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When Ben Hurdt unexpectedly transforms into a werewolf in front of his pets, they investigate When a pothead falls asleep while smoking a doobie, the resulting fire threatens the college, other students, and, more importantly, his stash. Were by Norm Cowie Price: When a tick gets infected by werewolf blood, things get a bit scary and more than a bit weird for Ryan and his little sister Carrie. A word short story by award-winning fantasy humor author Norm Cowie.

We publish highly literary stories reminiscent of Poe or Lovecraft as well as vulgar shock-value pulp fiction. Bikes in Space, the Non Binary Edition: We want your best. No specific sub-genres or themes, just good stories. All stories must also be speculative in some way.

Stories should be well crafted and flushed out, having elements of a great story that could be told for generations to come. Mickey Finn 20th Century Noir: The Twelfth Planet Press: For when things are bad out there in the world. We are looking for books that feed the angry soul. Moonlight a Queer Werewolf Anthology: We are looking for stories that span genres and tones. Your werewolves may be moody or the life of the party. All that matters is that they are openly queer and that there is an engaging story around them to be told.

Speculative fiction is weird, almost unclassifiable.

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We want it all. Send us your strange, misshapen stories. Fantastical or non-real content should be meaningful to the story. Martian Migraine Press Monstrous Outlines: Predators in plain sight, deities on their down time, sublime extra-dimensional terrors slumming in 4D. We want to see stories of exceptionally well done camouflage, all the more baffling and frightening for its seamless nature.

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Cohesion Press — 2,, words military scifi horror. Must be really scary. Must be original not a reprint between 2K and 4K words. In the world of Folk Horror, the laws of God and Man are stripped away by secretive, provincial, surreal, and occult ritualism that subverts the established order in favor of a monstrous, all-consuming, elemental force of ancient evil. Please read the general submissions for more details. The success rate was high … until the new creatures began to show signs of rot. Genetically and physically enhanced, these monsters begin to turn on each other and their makers.

Hoping to see good things here. The New Mexico Review 1, words new and emerging fiction with south western flare. Weird, dark fiction; slipstream; magical realism; horror. Fiction with a touch of mythic quality. We want themes based around transformations—things that are shapeshifting, things that are emerging. We want a wide scope of voices, cultures, and perspectives. Arachane Press no more than words to celebrate the end of WW2. Weird Nature Anthology 2,, words.

Emotionally charged, the work explores the theme of separation. Feb is the coldest month of the year here in Alabama so feelings of isolation and sorrow seem to dovetail my weather perfectly. Armstrong was heavy handed. The opening and the middle felt intellectually insulting. I appreciate the attempt for artists by interspersing different narrative elements, but the execution left a lot to be desired. Great theming and ambition.


The fantasy theme was notable, and given my preferences, made me more likely to enjoy it. There were elements that I found distasteful. The female voice, in particular, felt stilted, as if the author had never spoken for very long with a woman or as if the author has only known and women in very shallow ways. But I thought the punch line at the end was worth the read. I really love Mary E. Her ability to summarize the last stories in a line or two, are pretty inspiring.

She brings a childlike joy and wonder to the vast array and variation of space. Nice Guy her own.

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I will definitely be keeping an eye out for this author. So if you are looking for a sexy fun romance then look no further because this book had it all from humor to steam and romance. Sep 07, Janey rated it really liked it Shelves: ARC generously provided by entangled publishing in exchange for an honest review.. Having made a promise to herself to kick start a different path, especially as she's heading off to pastures new in a few weeks, she spends a drunken evening with her best friend, Sal, putting together a sexy to-do list.

Mack Kennedy has known Josie since was a girl, given she's his little sister's best frie ARC generously provided by entangled publishing in exchange for an honest review.. Mack Kennedy has known Josie since was a girl, given she's his little sister's best friend. He shares an apartment with his sister, above the veterinary surgery they jointly run, and Josie has decamped there prior to moving to London.

Mack comes across Josie's list, and struggles to not only see how she has not managed quite a few items on there already, but figures he might just be the man for the job. On a rescue mission to pick up Josie one night, and following a conversation between them that suggests Mack might be too nice for the "list job", they find themselves getting hot and heavy in a dark alley. If there were any lines to be aware of, to not cross, this now puts them in a very blurry place.

Stomped all over it. Blowtorched it into oblivion. Their history had given them familiarity, but their determination to conquer Josie's list made for great reading. It had many delicious elements to it, making this first time read from this author, a winner for me. Here's hoping it's Sal's turn next.. View all 5 comments. I was looking forward to reading this after I read a lot of my friends reviews on here, I even pre ordered and I could not wait to jump in.

I'm sad to say I was bored. Josie annoyed me Curtis this Curtis that blah blah. Mack bored me he was no alpha male he did not get my juices going. The story was about the sex list and nothing else. I know I am in a minority here as everyone else gave it 4 or 5 stars bu I was looking forward to reading this after I read a lot of my friends reviews on here, I even pre ordered and I could not wait to jump in.

I know I am in a minority here as everyone else gave it 4 or 5 stars but you can't like them all. Oct 13, Jamie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Super hot easy read. But a surprise for me.. One scene with a horse I love a friends to lovers book, especially when the couple has a long history of friendship like Josie and Mack had Yep, this was a fun, sexy, super easy read!

A great book to kind of clear your brain after something gritty or intense! Sep 23, Rin W. Vitale rated it really liked it. Just what I need! LOL Also this kind of read will reduce the possibility of creating wrinkles. View all 4 comments. May 03, Susanne rated it really liked it Shelves: And hot guy teaches old friend to be a bad girl is one of my favorite troupes. Sep 20, Wendy'sThoughts rated it it was amazing.

