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As an amateur boxer, this book has greatly assisted my strength and conditioning. I've applied the key essentials and am already seeing improvements in speed, endurance, and strength. This book focuses on improving speed and strength without becoming fatigued easily. As a bonus, tips are provided to help prevent injuries and build technique over just becoming bulky. When you build muscle mass, you become fatigued faster. Now if you work out the right way like this book provides you can build the same strength you would with muscle mass.

Great book, great pictures, taking the book "boxings 10 commandments" a step further. For a novice most of the book wont seem too interesting but as your skills progress this book helps you link key concepts in defense, footwork, shifting you body weight and structuring training. Great stuff on defensive styles. I think this Boxing For Beginners has been written in a way that will make comprehension easier for readers who would like to engage in this physical sport.

And since boxing is indeed one of the most skillful, quickest growing sports now, many people are trying their faith here. Hence, this book has been helpful enough in giving useful tips, strategies, tactics, and what-have-you in order to make the process more bearable. The book started with the basics and then eventually went to the punches, the speed, and all essential stuff. Yes, boxing aspirants will be able to get a lot here.

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We have a big standing bag that we use mostly for Muay Thai practice but I've always wanted to improve my non-existent boxing skills so I use it a few times a week for boxing practice. I wanted to learn some combinations so I could develop a routine that worked everything equally and wasn't boring. This book is great! Not only does it give you lots of different practice combinations, but the pictures show you exactly what it should look like. If you scroll the photos quickly it's like watching the combos in action. Plus it has step by step instructions for delivering a punch so your form is right from your feet to your fist.

The section on basic footwork is just what I needed, because I tend to be sticky footed and stay in one spot.

The drills felt silly at first but after doing them for The Ultimate Training Manual. Only 9 left in stock more on the way. This really is an excellent manual on most every aspect of boxing fundamentals. It is the best I have seen. I own a boxing gym and recommend it to my boxers. A Fitness and Boxing Training Camp: This is just what i needed.

You know what you need to do,how to do it and when Just like the author says you need to be in good shape already,and if you are then this book can do wonders. This book is terrific for anyone doing any kind of training. It's easily understood while being based in real science. Well written and readable. Essential Training for the Sweet Science. Only 1 left in stock - order soon.

This is a very good book both for those who want to start training and for those who just want to understand boxing. He goes clearly through each basic punch. Both defense and offense are covered well.

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Training and practicing are also covered well. I learned the underlying theory and application that you just don't realize from only watching contests.

The photos are well done. Anyway there is soon a plateau and the athlete may spend a lot of time for minimum return. Explosive leg power is a big component of punching power if coordination is right. I believe you cannot get it easily in the gym if you use machines. The best strategy is hill sprints. With these sprints you are developing total body power.

This is the most effective way for improving leg power in a short period of time. This training is short and very intense, the sprints should last from 5 seconds to 20 seconds. The metabolic impact is not lactic, it means the recovery between each sprint has to be complete, about 5 times the duration of the sprint: Warmup carefully and stretch after, not before.

You may get strong but if your strength just apply in your bench press or pull-ups and not in your boxing skills into the ring in term of punching power , I think it is a waste of time. Let see a few exercises you may start to implement in your training program. The exercises involve the full body which is great for total body power.

They work with muscular chains which increase inter muscular coordination. The main tool is kettlebells. The main exercises are the ones used in kettlebell sport:. Here you can watch the videos in slow motion. These exercises develop full body power and the degree of transfer is very high. In addition to these key exercises we have developed very specific ones for boxing. If they are well integrated with the overall boxing program, these exercises will have a high degree of transfer , you will be more powerful in the ring.

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You can see a few exercises here executed by professional boxers: Specific strength and conditioning for boxing. The most important is you teach your muscles to work altogether providing more efficiency. The results are also a better dynamic stabilisation for producing more power from the legs and the core. The grip will be reinforced, the stabilisation of the shoulders will increase which may avoid cuff rotators injury due to an overload of the front deltoid from punching. Additional exercises are optional, all depend of the personal needs.

As you know a program must be personalised according to what you need. Self evaluation along with the expert evaluation of the boxing trainer is key. For example when I see a boxer with not enough dynamic strength in the legs I will add some targeted exercises like lunges, plyometric squats, pistol…Some of these exercise are done just with the bodyweight because they can be very challenging. Low back problem can sometimes be an issue: I like to use hanging let raise with variations, jacknife pushups and reverse crunches on swiss ball….

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There are many great exercises for fighters, some are less specific so you have to make some choices according to the length of preparation dedicated for general strength and conditioning. In all cases, in the last few weeks before a fight, always be very specific. I believe this is a mistake. You have to keep some strength work, just cut the time of the workouts and be very specific. Be strategic and keep your strength you have developed in the previous weeks.

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Your email address will not be published. What a boxer needs? The main methods to use for specific endurance: High Intensity is the Key If a boxer needs to improve endurance, he must be specific: Developing Cardiovascular Power I like to use interval training on tracks. Yes I think so, but only if you have the right strategy in your training program. So do you think that punching power is only a gift and cannot be made? People who are born with more slow twitch fibers will be more performant in endurance sports. Here is my point: Hill Sprints for Legs and Total Body Power Explosive leg power is a big component of punching power if coordination is right.

You can finish the workout with a slow or medium intensity run for minutes. Do not over do it, twice a week may be a smart timing. You should feel a difference in power in the ring , period. The solutions here are the right choice of exercises, the timing and boxing integration.

The main exercises are the ones used in kettlebell sport: I like to use hanging let raise with variations, jacknife pushups and reverse crunches on swiss ball… For specific upper body strength, pull-ups are always great. Pull-ups build a powerful back. By Dominic Paris , conditioning coach.