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The short answer is it has no meaning. I wanted a name kind of old-fashioned sounding, like a boxer. I thought it was very funny to refer to myself as a kid at age 35, especially because I have this tear in my hip and I had it throughout the tour.

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They are all this sort of life and time adventures of this idiot and this one I would say is similar, in the beginning. Speaking of the president, how has the Trump White House influenced your comedy? With your resume of TV and stage projects, where does stand-up rank for you in terms of what you like doing most?

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How is it for you to write and be on stage by yourself? That really informed the stand-up I was writing and performing. I missed him a lot throughout the tour, I was so grateful having worked with him. You'll get the latest updates on this topic in your browser notifications.

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  8. Jesus gave instructions for John and his Mother to look after each other. Quora User , BTh. Related Questions In what way has god made you special? In which verse of the St. John's Revelation the equivalency of Jesus with Lucifer is made?

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    Was Jesus a carpenter or not? Did Jesus bring religion or was it man-made? Was Jesus a real person or not? Is the wine Jesus made alcoholic? Who made Jesus and God? If God is real, how was he made? If Jesus returned, what would be his favorite gun?

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    How is John Frum similar to Jesus? When was Jesus first called Jesus? What made Jesus superior to Muhammad? Who is God's favorite, Satan or Jesus? Did Jesus have a favorite disciple? Still have a question?