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Book Boxes are another fun way to get kids excited about reading. Take a peak inside a Bookroo Box here. Book-Based Activities are also a lot of fun for kids. Jodie over at Growing Book by Book has saved us all a ton of time and created a full year of Book-Based Activity Calendars so that you can extend the fun with a special book each week. Make the most out of teaching with ABC Books with these tips.

K is for Kite: The Flower Alphabet Book. The Butterfly Alphabet Book. The Bird Alphabet Book. The Icky Bug Alphabet Book. Bugs A to Z.

An Alphabet Book of Animal Offspring. Are there any alphabet books related to spring themes that I missed? Leave a message in the comments. Preschool Spring Theme Lesson Plans. Our favorite summer ABC books are also included in this post. ABC letter mats can be a versatile tool to use in early childhood learning.

Spring Books

They can be laminated and used over and over again for letter formation and writing activities. They can also be used to create alphabet books, posters and more. Letter crafts and process art activities related to a letter you are learning can be a fun way for kids to make connections between a letter and something that starts with that beginning sound.

What a great list! Work up an appetite with this food-themed coloring sheet and word search puzzle! When it comes to learning numbers, six through ten can be tough.

Editable Spring Sight Word Game

Boost your kid's number knowledge with a word search full of hidden number words. Build a better speller with this fun word search full of construction terms! This alphabet word search doubles as a coloring sheet! Help your kindergartener get in gear for reading and writing with this fun word search. Try this easy word search with your child, and help prep him for reading and writing.

Kindergarten Word Search Worksheets & Free Printables |

Kids use letter know-how to search for words that start with T, U, and W. Help get your kindergartener ready to read and write with this word search featuring simple words that start with W through Y.

What do you do when you're on vacation? Find the trip fun words that might come in handy when your kid is telling a friend about an amazing trip he took. This spring word search isn't just a fun puzzler for drizzly afternoons, it'll also help your kid hone all-important spelling and vocabulary skills. Father's Day Word Search. Celebrate Father's Day this year with a fun word search for you and your child.

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Word Search Puzzles in Real Life Besides these themed kindergarten word search puzzle worksheets, it's possible to have a word search in real life! As you're driving your kindergartener or in a grocery store, make a scavenger hunt of words. Incorporate word learning into your everyday life with this exercise, and prepare your kindergartener for strong vocabulary development later on. Sign in with Facebook. But first, we have to verify your age! You have to be 13 or over to proceed.

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Kindergarten Word Search Worksheets and Printables

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Counting The Letters In Spring Words (early reading game)

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