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Calaméo - Emocional Clase1

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You have handed on as much as you can and people are seeing themselves in a much better light than before. The special gifts that you bring with you cannot be handed on to anyone. Only the results of your magic can be experienced by humanity and this must continue until each person can find their own spirit to follow and combine with others in the perfect dance of joy and harmony. Your influence is from a different place and is totally different from the influence of earthly standards.

There is no need for you to be accepted under the judgment system of humanity. You are already accepted by all levels of life throughout the universe and you are known by everyone at a level that is far beyond the accepted human intellect. It is time to tell the world what humanity already knows and that is what you are about to do.

This will make a major difference in your everyday life and will take you to many places.

The buildup will be quick and you will not have to work at anything that is normally considered a task. You have the magic and you have completed all preparation. Listen to your own voice and go to wherever you wish at any moment. Celebrate and know that you are fully supported in everything you do. No hay necesidad de dar explicaciones. Dicho esto, no es necesario seguir centrado en este tema. Ya no hay necesidad de contenerte o considerar lo que alguien pudiera pensar o decir. Todo esto para ti es muy sencillo y ahora se te recuerda que no se pueden encontrar estos atributos especiales en las personas que te rodean, pero no por eso debes olvidarlos y no exponerlos.

Los dones especiales que traes contigo son intransferibles. Tu influencia llega desde un lugar distinto, siendo completamente diferente de la influencia de los patrones terrenales.


No es necesario que se te acepte bajo el sistema del juicio de la humanidad. Escucha a tu propia voz y ve en todo momento a dondequiera que desees ir. You are all ready to move forward and take on the tasks that come your way rather than follow a lead that is going nowhere. This seems to need some explanation but it is well understood and ready to be left behind as a statement that never needs to be said again.

Advancement is the focus and that can mean anything that you wish at any moment.

Cómo Convencer a las Personas: Clave de un Discurso Persuasivo (Sin Manipular a las Personas)

Today there will be a release in the formation of standards that will make room for the advancement that everyone can see somewhere deep inside or far away in the distance. These two places are accessible to each person and can be easily used to move our focus to a place of freedom and advancement that is not limited to spiritual or even the unknown. Everything that seemed to belong to everyone else will now be reconstructed so that it is available to whoever wishes to have it as part of their life.

With the release of standards, we are able to stop rebuilding or replacing the standards and look past to where the world is available in the form that we can see as perfect. The power that can be generated by humanity is not needed to see past what we have been conditioned to, and there is no need for the generation of raw power if there is a sense of harmony applied to everything that you do. Living life to the fullest is now one of the greatest arts that can be passed on to anyone and the only way to do this is by demonstration.

Live life to the fullest and you will provide the greatest gift to the world and the people in it. There is no standard high enough and there is no limit that cannot be surpassed. What you are preparing for yourself you are preparing for everyone.

Palabras de a Centavo

The most difficult thing in your field right now is acceptance of your own expectations. Each time there is an image that breaches your limited field and shown something that is partially hidden because of your limited vision, there is an immediate restructure carried out so that the image is modified to fit your field. This is what is necessary to maintain stability within your structured reality.

It is actually your expanded expectation that causes your image to breach your limited field and bring more to your world than you think you can handle. If a major disruption enters your field you are able to call on capabilities that are beyond even your own understanding but if your expectations look like disrupting things in a positive direction you will quickly change everything to prevent any disturbance. This is a conditioning that needs no explanation but it is good to know that each person has the capability to control such a thing and not even know what they are doing.

We are now looking something in the face that is regulated by every person in the world and it can become a confrontation without you saying a word. Today there is a gap appearing in this continuous regulation and we can all feel the possibility of being able to handle our own expanded expectations even when they exceed the considered realms of our own reality. In other words we are on the edge of being the masters of our own destiny simply by seeing that there is no need to take any notice of the continuous decision making that presently regulates almost every part of our life. People will now notice that their habit of stating and restating their limitations will stand out as ridiculous and the action of verbal reprogramming will disappear from their life.

What you see for the future is beyond the view of most people and with the use of your talents there is a way for everyone to present themselves with a view that is beyond the view of most people. This is the way that the hologram of real life can be presented to the world.

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  • Mariage au bout du monde (Harlequin Azur) (French Edition);
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Visions from every perspective will be available for everyone to explore and nothing will be excluded. The real picture will be much bigger than all of us combined and it will be capable of presenting more than the impossible to everyone. Now that we have reached the stable area where you can proceed with what you know to be the most important part of your work, we will change direction and look from the future back to where you are now.

This will make the path clear and will limit the number of possibilities that present themselves in your every moment. The elevation of the world has been taken over by the people and now all you have to do is show them how to steer their way to where there is no restriction in the flow and no real effort needed to maintain their direction. In living your life to the fullest you will achieve everything and people will feel and see whatever they need to fulfill their own destiny.

