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What is a double rainbow?

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The Babe Rainbow - Double Rainbow [Full Album]

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You're being transferred to the requested page Share Send to friends Like Share. Add to Favorites In Favorites. Share Join Us Share Send to friends. Rainbows, most would agree, are one of the most beautiful gifts that Mother Nature has to offer us. They are colorful, magical, and impossible to catch.

What causes a double rainbow?

They remind us of old stories between gods and men, of magical creatures and natural wonder. The double rainbow, of course, is even more magical, and almost all cultures give positive meaning to seeing a double rainbow.

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Below, you'll find loads of photos, videos, and information about double rainbows that are bound to leave you in utter awe! Click on one of these links to get started: Pictures of Double Rainbows 2. Stunning Pictures of Double Rainbows.

Although rainbows can technically be found in a bottle of water or in a puddle, it is the double rainbows that fill the sky that take our breath away, and make people from all cultures, genders, and creeds stop and take in their beauty. One of the most frustrating and magical things about rainbows is that there is no real end to them , which is why you have the same chances of finding that mythical pot of gold as you are to meet an actual leprechaun.

If you stood where you thought the rainbow ends, it would look to you as if it were standing in a different location altogether. This is one of the best optical illusions in nature. It all depends on the angle of the sun and where there is moisture in the air. Seeing a rainbow is one of those things that crosses all boundaries between people - whatever culture you come from, a rainbow, not to mention a double rainbow, is a pleasure to see.

What is a double rainbow?

Some claim that all rainbows are double rainbows, but only when the effect is very strong the human eyes are able to notice the second, dimmer rainbow. Between a primary and secondary rainbow, you'll be able to observe a dark area of unlit sky. Rainbows have always amazed man, which is why they appear in many stories - the story of Noah , the mythological rainbow bridge of the Norse gods , the folk tales of Ireland , the Greek mythologies had a messenger that traveled by rainbow, and many more If anything looks like it came from heaven, rainbows are surely that.

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May also interest you: The best time to view a rainbow in its full glory is either in the early morning hours or in the late afternoon, when the sun is low in the sky. The lower the sun, the higher the rainbow. Primary rainbows can be observed when light is reflected a single time off of a raindrop. In extremely rare cases, triple or even quadruple rainbows can form, but only if they are found as reflections off of earthly objects.

They are undoubtedly unbelievable to witness! According to the art and philosophy of Feng Shui , double rainbows "are considered symbolic of transformations in your life. The material world is represented by the first rainbow while the second rainbow is the spiritual world. Rainbows always seem to enhance the color of the world, so green looks greener, red looks redder, and everything looks more beautiful!

In a process called dispersion, longer wavelengths those we see as red bend less than shorter blue ones [source: That's why red is at the top of the rainbow in that longer, lazier arch, and blue is at the bottom in a shorter, tighter one.

21 Glorious Photos of Double Rainbows Around the World

A double rainbow occurs when the light is reflected twice in the drop. It means you can see two different reflections, coming from different angles [source: This leads to something that is actually really cool — instead of seeing red at the top and blue at the bottom like a regular ho-hum rainbow, the secondary rainbow which is higher and lighter in color than the primary has the colors reversed [source: Margusity and Andrews ]. Yor — doesn't have the same ring as Roy G. Biv, does it now?

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  8. A much rarer phenomenon is called a "twinned" rainbow. That's when two separate arcs break off from the same primary base.