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Apparently, Obama and his team believed that clearly explaining the ambitious changes they hoped to enact would lose the election.

In fact, it is nothing new for progressives in America to recognize that they are out of step with majority sentiment. What is new is the determination to disguise that democratic deficit. Hundreds of Women Defend Kavanaugh. Birther Movement the Reason for Trump's Election. It looks like you've previously blocked notifications. If you'd like to receive them, please update your browser permissions.

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Same as the Old Progressivism? By Peter Berkowitz T Not Gay, 'Bert' Creator Insists. And that may seem like a given, but it's actually not. It really is a change. I guess the question is why now?

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Why now is maybe nearly half the country beginning to turn more and more toward the left, more than it has in decades. I'm always interested in the why now.

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What creates change and why? And my overarching sense of progressivism, in this moment, is what we're seeing is a popular uprising of women and minorities against a government that doesn't represent the majority of Americans. So if you think about the GOP has run for a long way without a popular majority by controlling the national narrative and by manipulating the system. But they are now so far out of touch with most Americans that people are pushing back and this is not the first time this has happened in America.

The Progressive Era: Crash Course US History #27

To me, I look at this and it looks very much the way America looked in the s and it's going to be fascinating to see if it plays out the same way. So what I love is we all saw or participated in the women's march.

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  6. And marching is important but women are running for office. I read the other day that 49 women are either running or planning to run for the Senate, some for the House and 80 for governorships. The vast majority are democrats, breaking all records. It's also the issues that have come to the forefront.

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    You mentioned Iraq but around the economic crisis you have the 15 dollar minimum wage. People used to think that was Utopian. They are raising the issue of getting money out of our politics and ending this rigged system which favors lobbyists and big banks over ordinary, working people.

    I think what's taken a real hit is the feeling that the establishment, whether liberal or conservative, has failed people, has not listened to people, has not been where they are, has not felt their pain, has been too distant, has been too technocratic. And I think that's driving a lot of our politics. It's not fully clear where it heads but I do hope that there's more understanding that there's not just a Trump reactionary ethno-nationalist populism but there's also what Bernie Sanders put up in , a kind of more inclusive solidarity, progressive populism that demands attention especially among younger people.

    So that begs the question though, Katrina, and that is the system has been rigged for a while.