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10 Misconceptions that are Potential Deal Breakers for your Content Strategy | E2M Blog

Many marketers are at risk of missing their mobile moment. Mobile consumers have extremely short attention spans. Experience shows that advertisers have three seconds or less to grab their interest. While it often takes time for advertising spending to catch up with the growth of a new medium, something else is at work here: Companies are viewing mobile through the prism of digital media in general. But mobile, once seen as a subset of digital, should now be considered its own medium, one with enormous possibilities and new rules of engagement.

Some companies are allowing themselves to be misled by their own metrics. Conventional digital metrics, which typically attribute an action to the last place a consumer clicked, often miss the nonlinear aspect of buyer behavior. The manufacturer and retailer may never acknowledge that mobile was involved in the transaction. Many marketers, in short, are underestimating the true value of mobile. By applying this 1.

The paradox of choice

Brands can create an intimate connection, reaching consumers at the precise instant when they are ready to shop—and to buy. In an effort to capture more of these occasions, brands are conducting focused, scalable experiments in mobile marketing—with strong results. Red Lobster, for example, targeted mobile customers with advertising when those customers were near one of its restaurants during prime dinner hours, reaching potential guests at those micro-moments when they were most likely to stop in for a meal. Red Lobster ventured into mobile marketing using a test-and-learn approach. When it studied its guests, it found out just how important mobile was in their lives.

Since about three-quarters of the US population lives within driving distance of a Red Lobster, the company saw an opportunity to test mobile advertising on a broad scale. Red Lobster reached out directly to consumers who were near one of its restaurants and on their mobile phones at dinnertime—at the micro-moments when they were ready to make a purchasing decision.

As part of this effort, the company increased its investment in mobile engagement in two geographic markets with a large concentration of stores, then compared the results with a similar-sized control area. Give them their daily dose of blog posts by all means but pepper it with a regular helping of visual content as well.

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Another reason why you need to focus on content other than just text, especially visual content, is that you can say more in a really short time. Ideally, you will need to put in place a visual storytelling strategy to optimize the use of visuals in your content marketing strategy.

Also, it is visual content in the form of images that gets shared most on social media — yet another reason why you need to shift focus away from a purely text based content marketing approach and move towards a more blended approach that uses text, audio and visuals for making an impact. Content cannot exist in a vacuum. After creating content, you need to go out there and look for your audience; you must also make sure your content reaches your audience. This will never happen. A content marketing strategy is essentially a blend of content creation and a diverse range of internet marketing strategies.

Think of content marketing as an essential component of your larger inbound marketing strategy and work forward from there. But the truth is some of the biggest products brands in business like Coca Cola and others are optimizing the use of content marketing. There is no reason why your products based businesses cannot do the same!

There is no doubt that content marketing comes across as tailor made for the services industry, but give some wings to your imagination and you can own your products-based niche with some innovative content marketing. Think brochures, really well-written product descriptions, product utility videos, product benefits infographics, case studies, white papers and you have a solid content marketing strategy that backs your brand through thick and thin.

Content marketing is a long term-commitment. Continuous engagement is the defining characteristic of a content marketing campaign. You need to keep publishing quality content and sharing it across all your social media channels to make sure it reaches the widest audience possible.

What is the Conversation Prism?

Do you need to keep doing this till you start experiencing ROI from this strategy? No, you need to keep doing this for eternity or at least till you are using this tactic to push your business growth northwards. There is no scope for taking a breather if you are using content marketing. Diligence and focused effort is the key to success. Take a look at the whiteboard Friday video to know more about this misconception. Content marketing is all about capturing the mindshare of your audience with content they are looking for, over a period of time. It ensures your brand is at the top of their minds when they are looking for products and services you are selling.

According to a eMarketer report , social networking reaches one in four users across the world, and by the social network audience will total 2. Social media marketing works towards leveraging the potential of the ever increasing user base on the various social media channels. A presence on these social media channels allows businesses to grow a network of friends and followers who they can market their services to. But, an essential component of social media marketing is nurturing personal interaction with target consumers by sharing content.

The network I have created spans over 20 years of traveling and hard work. When you help people with no expectation of getting anything in return, they tend to remember you. In addition, we also use video and other online tools to help us reach places and raise awareness about our organization around the globe that would otherwise be more difficult to do. How has your marketing strategy changed since starting your non-profit?

#1 – Content Marketing is Easy

Do you find yourself marketing more online than you had in the past? I have learned a tremendous amount about marketing for non-profits.

7 Step Content Creation Strategy for Epic Content Marketing

When you start your business or non-profit, you have to work on building relationships. Now that we are established as a non-profit emergency response group, the media comes to us for events with local connections. It helps get the word out and they can get some great stories to help tin the recovery. I think you also have to evaluate your prime audience, or buyer personas, to understand what marketing strategy you need to consider to most effectively attract them to your non-profit, and keep them in the information cycle of your business.

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We have used online marketing campaigns to attract donors and raise awareness on our website. We have done this through email marketing, landing pages, and donation pages for people to have an easy way to give back.

With so many non-profits having an online presence and seeking donations, what does the future look like for online marketing in this sector? So I believe hybrid marketing delivery is going to incorporate traditional and new age techniques such as inbound marketing.