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Although the market was anticipating approval in late June, Friday's news sent shares up 11pc to a four-year high of p in early afternoon trading. By the bell, shares were up 12 — or 9. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Tuesday 18 December GW Pharmaceuticals cannabis-based drug Sativex approved A ground-breaking cannabis-based drug for treating symptoms of multiple sclerosis has been approved in Britain, in a landmark decision for its creator GW Pharmaceuticals.

In many instances, the documents were unreadable PDFs or only included the first name of the doctor. In other cases the city was listed, but not the zip code. Some companies even expressly forbid the use of their data. A total of million euros were paid to doctors for lectures, trainings and travel expenses in the last year. That amounts to an average of 1, euros for every doctor. Add to that another million euros as payment for drug monitoring and other medical studies, which the companies refuse to provide additional information about.

The pharmaceutical industry always argues that these observations are important for research, but Juergen Windeler, Head of the Institute for Quality and Economics in Health IQWiG finds this mildly funny.

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For years experts have debated what influence, if any, pharmaceutical payments have on doctors. But then came an infamous study from a California hospital. Doctors working at the hospital were asked if their selection of medication was influenced by pharmaceutical referrals. This time 84 per cent of respondents said that they believe their colleagues are influenced. In Germany, Klaus Lieb is one of many who researches the impact of payments. We let pharmaceutical companies pay for us and still believe we are independent.

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Klaus Lieb, Uniklinik Mainz: Lieb published a study in the professional magazine Plos One that showed that doctors, who frequently meet with pharmaceutical reps, prescribe more medications than those who do not. This low number worries Lieb. It mandates that all pharmaceutical companies publish the amount of money and name of the doctor they provided compensation to, regardless of whether the doctor has agreed or not.

Klaus Lieb from the University Clinic in Mainz views the release of money given to doctors as progress. This helps him see past his blind spots. According to the analysis, in more than a quarter of clinics in Germany did not have the recommended number of hygiene personnel. Next was Thuringia with 42 per cent, followed by Berlin with 37 per cent. Hamburg came the closest to meeting requirements, with only 10 percent of hospitals falling short on hygiene standards.

Quality reports from the hospitals were the starting point for the analysis. Every year, every hospital in Germany must give an account of its facilities, standards and medical procedures.

GW Pharmaceuticals cannabis-based drug Sativex approved

Hospital hygienists — doctors who have undergone special training. They are responsible for hygiene in the hospital.

Hygiene officers — responsible for setting the hygiene guidelines in each medical profession, and act as a contact point for staff. Hygiene staff at nursing homes — responsible for setting the requirements among the carers at nursing homes. The recommendations were made in and were then incorporated into the Federal Law on Infection Protection, as well as the hygiene regulations of each individual state. But it did not go according to plan.

The deadline was extended from the end of until the end of The recruitment of new staff has been sluggish. The salaries offered to hospital hygienists are also not adequate, Popp added. There are also not enough training opportunities. Specialist training to be a hospital hygienist is only offered at the larger hospitals.

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In their quality reports many hospitals say that they employ a hospital hygienist. However these are often not in the required full-time positions, but are external consultants who only work part time. According to our data, at least 16 per cent of clinics with beds or more only employ an external consultant, instead of a hospital hygienist in a full time position.

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The data shows the names of the external hygiene consultants, which can be used to calculate how many different hospitals a single hygienist is advising. Andreas Schwarzkopf is the top performer of these flying physicians, he works in at least ten clinics in the south of Germany. And this is only the voluntary information in the quality reports. A short walk southward to Checkpoint Charlie, a border crossing was reserved for foreign or Allied nationals, including myself as an Austrian.

Instead of transmitting my stories from there, I would often cross to West Berlin where the Greek waitresses were happy to let me use their phone and offered me an ouzo. Checkpoint Charlie was also where Helmut Kohl rushed to the scene on the evening of 10 November At that point, he had just been through a rough several hours. But on the evening of the official reception in Warsaw, Berliners stormed the Wall.

Of all people, the history major Helmut Kohl was in the wrong place at the wrong time. History did not choose Warsaw to be its stage that night, but Berlin.

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In the evening, he sent his bodyguards away and, together with his foreign policy adviser Horst Teltschik and one chauffeur, drove to the Checkpoint. Here, he was able to personally enjoy the excitement over the open border for the first time and shake many hands — before flying to Bonn the same night and back to Warsaw the next day.

Today, the building houses the internet fashion retailer Zalando. After the Schabowski press conference the GDR agency, with 1, employees of which were journalists, did not release anything! Peter Heimann, a young news editor, watched live coverage of the Schabowski press conference and rushed straight to his large office to support his colleagues at ADN.

But he found no one in need of his support. Heimann caught the last people on duty locking the door, with the remark: On this crazy night, Heimann was the only journalist in the ADN editorial office. Long past midnight, Heimann, drenched in sweat, released a three-sentence dispatch. He was afraid he would get picked up any minute.