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An Alpha and Omega Novel. Mercy Thompson Book Mercy Thompson Book 9. Stories From the World of Mercy Thompson. A Mercy Thompson Novel. An Alpha and Omega novel. Mercy Thompson book 1. Mercy Thompson, book 2. Mercy Thompson, book 3. Mercy Thompson Book 4. She worked for a while as a substitute teacher but now writes full-time.

Patricia Briggs lives in the Pacific Northwest. The World According to Anna. The Unfinished Novel and Other stories. From the Place in the Valley Deep in the Forest. On the wolfpack front there is unrest brewing as well. The power structure is shaky since Adam brought Mercy in and she took her place as the alpha's mate. The cracks in the pack magic, partially created by her long time refusal to be his mate, have lead to power struggles and threaten Adam's authority and leave him open to challenges by other dominant and power hungry wolfs.

And also, how utterly ridiculous for a gorgeous, powerful alpha like Adam to hook up with a half breed lowly coyote like trailer trash Mercy!!! What would the other wolfpacks think??? So, while it seems that the people who should have her back are doing everything but, and random Faes are also randomly targeting her with malicious intent, she is also faced with trying to find a reason for her best friend to stay alive Did I mention she is still dealing with the residual panic attacks following a very traumatic experience while under the influence of mind control???

Yea, all this while trying to earn her bacon by working as a mechanic during the day and somehow succeeding in staying sane! Now there is a woman we can use as a role model! This book was not as fluid and naturally flowing as the others up to now, but that did not make it any less interesting and compelling. We learn more about the Fae and pack politics, and we also see the growing devotion between Adam and Mercy. All characters undergo changes and the story continues to expand. We fall deeper into the thrall of Patricia Brigg's writing and are left with no choice but to keep on reading I may or may not be bespelled into jumping straight in the next volume I have to go and chain myself to the book, so I wish all of you happy reading!!!

View all 5 comments. Then she finds herself being targeted by a mysterious fae who is not only after her but also targeting Adam and her pack but what does this have to do with the book? To make matters worse Samuel, who's depression has been worsening over the months, has taken a turn for the worse. For survival Samuel's wolf has taken control but that makes him dangerous - and marks him for death if Adam and the Marrock find out. Can Mercy help Samuel regain control before the other werewolves find out what has happened and what does the powerful fae want with the book? Although this review won't contain spoilers for Silver Borne as this is book 5 in the Mercy Thompson series it will be impossible to review without giving spoilers for previous books in the series.

Silver Borne

If you haven't read the rest of the series then I wouldn't recommend reading any further but I would suggest you check out Moon Called as this is one of my favorite urban fantasy series and Mercy is definitely one of my favorite heroines! Anyone who has read any of the books in this series will already know that Mercy has a knack for drawing attention of the supernatural races who are more powerful than she is. She may be a Walker a shifter who can turn into a Coyote but her powers are limited - especially when compared to the werewolves or fae. Having come up against the fae before she is understandably wary when she finds herself being targeted again but she is determined to protect her friends and find out what is going on.

There are some really sweet, emotional scenes between the two of them and if anything I now love Adam even more. We get to see a more vulnerable side to him in this installment but he is still all alpha male. Mercy is still trying to get used to the pack bonds and most of the pack still aren't happy that she is now one of them. I enjoyed finding out more about the pack politics and seeing Mercy learn how to deal with this new bond and the werewolves who are against her.

I felt so sad for him in the last book as you could see how badly he was feeling but parts of this book had my heart breaking for him. As an old wolf he has lived too long and has started to give up on life. Mercy loves him and wants to protect him but when his wolf takes control she is very worried about what could happen. Having a wolf in control is a very dangerous thing for both the wolf and for everyone surrounding him - if the Marrock finds out what has happened he will have no choice other than killing Samuel.

If I had one slight complaint about this story it would be that things with Samuel tied up a little too easily but I'm hoping we will get to explore more about what happens with him in the next book. If you're a fan of this series then I'm sure Silver Borne won't disappoint, it is one of my favorite books in the series.

