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Don't show one a mirror though, or you might not like what you don't see. Devour Blood Rank Needed: Deals damage to up to 2 three enemies and heals for some of the damage dealt.

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Sonar Scream Rank Needed: Does not apply 'Deafened' while 'Aspect of The Bat' is active. Ghoul Gouge Rank Needed: Deals damage to up to 2 three targets and applies 'Gouged' debuff to your enemies, dealing damage over 12 seconds. Does not apply 'Gouged' while 'Aspect of The Bat' is active. Sanguine Lord Rank Needed: Previously Rank 10 Passive.

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Darkness SPell that deals the listed damage. Does not respect your weapon special. Evolve - Toggle Guardian Only Draw upon secret necrotic energies to transform yourself! This transforms you into a more powerful form, increasing your damage at the cost of your defences. Armour becomes fully-offensive Armour Lean x1.

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You lose access to all Active Abilities. Your attacks take This does not affect LS damage; not factored into the numbers above. Numbers thanks to In Media Res. Evolved Male Image thanks to Zeldax.

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Vamp Female Image thanks to mega Analysis Starts off as a standard armour attack: Multiplied by the listed EleComp. Updates November 19, The armour was released as the Vamp armour. All rights are reserved. Referenced by enumeratePlugins , and runPlugin.

This should be brief and self-contained, as it may be used to identify the plugin to the user in isolation i. Referenced by enumeratePlugins , and printPluginCategoryList. Get a human-readable description for the plugin, typically a line of text that may optionally be displayed in addition to the plugin's "name". This should be a short identifying text, as it may be used to label plugins from the same source in a menu or similar.

This can be an informative text, without the same presentation constraints as mentioned for getMaker above. The host should re-read the plugin's parameter values after setting a new program. This is to be implemented by the immediate subclass, not by actual plugins. Do not attempt to implement this in plugin code.

Get the Vamp API compatibility level of the plugin. Get the computer-usable name of the plugin.