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Return to Book Page. Cheating Massively Distributed Systems 3. You would not know when a run was coming, how to defend pass patterns, nor when to blitz. In computer systems, as in football, a defender must be able to think like an attacker.

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I say it in my class every semester, you don't want to be the last person to attack your own system--you should be the fir "Imagine trying to play defense in football without ever studying offense. I say it in my class every semester, you don't want to be the last person to attack your own system--you should be the first. While I caution against online voting, it is clear that online gaming is taking the Internet by storm.

In our new age where virtual items carry real dollar value, and fortunes are won and lost over items that do not really exist, the new threats to the intrepid gamer are all too real.

To protect against these hazards, you must understand them, and this groundbreaking book is the only comprehensive source of information on how to exploit computer games. Every White Hat should read it. It's their only hope of staying only one step behind the bad guys. But no one's talking about virtual-world security.

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Greg Hoglund and Gary McGraw are the perfect pair to show just how vulnerable these online games can be. Or as the authors of this book might say, when you're facing off against Heinous Demons of Insecurity, you need experienced companions, not to mention a Vorpal Sword of Security Knowledge. Professor of Computer Science and Public Affairs Director, Center for Information Technology Policy Princeton University "Historically, games have been used by warfighters to develop new capabilities and to hone existing skills--especially in the Air Force.

The authors turn this simple concept on itself, making games themselves the subject and target of the 'hacking game, ' and along the way creating a masterly publication that is as meaningful to the gamer as it is to the serious security system professional. Understanding how they work is important, but understanding how they can be manipulated is essential for the security professional.

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This book provides the cornerstone for that knowledge. At first, we were fascinated with playing games on our Apple ][s, but then became bored with the few games we could afford. We tried copying each other's games, but ran up against copy-protection schemes. So we set out to understand those schemes and how they could be defeated. Pretty quickly, we realized that it was a lot more fun to disassemble and work around the protections in a game than it was to play it. That's a combination that's hard to stop.

The first step, taken by this book, is revealing the techniques that are being used today. Cutting Professor of Computer Science School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Harvard University "If you're playing online games today and you don't understand security, you're at a real disadvantage. If you're designing the massive distributed systems of tomorrow and you don't learn fro Paperback , pages. Published July 1st by Addison-Wesley Professional.

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