I enjoyed the action and mystery surrounding the fae artifact but for me it was the relationship development between the characters that made the story. If you haven't read this series yet then I can't recommend it strongly enough. It's going to be a long wait until River Marked but I'm looking forward to getting stuck into the Alpha and Omega series in the meantime. I can't believe how much of the story I'd forgotten, nearly the whole book came as a complete surprise so it was like reading it for the first time all over again!

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I just love, love, love Mercy and Adam together, they are such a brilliant couple. This is as far as I ever got with the series so I can't wait to get started on River Marked to find out what happens next! I love this series so much! The characters, the world building just everything about these books makes them a comfort read for me.

I hate half the pack but luckily because this is a reread I know they get what's coming to them eventually - it's just a very long and frustrating wait. Aug 15, Bry rated it it was amazing Shelves: Read April 2, I adored this installment of the Mercy series, and it is definitely one of my favorites.

This book was a bit of a change from the rest of the series though. Usually Mercy's adventures are action driven with a lot of humor, wit, danger, and a sprinkle of romance to tease readers. Either way though it was fantastic. The plot combined my 2 fav Read April 2, The plot combined my 2 favorite elements in the Mercy universe - Werewolves and the Fae. Werewolf politics are amazingly structured, confusing, and strict. Every peek we get into the complexities of dominance, gender issues, and the magic behind their ties is so detailed, insightful, and engaging.

The Fae continue to be the more intriguing and mystifying species that I have come across in any urban fantasy series. The character development is wonderful as well. Samuel has been on the back burner a bit since Mercy became Adam's mate and getting a peek into his very old mind and the strife he is dealing with was great.

Although discovering just what a teddy bear Adam can be, and his intense and unconditional love for Mercy was beautiful. Mercy herself grew a great deal in this book as well. She has come to accept and welcome the pack, wants to belong, wants to be involved, all while retaining her independence and unique qualities.

I only wish we could have seen her as a coyote more this book. Some of my favorite secondary characters like Zee, Warren, and Ben made appearances this time around and any chance to have them in a scene is totally welcomed. Crazily enough I cannot think of a bad thing to say about this book.

Others have thought negatively on the length of the challenge scene which I greatly enjoyed as it revealed so much more about hierarchy in packs, or Mercy's ability to always get out of her insane problems with little consequence although the climax of Iron Kissed disproves this greatly I think. Yes, the solutions through out these books tend to be a bit convenient but are well thought through, developed, and make sense. All in all, this is the best urban fantasy series out there, and to me all others are weighted against it.

I can't wait for the next anything Brigg's puts out! Especially the 3rd installment in the Alpha and Omega series! This installment is still one of my favorites of the series. There was so much character development in this book, and a much clearer understanding of Mercy's interaction and place within the pack. Again, I wish there had been more explanation into Sam's developments, but hopefully one day she will write a great short story or something about it! Now I am seriously chomping at the bit to get my hands on book 6!!! This book was yet another winner for me in this series.

I really loved it. I laughed a couple of times. I cried possibly a couple of times but definitely after the end. Time is not doing it any favors. Had I written this review yesterday, after finishing it, it probably would have been a five-star story. Now I'm thinking it was just 4. The main reason for this d 4. The main reason for this downgrade is, I think, because I am tired.

This was the third book in a row where Mercy was under the spell of the Big Bad. First, in Iron Kissed , she was drugged by Fairy Wine. Then, in Bone Crossed , it was vampire mind control granted, she wasn't really "under control," but her memories were tampered with. And in this book, she's in thrall thanks to some sort of Fairy collar. I'm tired of this. Sure, Mercy is not the strongest of protagonists, but surely we could read about her getting into some other type of trouble? And I'm afraid that my feeling tired of the "thrall" storylines is now coloring my impression of this book.

It was still a great story, though. One other problem - but this one doesn't have any bearing on my feelings for the story - is that the short story, "Silver," in Shifting Shadows: Stories from the World of Mercy Thompson , was said to be the first half of this book. Had I not yet read "Silver," I doubt I'd have felt lost when this book got to "that" part. Meaning the part where view spoiler [Ariana was revealed. Part One was "Silver. And this book was Part Three, giving us what happened "next" for Samuel and Ariana.

