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Casper and Thatch have problems raising their gloutches as these have the opposite of their personalities. Casper takes over Quasi's job as punishment for persuading him to go on strike. A monster is loose in the school, stealing the powers of all the teachers and students with the help of a magic crystal. When the students succeed in capturing the creature, it turns out this was all a test by Kibosh. But when he wants to return the powers to the students, his friend, a Leprechaun named Razznik, steals the crystal.

Razznik has taken the powers of all students, except Casper.

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The students and teachers of the Scare School all flee to Deedstown. Casper enlists the help of Jimmy and his dad to get the crystal back. A ghost stole an artwork from Deedstown Gallery. It turn out a man inside a white sheet over his head. Jimmy's dad thought that Casper, Ra and Mantha as "evil" creatures, so he went to the Underworld.

Mantha thought that the actors of the director's recent movie were real zombies, so she led an army that zombies are like everyone else, turned out that it was a bad idea. Meanwhile Casper's assignment is to get items on a list. The students learn how to copy other living beings' appearances. Casper turns himself into Jimmy. By mistaken identity, Mr. Bradley accidentally takes "Jimmy" to a TV quiz show.

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Casper convinces Thatch to take those bats with him, but it makes matters worse as Thatch and his new bat friends are out on a scaring spree. Casper, Mantha, and Ra give Cappy a new pair of eyes for his birthday so that he can actually see, but it turns out to be the wrong pair of eyes and now Cappy is afraid of everything he sees. Professor Burns wants to leave Scare School for a special convention so Casper makes the headmasters believe that the professor has turned into Mosshead's fire-spitting toad Ricardo.

Bradley get trapped in one of Mr. The Sea Monster has indigestion and throws up a ballet shoe causing Alder and Dash to think he has eaten Quasi. Casper and his friends have to prove the Monster's innocence before he is banished. Bradley plans to move to Scotland to catch more monsters. Frankengymteacher teaches the kids the basics of telekinesis, using goggles he has issued to them, and assigns a different house to each kid so they can practice with their new powers.

The teacher is thrilled about it and fetches the headmaster so that he can also attend the dragon's birth. Fatso and Stretch can't stand Stinkie's stench so hey decide to suck his odor out of him with a vacuum cleaner.

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Jimmy is inside trying to work the dimension tube but has accidentally sent the manor into it and shrunk it to the size of a dolls house. The compass leads him and his friends to a secret attic in Scare School and soon realize they are actually trapped in a labyrinth with monster catchers. Casper is punished by the headmaster for having helped an old lady carry her shopping bags and is forced to carry all the teachers' bags while they are in a reunion.

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Meanwhile, Thatch takes the chance to take over the school while the teachers are trapped in the cave. It turns out that Mr. Bradley is being haunted by a very naughty Dream Ghost. The camera works but now it traps any living being into a picture. When Thatch hears about it, he steals the camera from Ra and goes on a wild spree trapping everybody he can in the photos.

Thatch is tired of Casper winning the Grimly Trophy every year and tries to sabotage him using a portable organ to send everyone to sleep. This story features the Jeffersons as the villains, a disgruntled former toymaker who decides to create toys that make children greedy should that be greedier? Obviously, Superman Dean Cain saves the day, figuring out who is behind it all and teaching the bad toymaker and his secretary about the true meaning of Christmas.

As a saccharine side-plot, Lois Teri Hatcher invites everyone over for a lovely Christmas dinner, but apparently her friends and family are all jerks who cancel at the last minute, leaving her sad and alone. Luckily, Clark has decided to cancel his own Christmas plans to be with her.

Dragon Tales

Definitely an episode to skip when re-watching the series! Based on the black comedy Christmas carol of the same name, this holiday special somehow misses the point of the song entirely and turns Santa back into a good guy.

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The bad guy in this version is Mr. A complex kidnapping plot evolves and Santa is charged with, wait for it, sleigh icular negligence. Overall, the special is about as eye-rollingly bad as that pun. Oscar stars as Scrooge obviously , whilst various other characters attempt to get him in the Christmas spirit, largely by having celebrities sing at him. Despite the star-studded cast list, nothing could make this very loose adaptation of A Christmas Carol particularly watchable. In this TV movie, Casper the friendly ghost and his not-so-friendly uncle Hairy Scary are looking for a new place to live, because their shack is going to get torn down on Christmas Eve!

Luckily, Yogi and the gang are lost, and stumble upon the house. They decide to decorate the house and celebrate Christmas there for no good reason, leading Casper to befriend them and Hairy to try and scare them away. However, this is definitely one for nostalgic hilarity, rather than some serious warm-and-fuzzy Christmas viewing. The animated TV special finds two kids magically transported back to Eternia after telling a crashed Orko all about the holiday. Clearly, rather than being terrified, they are only too happy to spread the joy of Christmas to He-Man and She-Ra, who decide to throw a Christmas party.

Skeletor believes that the Christmas Spirit is a serious threat to his plans, and hijinks ensue. Unsurprisingly, Skeletor is foiled, the children are saved, and everyone has a merry Christmas.