element. We know how to dominate the Masses. The governments of all nations will gradually fall, through victory of the proletariat, into the hands of Judah. All private property will become the possession of the princes of Israel-they will own the wealth of all lands. Thus will be realized the promise of the Talmud that when the time of the Messiah comes the Jews will hold under their keys the property of all the peoples of the world. Bella Dodd, a former member of the U.

Communist Party's National Council testified she was told to contact any one of three wealthy capitalists living in the Waldorf Towers in case of trouble communicating with Moscow. What amazed Dodd was that whenever these men gave instructions, Moscow always ratified them. When asked who the men were, fearing for her life, Dodd refused to say. But when pressed to say ultimately who ruled Communism, she replied simply, "Satan. Jewish Messianism the building of a humanist "earthly paradise" according to Jewish specs replaces spiritual salvation.

The Jewish holocaust replaces Christ's Passion. That's why it takes precedence over the other 60 million people who died in World War Two. The Nations will worship God by serving Yisrael Shamir says the deification of Jews requires people have no other God but material gain and sensual pleasure. There will be no churches nor mosques, no Christian nor Muslim priests.

The world will become a profane desert populated by profaned beasts, the nations, and their shepherds, the Jews. But our souls interpret this surrender of spirit as the proof of Jewish victory American films degrade their viewers For total victory of the Jewish spirit will be reached only when a debilitated, illiterate goy will thankfully lick a Jewish hand and bless him for his guidance.

The so-called "Enlightenment" named for Lucifer, the "Light Bearer" was really a rejection of God's plan for man and a foolhardy assertion of human arrogance. The outcome of this perverse philosophy is that we increasingly live in a Judeo-Masonic solipsism based on defiance of God, nature and truth. I expect most Jews will respond to this information by asking not, "Is it true? As Jewish historian Yuri Slezkine noted, modernity has turned us all into Jews.

Modernism is the dysfunction that results from making oneself God. Modern man is the Jew, the heretic, the anti-hero, alienated from God, society and paradoxically himself. He lives in a self-created reality divorced from truth. Mia Farrow's description of the neurotic, sex-obsessed Woody Allen exemplifies modern man: He did not acknowledge other beings except as features of his own landscape, valued according their contribution to his own existence.

He was therefore unable to empathize and felt no moral responsibility to anyone or anything. We live in a solipsistic world. Modern Judeo-Masonic culture elevates subjective truth and shuns universals i. What makes us feel good about being human. Our culture exalts trivia and nothingness. While brilliant and very funny, "Seinfeld" was a TV show "about nothing. The New World Order, any kind of domination, requires a rejection of objective truth.

They can't admit they intend to enslave us spiritually and mentally if not physically. So they they must annihilate the concept of truth altogether. The truth is unknowable, subjective, they tell us. People have different versions of it but we can never discover the real thing. That's what they want us to believe. The role of organized Jewry throughout history is subversive in the profoundest sense, doing Satan's work by overturning the will of God, "Logos," the inherent Design, Reason and Purpose of Creation by hijacking mankind and arresting its development.

The true esoteric meaning of "revolution" is "to overturn" God and replace Him with Lucifer who represents the self-interest of the Illuminati i. The other reasons given for revolution are all window dressing. Peace is "counter-revolutionary" since it is war that paves the way for revolution.


Thus, organized Jewry through its Freemasonic arm, has always sabotaged personal and social identity based on race, religion God , nation and family. They have caused wars like Iraq, Afghanistan and possibly Iran and World War Three revolution, division, corruption and sought to normalize dysfunction and deviance. All to prove that the salutary and natural order represented by Christian ideals is corrupt and hypocritical, and must be replaced by Jewish gods, i.

Thus, to the mortification of decent Jews like myself, Jews often are on the vanguard of trashing Christian mores and creating dysfunction whether it's undermining gender and marriage or peddling promiscuity, pornography, homosexuality or abortion. For example, a recent music video of a year-old French Jewish singer and his adolescent daughter normalizes incest.

Former French Prime Minister Leon Blum , a Jew, wrote in , "It is natural and frequent for sister and brother to be lovers," "Marriage" As Masonic revolutionary Guiseppe Mazzini said, "we corrupt in order to rule. Today, hardly any movies set inspiring moral examples. Few are honest and informative. Too many Hollywood movies involving Jews are filthy, vulgar, violent and degrading. Of course, there are wonderful exceptions like Julie Taymor's "Across the Universe," Judd Apatow, the writer-director, recently gave a speech that typified his movies.

He talked about, respectively, his year-old daughter's unnatural curiosity about "butt sex," his daughter's vagina, his daughter's budding breasts, his own penchant for masturbation, and, finally, the greying of his pubic hairs. Then came his star actor Seth Rogen, another Jew who talked about his masturbation habits, followed by a learned discourse on his testicles. Because they associate with studio executives, their puerile home movies receive worldwide distribution and media acclaim.

Describing this sickening speech, Michael Posner a decent Jew wrote: Actually, even if sex were involved, they had nothing interesting to say. These movie makers assume they are 'oh so daring and chic' For them, sophistication consists in trampling on whatever scrap of innocence, decorum or human dignity remains in society.

They are perpetually at war with "repression" earnestly indulging every sexual urge and pointing at their toilet accidents like proud toddlers. Why do adults offer these obscenities as though they were courageous and edifying? They are not just flouting convention, i. Their god is Lucifer, whether they know it or not, the symbol of rebellion against the intrinsic natural and spiritual order. Organized Jewry reminds me of a soldier marching out-of-step in a parade. The other marchers point this out but he has the chutzpah, money and media to convince them that in fact, they are out-of- step.

Extrapolate this to a cosmic level and you will understand the New World Order. The Crucifixion of Christ represents the rejection of the Divine Order which is modelled on absolute spiritual ideals such as Love, Truth, Justice, Goodness, Beauty, etc. God is a spiritual dimension in which these ideals are self evident to us. We were put on earth to manifest these ideals. I don't know if Christ was God but I believe he represented God and these ideals. Hi s message was that all men should follow his example. As we deviate from Truth, we become more unReal, and risk annihilation.

We know food and sex exist because our bodies hunger for them. Similarly, our souls hunger for God, for spiritual ideals. This proves we have souls; indeed, we are souls. However, we will never listen to our souls if we don't believe in them. We will never take spiritual ideals seriously if we don't recognize that they are the ultimate Reality. It says black is white, evil is good. It creates a bogus reality designed to serve the few and enslave the many. Nobody alive today should be blamed for the Crucifixion. But we are responsible for what we do to upset the spiritual order Christ represented.

Jews live in a bubble, told they are wonderful people persecuted for no reason. Jewish society allows little to no unsanctioned self-criticism. Increasingly the Western world is becoming a closed society like Jewry. Genuine self-criticism is not self-hatred.

secret societies

It is essential to health and survival. Jews are kept in the dark about organized Jewry's role in the New World Order. I believe the Illuminati bankers intend for the two to destroy each other. Let us not embrace our destruction like lemmings. Is the NWO primarily motivated by a political, racial or occult motive?

All three are important and complementary but, based on the "Red Symphony," I would put power the political in the driver's seat. The bankers, have the impulse towards power, towards full power.