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This is why we need Christian community. Every one of us 4 needs people to remind us of the faith that once drove us. We need to people to fight our battles for us, people to stand with us to protect our faith, and people who we can encourage and support.

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I tell you what, I felt like a hero that evening. I was saving the day left, right, and center with that flame.

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We need each other, you and I. We need friends and strangers to keep these flames lit. We need real community, not just handshakes before Mass starts. God wants you to live in community and community is possible.

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So pray for it and then go out and find it. Start a Bible study, join the Altar guild, meet your evangelical neighbors. Community might not look like a whole bunch of people the same age, race, and marital status talking about things they already agree on—all the better!

Get coffee with the little old ladies who pray the rosary every day before Mass. Invite Father over for dinner.

Candles in the Rain: On Community - Held By His Pierced Hands

I'm committed to the Church not because I was raised this way but because the Lord has drawn my heart and convicted my reason. After 2 degrees in theology and 5 years in the classroom, I quit my to follow Christ more literally. Since May of , I've been a hobo for Christ; I live out of my car and travel the country speaking to youth and adults, giving retreats, blogging, and trying to rock the world for Jesus.

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Being Our Lady of Sorrows. Friends and family be warned: Directions Using the ruler and pencil, mark the line to cut the beeswax, approximately down the middle of the sheet. You want to first roll to be pretty tight around the wick. Then gently continue to roll the beeswax sheets.

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  • You want to apply gentle pressure, enough to keep it together, but not enough to break the sheets or damage the pattern. Carefully keep the sheet staring as you roll. When you get to the end, gently press the raw edge into the rolled candle. I had to help Naomi — my 3 year old — with the initial roll and securing of the wick, but otherwise, they were able to do this alone.


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