I guess I haven't talked very much about this book, have I? I mentioned laughing out loud a couple of times. I LOLed on page 61 and again on page It was when Zee said Gabriel's family car's mother was a cola-machine. The second line was in Chapter 9, when Mercy is talking to a few wolves and Jesse.

She is reminded of a time when she "had to take over my sister's Girl Scout troop when my mother had been sick. Fourteen preteen girls, a tableful of werewolves--there were certain monstrous similarities. But I really cannot remember when - or why - that might have been. I definitely shed a few tears in the end, though. One thing that is good about all of these "thrall" storylines is that they certainly ratchet up the tension. I was so relieved to be able to close the cover of this book that I cried a bit.

The ending in and of itself was not one that otherwise would have made me cry. Though it was sweet. Adam put his hand on my shoulder, bent down, and said, "Such a small thing to cause so much trouble.

Sure it could be the beginning to seeing a once-again-healthy Samuel, but I have a sinking suspicion that this is also the end and that Samuel will be fine for the foreseeable future. Especially since his troubles weren't mentioned again. So this was a great story for me. I loved it, yadda-yadda-yadda. I really hope that we're done with the "thrall" storylines. So I just realized that I forgot to mention. No vampires at all were in this book, but Stefan was at least mentioned. Still, though, I wish we could have all of the major secondary characters appear in every book, even if only in a very limited way.

View all 20 comments. This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life in Books. Anyone who has been following my reviews probably already knows how much I love this series and this book was no exception. It was so nice to re-visit this wonderful story and spend more time with characters that I have grown to love. This wasn't the most exciting book in the series or my favorite but it was still a very solid read.

Mercy has a lot to deal with in this installment. She needs to find the owner of the bookstore where she borrowed a very special book in a previous installment. It seems that he might be in some kind of trouble and someone wants to get his hands on the book. Samuel is in crisis and his wolf is in control. Mercy knows that if he doesn't come around quickly then it will be the end for Samuel so she wants to give him some time to sort things out.

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There are also a few issues concerning the pack and Mercy's relationship with Adam. Not everyone in the pack is happy to have Mercy as a member. Being a part of a pack is new to Mercy and she isn't used to how easily they can get in her head. Adam and Mercy do love each other and take some steps to get things worked out. My favorite parts of this book were the sections that dealt with the pack and Adam.

It is kind of fun after reading the whole series to see how much things have changed over the course of the series. I think that both Mercy and Adam took some major steps in this book to strengthen their relationship and Mercy's place in the pack. The issues with Samuel were also very well done. I really do enjoy his character and he is really in a bad place for much of this book. Lorelei King is the voice of Mercy Thompson. She does such a wonderful job narrating this series that I usually want to move to the next book just as soon as I finish a book.

The character's emotions really come across perfectly with her narration and she is able to voice a large number of characters very well. I look forward to listening to this narrator many more times in the future. I would highly recommend this book to others. This is a series that really needs to be read in order since the character relationships are a large part of the story.

I look forward to continuing with my re-read of this series very soon. Initial Thoughts Great story and the audio is very well done. Up from 4 to 5 stars. Enough plot and plenty of action, but also character driven and relational. By the way, Mercy is not a typical stock UF character. Quiz yourself with 15 questions about Mercy's age, ancestry, beliefs, occupation, etc. Mercy and friends must rescue an old bookseller Phin and Ahh!! Mercy and friends must rescue an old bookseller Phin and Gabriel Mercy's teenage assistant from the cruel, ambitious fairy queen, who enthralls her captives under the hill Underhill.

They must not let said fae queen once called Daphne get her hands on Silver Borne, a magical artifact of great power, crafted centuries ago by Ariana, under duress. Samuel is ready to give up on life, for he has no mate. His wolf is taking over. Mercy helps him stay in the game long enough for a lost love from his ancient past to appear. That relationship was initially built over troubled waters, but the old feelings run deep, so they work it out.

I wanted more of this story line, but nice. I hope to see more of Samuel and his love in future books. Meanwhile, Adam and Mercy are trying to develop telepathic mating bonds and pack bonds, and Adam is trying to ease Mercy into bed, but someone in the pack wants Mercy dead, and someone else wants Adam's position as Alpha.