Yes, it was her liberated girlfriend who pushed all the drunken buttons and helped to make it all happen We have Josie- and she has a best friend who's older brother, Mack, is smokin' hot So nice his ex went 4. So nice his ex went and dumped him for a "bad boy"; tells him grit was what she wanted Mack has been lost Josie just dumped her ex because she really never had the passion She is making a change in her life And what a list Ar first Josie is rightfully embarrassed Mack looks at said list and is surprised Josie has put some of these things down to try Now Mack is seeing Josie differently He just needs to convince her he isn't only "nice" but has the "bad boy" in him for her list He is the whole package Hell, I was only reading about his goods This was a very fun read and I am glad to have met Amy Andrews.

She writes sassy, sexy and touching. She doesn't take her self seriously yet gives us a story with a fresh feel. I will be looking for more from her. A gifted copy was provided by Entangled Brazen Publishing for an honest review. For more Reviews, Free E-books and Giveaways. Sep 07, Nicola rated it it was amazing. If you…you know…want to. Nice Guy may be a compassionate, thoughtful, gentle Veterinarian, but is also a Mr. Dirty Boy and he is bloody sexy. I will happily confess to being a sucker for a man who Australian, kind, skilled with his mouth and loves his animals.

Five years with a once a week missionary man has left her desperate to inject some sizzle to her sex life, and whilst drunk she makes a to-do list There's teasing, but when she takes herself off to find her fun, the beast that has been asleep in Mack since his own bad break-up is roused. They've known each other for fifteen years and they're close, but they're about to get closer They have 2 weeks before Josie leaves for London and they make fine use of every single second.

Their sexcapades are just panty-melting and I loved how confident, comfortable and fun loving they were with each other. I laughed at their banter, sighed and swooned over Mack's exceptional skills and had a little cry at the heartfelt.

It packs all the feels. Amy Andrews isn't a new author to me and I know she does sexy, but this is by far the hottest I've read. She has brought us a fun, entertaining, scorching hot read with an injection of sweet that I didn't want to end and when I'd finished I may have been a little cheeky and asked her if we are going to be treated to Sal's story. You won't be disappointed. Copy received courtesy of Entangled Publishing for an honest and unbiased opinion Apr 30, Soonya rated it liked it. Well this story didn't really have much but smut. I really liked the first half where, before hero and heroine got together.

Some situations were really hilarious, and made me laugh. However, the second half felt a bit boring and I didn't understand some of the issues. What worked for me: The fact that they knew each other for so long and never felt anything for one another but friendship. It's refreshing that no one was pinning after anyone. Ex drama free 4. They really wanted just se Well this story didn't really have much but smut. They really wanted just sex, no bigger plan usually one wants more than the other and all that stuff 5. Hero was really likable What didn't: I didn't really like that her issues with her ex weren't really discussed in this book and their past was just mentioned.

Like it made me disconnected from the characters and I wanted to know more. Heroine's panic attack after hero made love to her in missionary position was weird. I had no clue why she had so much issues with her mom, if she was the one she run to? Although I did like their first sex scene, I wasn't really into the whole trying every position in the book.

Call me old-fashioned, but I like when characters connect during sex as well. She never wanted to look into his eyes, being afraid of intimacy or something. Safety gang view spoiler [ no exes showing up at all. They don't even think about them much. He was in the relationship 6 months ago and was celibate during that time. His relationship lasted 2 years and she cheated on him. He was not a man-whore, but experienced in bed. Heroine was in 5 year long relationship and broke up with her ex because he proposed to her, and it happened like one day before the book started.

She wants to try all those sexual positions and some other stuff and hero finds the list. She just wants some wild sex. So I assumed that it wasn't their first time without the condom they just mention that they are both safe , there was no pushing away on hero's side, also h mentions that she wasn't really in love with her ex.

Hero several times mentions how much everything he feels for h is different and way better. View all 7 comments. Sep 22, Victoria rated it really liked it Shelves: Page from Kama Sutra 2. Get a vibrator 9. I'm a big fan of the Entangled Brazen collection but this was my first book by Amy Andrews. It was a hit for me! It was fun and sexy. Both characters made me laugh and were easy to like! Josie certainly brought out something in Mack I could certainly appreciate it.

I'd recommend for readers that like other Entangled Brazen books, and readers that like contemporary romances with a side of humor. I'll definitely be reading more from this author in the future! Sep 20, Maida rated it liked it Shelves: So needless to say, the novella No More Mr. Nice Guy was a most-welcomed distraction. I just need more time to come up with a suitable rating.

However, I'm willing to overlook the opening pages since the story IS a novella. By the time the novella opens, Mack is in limbo. He's definitely still "one of the good guys," but he's also put forth a more hardened persona. He's trying to reconcile the "good guy" that he's always been and STILL is with the primal, more virile side of himself that is now manifesting. There are several things about this novella that stand out I find the author's portrayal of their breakup quite refreshing: And so did Curtis. He deserved a woman who was totally into him.

Not someone who was only there because he was the safe option. In an effort to live a more exciting life, Josie with the help of Sal comes up a "sexual bucket list. Or a dislocated hip.

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I want to have pretzel sex with him, not design the latest Volvo. Oct 24, Tracy rated it it was amazing Shelves: This was my first Amy Andrews story and I just loved it to pieces!!