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The sparks fly immediately between Brent and Raj and the tension between them is thick. Whomever is threatening Raj is threatening his career, his reputation and threatening to out Raj to the public. The story is at times intense and slow moving. It focuses heavily on the relationship Brent and Raj develop and has, what I thought was, a good enough mystery to keep me interested.

I enjoyed the story, I really did, and I wouldn't say I had problems with it but more like I wish a few things were more elaborated on.

Bollywood Desires

Like, I wished the mystery had a bit more focus within the story. It's a nice mystery but I kind of wished there would have been more blackmail letters, more threats and such. Also, since the IIFA's, a Bollywood awards event, were important within Raj's life it dictated his decisions I wished there had been more of a spotlight on it when the scene for it finally came.

I think I would have liked to see a bit more into the event. It was interesting and tensive.

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I loved the characters and the plot had a nice feel to it. Definitely something I'd recommend: View all 19 comments.

Sep 07, Alina rated it it was amazing. Super sweet and lovely book!

I love bodyguard stories and exotic locations, so this one was a win-win for me: Really nice characters and hot sex scenes: Mar 19, Lasha rated it really liked it Shelves: Raj also has another problem: Lavinia Lewis does an excellent job of putting the reader in India, with the customs and culture and ratcheting up the sexual tension between the two protagonists. As Brent and Raj finally give in to their desires, the drama explodes and takes the reader on a wild ride until the final climax is revealed.

And while I did enjoy Bollywood Desires, as with some of Ms. Oct 18, Heller rated it it was ok Shelves: Likeable characters, interesting location and storyline but it just didn't jell for me as well as would have liked. This is an extremely slow burn romance, frustratingly so for me at most points. Brent Hawthorne is a London bodyguard recently moved to India with friends to make a go of starting a security business with clients from Bollywood.

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Their first job turns out to be the protection of one of the industry's top stars, Ra 2. Their first job turns out to be the protection of one of the industry's top stars, Rajkumar Khan, he's gay but closeted and is being blackmailed. There is attraction between Raj and Brent but they don't act on it primarily due to Brent refusing to cross the line between bodyguard and client. There's a lot of waffle here though. Will we, won't we, should we, shouldn't we Even though there seems like there's a lot happening with the blackmail plot with letters and threats, the storyline of it moves very, very slowly.

I hate to say that I was bored but I was bored. I didn't find the characters engaging enough for me to really connect with them. It was struggle to finish this one. I'd say if you're a fan of the slow burn romance you might be interested in trying this one. Unfortunately for me, it was too slow which affected what I thought of the characters' actions and motivations. View all 5 comments. Sep 13, Karen K rated it really liked it Shelves: Lavinia did such a great job in schooling me in Bollywood because I was really clueless before.

I loved the relationship between Brent and Raj - it was both sweet and hot, the best kind of love. Raj immediately hooked into my heart and Brent grew on me shortly thereafter. May 08, Suze rated it really liked it Recommended to Suze by: Won on IRM website.

The build of tension between the two was good, Raj playing with Brent's patience was funny, Mr Nasty only became more obvious just before he was exposed. I would have loved it to be a bit longer, to get beneath the characters a bit more. Jun 19, Andi Anderson rated it really liked it. Jul 17, Kelly rated it it was amazing. Gonna be honest, I was originally put off by the fact it was set in Bollywood, there are just some settings I wouldn't read, but I have to say that I absolutely loved!

Mar 19, Nikko rated it it was amazing.

This is a lovely read Dec 29, Jacq rated it liked it. Jul 07, Lucy Felthouse rated it it was amazing. Article first published as eBook Review: Bollywood Desires by Lavinia Lewis on Blogcritics. This is the first Lavinia Lewis title I've read, but based on this hot novel, I'll definitely be coming back for more. Brent's security company want Raj's business, and so Brent goes along to a meeting to try and win the contract. However, as soon as he meets Raj, he has Article first published as eBook Review: However, as soon as he meets Raj, he has more on his mind than protecting the actor - he finds him incredibly attractive and has trouble hiding it.

It seems Raj feels the same - but there are problems awaiting them. Only a tiny number of people know about his sexuality - and he wants to keep it that way. Regardless of the two men's feelings for one another, Brent's company is given the contract, and get to work immediately. The actor is being sent anonymous letters which threaten both his life and to reveal his secret, so Brent and his team have their work cut out for them.

They must keep Raj safe and get to the bottom of the blackmail. The more time Brent spends with Raj, the more he wants him. The trouble is, Raj doesn't give in easily and is determined to prove how good they could be together, no matter what the consequences are. Wow - this is one super hot book! It's an erotic romance and a thriller combined, which makes for a very exciting read. The sexual tension between the men is seriously high from the beginning, and keeps you turning the pages to see what will happen between them.

Oct 20, Honey rated it liked it. This was frustrating because the story had so much potential. I read the rest of it feeling irritated. My problem with it? Raj professed to understand and then a paragraph later would be This was frustrating because the story had so much potential.

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This happened over and over again. Jul 16, Lioness7 rated it really liked it Shelves: This was a book that through me for a loop with what happened. I loved Brent and Raj together. They made a cute couple. I also loved this book being about somebody famous in another country. It was refreshing to read about Bollywood, and I thought the descriptions of the colorful clothing and Mumbai to be fascinating.

I know that I enjoyed my ti This was a book that through me for a loop with what happened. I know that I enjoyed my time reading and found I had a hard time putting down the book. Mar 20, Meggie rated it it was ok Shelves: This story was full of stupid characters. The was Jack acted so unprofessional and focused only on money, brrr. God it went on my nerves. And Brent wasn't far away, too.

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From the start, he was moody and irritating. Which I didn't understand. Why moving to Mumbai if you hate everything there is to hate about the city. Jeez this attitude was bad for my enjoyment. The romance between Raj and Brent was comical and pulling enough, but not for my taste. They behaved childish around each other, which s This story was full of stupid characters. They behaved childish around each other, which says much about the writing style.

Which isn't of my taste. She spent hours dreaming up characters and creating stories. Not a lot has changed. Now when she is not writing you can find her enjoying a new release e-book. Lavinia has lived all over the UK but currently resides in London, England. She has travelled extensively to places including Africa, Asia, Australia, America and most of Europe. Although some of her books are set in Texas she has never visited the state but plans to spend time there in the near future.

Lavinia particularly loves supernatural fiction and her favourite authors in this genre include Kelly Armstrong, Keri Arthur and Charlaine Harris. Although Lavinia is a huge fan of the romance genre, she will admit to reading anything and everything. She loves horror, a good thriller and if a book has the capacity to make her cry, well, all the better.

One thing she does insist on in a book however, regardless of genre is a happy ending, so you will always find one in the books she writes. When bodyguard Brent Hawthorne moves to India to start a new business, he thinks his biggest problems are going to be the language barrier and coping with the intense heat in Mumbai