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The action never ends, with bounty hunters, fishy fae thugs, explosions, hospitalizations, kidnappings, enthrallment, and dirty pack politicking jockeying for position. We also get silver garlands, glowing rocks, and a new home for Mercy. Lots of great interactions with primary and secondary characters, with some showing increased loyalty and courage, and others revealing corruption and cowardice.

Secondary characters include Samuel werewolf, Bran's eldest , Zee powerful metal-work fae "gremlin" warrior disguised as old mechanic , Jessie Adam's year-old daughter , Ariana a "good" fae , etc. Bran plays a fair sized role, too, and his son Charles from the wonderful Alpha and Omega series makes a telephone appearance. After so much worry -- thinking he'd lost Mercy several times -- Adam's wolf is finally content. The two engage in one delightful but not explicit love scene. Even better, Mercy has learned to enjoy the sex, the mating bond, and the pack bonds.

She is finally able to let the past go. Why did Briggs let the view spoiler [ manipulative werewolves live? The ones who spoke in Mercy's head at the bowling alley, and lured Adam into a burning building, and challenged Adam to a fight to the death within hours of his terrible burn injuries? Don't send Henry to learn some manners with Bran! Don't shake Paul's hand. Well, maybe Paul is okay, and Mary Jo certainly did atone, so she's okay. Some rather gruesome bloody scenes. One sex scene, but it's sorta fade to black.

Silver Borne (Mercy Thompson #5) read online free by Patricia Briggs

The language is mainly clean, which I rather appreciate Adam, old school, won't let anyone swear in front of Jessie or Mercy. View all 21 comments. Mar 10, Jilly rated it really liked it Shelves: Mercy has grown on me throughout this series. She still isn't as much of a smartass as I would like, but she is becoming more and more fun as time goes on. In this book, she is dealing with Samuel's issues while trying to figure out where Phin, the bookstore owner, has gone. On top of that, she has Adam's pack messing with her because some of them are not happy with her status as "I thought you were dead," he said On top of that, she has Adam's pack messing with her because some of them are not happy with her status as Adam's mate.

So, there is a lot going on. And, as usual, Mercy ends up dealing with bad guys, getting hurt, going off on her own, etc.. And, as usual, it is all without Adam. I don't know why the author gave Mercy a boyfriend who she has to leave on the sidelines every time that Mercy does anything. I get that he is a nice guy, but the fact that he has such a short fuse, and is so over-protective would drive me crazy. I feel like the author has to make up reasons to get Adam out of the way for Mercy to go running off on an adventure without him every book because he would just take over and spoil everything.

Macho Pack Leader, she sure has saved his ass a lot. It is nice to see Samuel have a story, but he is in wolf form for much of the book and so we don't get to have him speaking - which is a bummer. And, the bad news is that there is absolutely no Stefan in this book. But, Jesse is developing into a pretty good character, and so is Ben.

I would like to see Ben get a storyline in the future. Not too many I think. So I have decided to do a list of what I love about this book: Indivdually, especially Mercy, they are likable characters brave and honest and the more I read about them, the more I like them. I love how Sam has developed from a possible love interest for Mercy to such a good friend and I can't wait to see how things pan out for him.

Werewolves are primitive, volatile and violent, but they still have human connections and family and Pack are important to them; Vampires are creepy and cold but even they have a Seethe that they protect and they used to be human. But the Fae are ruthless, calculating and if vampires are cold some of the Fae are just glacial, Ms Briggs gives them such an air of Otherness that for me they seem the most dangerous. There are lots of other things I like about this series as well, the writing for example although nothing fancy manages to put the story across with a great deal of clarity and it really feels like you are looking through Mercy's eyes.

View all 8 comments. May 16, Duchess Nicole rated it it was amazing Shelves: Seriously, this is one of the most kick ass Urban Fantasy series out there. Mercy is the best type of heroine in that she's so atypical, it's impossible not to love her. She's more likeable than Rachel from the Hollows series by Kim Harrison, she's more down to earth than the pseudo romance-slash-UF series heroines out there.

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She's the best friend I never had, and considering all the beasties and baddies coming after her, that may be a good thing. In this installment, the bond between her and Ad Seriously, this is one of the most kick ass Urban Fantasy series out there. In this installment, the bond between her and Adam is tested over and over.