There is only one way to move forward and that is to write. Every other facility will fail you when you become locked in the endless loop of human confusion. This loop is part of the overall consciousness that is put in place to prevent you from leaving its field and it will cause confusion and illness if you allow it to take hold. This is the last line of defense that the induced human consciousness has to keep itself alive and running.

You are now approaching a reality that can reveal and disassemble the consciousness that has been holding the world in a state of turmoil for many thousands of years. The full revelation has not been available because it has been protected by its own operating system and removal of the system can result in a complete shutdown of the earth model that has been known as life itself.

With your unique structure, it is possible to bring in a new operating system or reality that is far in excess of the present reality and thus render the present reality harmless and out of date. This major change is happening because of who you are and your energetic signature is such that it is able to work directly with the source and not be overshadowed by the existing reality.. This is a critical time and much of what we will reveal will seem foreign for a while and will not make much sense however there will be a recognition that will take you to a place of understanding that is outside of your humanity and will open new pathways that allow you to use this place of understanding and make it reflect in the physical world.

Services on Demand

For now, however, it is sufficient to allow the seeds to be planted and nurture themselves so that they may grow as part of your physical nature and your natural vibration in the world. The open movement into the future is leaving many things behind but the sensation is the opposite as you feel the reconnection much more than the disconnection from the past. This is something that the regular logic is unable to handle and it sometimes demands attention that is not even relevant to anything at all.

This is what can be described as personal deception but it is more aptly handled as a most unusual experience of what happens when your table of reference is removed. It is like the lights suddenly going out when you are moving very fast, you have a short period of reaction and then you call on something else that allows you to relax and continue with ease. You are more conscious of what is ahead than you are of what has passed and your senses are heightened to lead you along the way.

All that we talk about has little meaning if it is taken in as historical data but it has much effect on your enthusiasm when your operating system is showing that red flag that indicates a possible disorder. As the information is supplied the flags go away and you are free to ignore them in the future. Even though our conversation is short there is a necessity for the interaction and the clear connection to your information channels that guide you into the future.

The information supplied by social interaction will not give you any part of the future that you know but it will give you an idea of where people are focused.

Tentación en celibato (Spanish Edition)

For now it is suggested that this be put to one side until your focus becomes clear and you are able to look in other directions without losing track of your focal point. Once again, there is much to be done and your day will be clear as you follow every lead and consume every piece of data that attracts you. The random manner of progress will become more natural as you follow your spirit and all that comes will not look like it is related in any way until the last movement is complete and the full picture can be seen.

Enjoy the process and remain isolated from each event so that your logic is confounded to the point where it gives up and disappears into the background. Every moment is important and every action is precise to the extent that you will feel enormous pressure if you attempt to move outside of flow that is driving you. At the same time you will feel great comfort in being able to ride the wave of life and maintain yourself in an upright position without looking back at what is pushing you.

To all those who have a need to drive your direction there will be a sense of satisfaction when it all moves in harmony and a sense of major discomfort when it is out of tune. This will bring everyone into line even when you are all going in different directions with different purposes in mind. The elevation of nature will change and you will all see the dimensions that encapsulate every living thing.

This will reveal itself quickly and will attract the attention of everyone. The beauty of life and everything in it will take on a new level so that nothing else will be more important to humanity. Now that you are truly connected to your origin in your normal everyday life there will be a visual change around you and everything that you do will have something special to offer the world.

This is your purpose and it will never be summarized in any form that can be encapsulated and captured for human consumption. This will always be new and unique in every way and the closer humanity comes to summarizing your presence the more you will change and lead them to higher places. Today our conversation will take on a slightly different form to allow you to move forward quickly and not be concerned with whatever may come into your field. There is a lot to say but we will not even tax your brain as we deliver it to your communication system and allow it to appear on the page.

The concentrated effort that you need to operate within the confines of a human existence will be put to one side for a moment while we deliver a series of facts that are more easily accepted when you are in a free running mode. The output that you experience on a daily basis is about to double and the sincerity with which you pursue your communications will become paramount while you move the base of your system from a place that everyone knows to a place that no one has experienced to date.

The movement that you have seen in the people of the world will now be nothing compared to what you are about to step into. All the changes of the past twenty years will repeat themselves in the period of one year and will take everyone past the barriers that have rebuilt themselves along the way. You will not even look at these changes as you open the way to new experiences and establish a framework that can handle the flexibility that you need for the future.

Our conversations will take on a new light as you deliver more and more of the unknown to the world and watch the eyes of everyone open to the things they have never seen. You will be encouraged to write about different but obvious concepts that are a reality as soon as they are pointed out and in this way the people will awaken to their environment and their own unique capabilities. Your virtual advancement centers are forming up quickly and there is no need to define their boundaries or their leaders. Everyone can see their own path and the formation is like an intermingled dance of beauty and flamboyance that presents itself as a solid entity in the world.

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