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In these reprints, the illustrations, a key feature of the edition, were removed, presumably to cut costs. So too were the textual notes, important for scholars, but apparently considered irrelevant for the general reader. The bibliography, however, was expanded from fourteen to over thirty entries in the printing. In this edition, Edward A.

Editions of Evelina by Fanny Burney

In her note on the text xxxiv , Vivien Jones attributes that edition jointly to Edward A. Bloom, although it was originally published under his name alone. Her bibliography, current up to Jones xxxvii-xxxix , lists many innovative works by feminist scholars. A list of general studies of eighteenth-century culture and fiction will aid students wishing to locate Burney in the context of women writers and gender issues. Equally valuable is a five-page, double-column chronology xl-xliv.

Charles Burney , of eighteenth-century culture in general, and of tropes common to Evelina and earlier novels. The strength of her edition lies in its introduction and commentary; it does not include a chronology, appendices or illustrations. There is a brief list of further reading, updated in a re-impression of the edition. Although some of these alterations are said to derive from an edition of , there are no textual notes to indicate where they occur.

A special feature is its use of manuscript drafts of Evelina.


Doody also writes especially well on Dr. These editions clarify the complex language, politics and behavioural norms of eighteenth-century England. Annotations appear in the form of footnotes, rather than endnotes, making them immediately accessible. Students will be well served by the material in all of these appendices.

Evelina or The History of a Young Lady's Entrance into the World Penguin Classics

These notes, sufficient, but not overwhelming, generally contain translations from foreign languages and glosses on archaic words and allusions, while also providing necessary contexts. This introduction encapsulates the merits and shortcomings of the Bedford edition: Since , the Norton Critical Editions series — which numbers over texts — has been renowned for its high editorial standards and helpful contextual materials, which generally include representative critical responses. They are divided into two parts: The selections are ingeniously grouped by subject modesty, passivity, wit, learning, aging, dangerous connections, inequality, love, amusements, theatre, and dancing , which makes the small collection a valuable reference tool for readers.

Even though this selection is more than fifty years old, it remains a key work of archival and biographical criticism. It focuses on the act of reading: Any of these would be welcome inclusions in a revised issue of the Norton Critical Edition of Evelina. Eighteenth-century England experienced a marked expansion in popular interest in displayed collections of natural and mechanical oddities.

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The first of such automata were designed by Vaucanson in France and displayed in England of the s. The contrast between these two notes epitomizes the difference in their respective annotations: There is no introduction to speak of — just a very brief two-page preface that devotes only two paragraphs to the composition of and response to Evelina. Moreover, the text has no illustrations. Like the Bedford Cultural Editions, the Broadview Literary Texts series includes a wide range of contemporary background materials in each volume.

These are valuable, and the omission of the poem is not significant. With its ingenious combination of romance and satire, comedy and melodrama, Evelina is a sparkling depiction of the dangers and delights of fashionable society. Her enormously successful novel Evelina, written in her mid-twenties, creates a magical picture of the particularly clever, vigorous and leisured society at whose heart she stood…. More about Frances Burney.

Also by Frances Burney. See all books by Frances Burney. Inspired by Your Browsing History. Through a series of humorous events that take place in London and the resort town of Hotwells , near Bristol , Evelina learns to navigate the complex layers of 18th-century society and earn the love of a distinguished nobleman. This sentimental novel , which has notions of sensibility and early romanticism , satirizes the society in which it is set and is a significant precursor to the work of Jane Austen and Maria Edgeworth , whose novels explore many of the same issues. The novel opens with a distressed letter from Lady Howard to her longtime acquaintance, the Reverend Arthur Villars, in which she reports that Mme Duval, the grandmother of Villars' ward , Evelina Anville, intends to visit England to renew her acquaintance with her granddaughter Evelina.

Eighteen years earlier, Mme.

Duval had broken off her relationship with her daughter Caroline, Evelina's mother, and has never acknowledged Evelina. Reverend Villars fears Mme. Duval's influence could lead Evelina to a fate similar to that of her mother Caroline, who secretly wedded Sir John Belmont, a libertine, who afterwards denied the marriage. While she is there, the family learns that Lady Howard's son-in-law, naval officer Captain Mirvan, is returning to England after a seven-year absence.

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Desperate to join the Mirvans on their trip to London, Evelina entreats her guardian to let her attend them, promising that the visit will last only a few weeks. In London, Evelina's beauty and ambiguous social status attract unwanted attention and unkind speculation. Ignorant of the conventions and behaviours of 18th-century London society, she makes a series of humiliating but humorous faux pas that further expose her to social ridicule.

She soon earns the attentions of two gentlemen: Lord Orville, a handsome and extremely eligible peer and pattern-card of modest, becoming behaviour; and Sir Clement Willoughby, a baronet with duplicitous intentions. Evelina's untimely reunion with her grandmother and the Branghtons, her long-unknown extended family, along with the embarrassment their boorish, social-climbing antics cause, soon convince her that Lord Orville is completely out of reach.

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The Mirvans finally return to the country, taking Evelina and Mme Duval with them. Spurred by Evelina's greedy cousins, Mme. Duval concocts a plan to sue Sir John Belmont, Evelina's father, and force him to recognize his daughter's claim in court. Reverend Villars is displeased, and they decide against a lawsuit, but Lady Howard writes to Sir John, who responds unfavourably.

Duval is furious and threatens to rush Evelina back to Paris to pursue the lawsuit.