If I ever hand any doubts about their devotion or the strength of the mating bond between this unlikely duo, then all my questions were answered in Silver Borne. Not to mention the entirely new spin she puts on a handful of characters already fitted into the story. So much happens in each Mercy book, I can't even begin to name it all.

Suffice it to say, this series is effing amazing. I'll end with a favorite quote from Adam to Mercy: Because an apology implies that you wouldn't do it again. And, under the circumstances, you wouldn't do anything differently, would you? And there are some who take it too far I loved the pack politics!

We learn things about certain pack members that are both shocking and revealing. Oh my God, you slay me, Briggs! I love his loyalty to Adam and his protectiveness over Mercy and Jesse. Silver-Borne is another solid instalment in the Mercy Thompson series! Since I have a section of my bookshelves dedicated to this series I thought it would be fun to make a book fold to add.

I decided I wanted to do a wolf howling at the moon yes I get that Mercy is a Coyote but the majority of characters in the series are werewolves and the first book in the series is Moon Called! I found this image online and decided to use it as inspiration for my book fold: It's a little harder to see the details on a book fold but I'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out: What do you think? Apr 06, Angie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Is there anything like holding the latest Mercy Thompson novel in your hands?

Especially when it's all large and hardback and glowing? Because the window on this book seriously glows. And the spine and back are warm and golden and it's just so much prettier than the online images led me to believe. These are the simple things that make me happy. A beautiful dust jacket. A favorite author doing well. Spending time once more with characters who are friends now and who are none the worse for wear f Is there anything like holding the latest Mercy Thompson novel in your hands?

Spending time once more with characters who are friends now and who are none the worse for wear for our time apart. After reading the first three books in the series, I convinced DH he wanted in on this action. So we've read them all aloud together now and it's so nice having that to look forward to each night.

Suffice it to say, neither of us was disappointed in the slightest. This is the series that started my love for urban fantasy and so it will necessarily always hold a special place in my heart. But what a feat to be able to say that five books in Patricia Briggs still owns. Mercy keeps her life busy these days. Her days filled to the brim working at her garage with Gabriel and Zee, her nights taken up looking out for her roommate Sam, hanging with the local pack, and dating their Alpha.

Silver Borne Mercy Thompson Book 5

She stays busy enough that things like the lingering effects of recent trauma and returning that book she borrowed awhile back get shoved to the back of her mind. Until something triggers her flinch reflex, that is. Or someone comes looking for the book who perhaps should not be allowed to have it.

So when Samuel starts displaying more worrisome tendencies than is normal for a lone wolf and Mercy starts hearing voices and feeling dangerous impulses not her own, she knows things are bound to get worse before they get better. On her side she's got Adam and the members of his pack who do not resent her for bonding with their boss and snagging a coveted spot in the pack hierarchy.

She's also got Zee--the crotchety old fae mechanic who is older than dirt, watches out for her, and should not be underestimated. On the other side Mercy's got a handful of wolves who've got no reason to love her, a powerful unidentified fae who wants something she's got, and a pack of demons riding her friend Samuel--all of whom prove darker than she at first thought.

But in the end it's up to Mercy to put the pieces together and beat the clock to save her friends and those who rely on her from their monsters--both the ones they can see and the ones they can't. I don't know what goes on in Ms. Briggs' head when she sits down to write a new installment in this excellent series, but what comes out is pure, unadulterated magic.

There were a whole host of loose threads left lingering around at the end of Bone Crossed and, though they are not all tied up here oh, Stefan, how I miss you , the pacing and development of plot threads here is masterful. Patricia Briggs is unparalleled when it comes to consistently strong characters, forward-moving plot lines, and heart-palpitating climaxes. There are no stagnant elements, no pointless meanderings, no annoying red herrings.

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There is only adrenaline and affection and a burning desire to find out what happens. Fifty pages from the end I turned to Aaron, just shook my head, and said, "She seriously crafts the best endings. They're always so genuinely exciting. The villains are smart, dark, and not necessarily operating under the assumptions you think they are.

The good guys are brave, torn, and absolutely worth staying up late to root for.