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Kings and Nobles in Late Medieval Portugal

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The Making of a Court Society

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The Negro in Brazilian Literature. Hispanic Institute in the United States, Retrato em branco e negro: Companhia das Letras, Email received by the author on 30 Oct. The em dash before "Isso nunca! Jackson Obras completas , though both are common in contemporary editions.

O Direito da Família e das Sucessões no Código Civil Português

As of this writing, the e-book currently available for purchase based on the 16 edition does also. Newcomb , p. However, I hasten to add the following caveat: No one is immune to typos, and I am acutely aware of how easily an article can become a glass house. One should not over-interpret an errant cedilha , mental or in print, as indicative of the overall quality or value of anyone's work.

The Making of a Court Society by Rita Costa Gomes

See also notes 20 and If this is true, her error may not have been one of interpretation as she read, but rather the result of consulting the wrong dictionary entry. Caldwell preserved it exceptionally well and made no marginal notes. Williams obtained Caldwell's dictionary when he was on the faculty at the University of California at Santa Barbara. According to his recollection, a family member of Caldwell's contacted him, "proposing to donate" her Machado de Assis library, which consisted of her own books, those of other critics, a set of the volume W.

Jackson Obras completas , and the dictionary. Williams later donated what remained of Caldwell's books to the library at Brigham Young University where he retired and passed the dictionary to his colleague, Vanessa Fitzgibbon, who allowed me to examine it. It is worth pointing out that no edition of the W. Jackson Obras completas contains the cedilha. The most reasonable assumption is that Caldwell and Meyer-Clason both arrived at the same interpretation independently. Nikonov], did not translate the word at all, as the first five paragraphs of the story are omitted entirely.

To my knowledge, there were at least two other translations that preceded Caldwell's. Alpi's Italian translation, "Padre contro madre," published in La Rassegna Italiana in , carries the peculiar caption "Nel mondo di Braz Cubas" above the title and is followed by some exaggerated notes on Machado that claim he was neither popular nor understood outside a small circle of friends ASSIS, Therefore, it is unlikely that the possibility of a cedilha would go unnoticed or unremarked.

As previously noted, the Global collection also traces its textual roots to the same source. Literally thousands of them are publicly accessible in the nineteenth-century periodicals on the website of the Biblioteca Nacional. In the few hundred that I had the patience to review, I encountered many variations of both "acoutar" and "acoitar" — sometimes even in reference to missing dogs — but never found a single cedilha as part of the "Protesta-se" stock phrase.

Yet, as evidence of how widespread this problem is, even scholars continue to get it wrong. My caveat in note 15 also applies here. Among other errors, part of her transcription reads: Later in the book, on the fourth page of a section of un-paginated images between pages and , Schwarcz also reproduces a facsimile of a runaway advertisement, identifying the Correio Paulistano from January 29, as its source though no such ad appears in the CP on that date. All participants combine their efforts to forge a self-renewing literary cycle because even attempts to "fechar" definitively interpret the text contribute to opening it up again TOSTA, , p.

Vrouwenarmen en andere Verhalen. Translated by William L. Grossman and Helen Caldwell. University of California Press, By Machado de Assis. La cartomante e altri racconti. Galleria postuma e altri racconti. Robin Edizioni, , p. By Machado de Assis In: Confesiones de una viuda joven y otros cuentos. Ediciones de la Banda Oriental, He holds a Ph.

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Slavery in the Machadian Context Explicitly black characters do not play leading roles in the vast majority of Machado's work, especially if one factors out the broader question of mulato ancestry and narrows the discussion to enslaved Afro-Brazilians.