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He also molested Marisa. Gaby , at the instruction of her therapist, has written a letter to her stepfather for closure and the therapist wants her to read it at his grave. This means a very reluctant return to the town where she grew up.

Alejandro Perez

But she gets a surprise when she arrives. While visiting her old elementary school she confronts the nun to whom she confessed about the abuse. As a little girl, the nun accused her of lying and she still does now. Gaby comes up with a plan to help Juanita — camping on the front lawn.

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After being scared witless by a plastic ax carrying Lee , Juanita realizes that not everything is real and her nightmares are cured. But later, a strange hat wearing shadow appears on the side of the tent. Gabrielle thinks that was Lee, again. But, it was Alejandro. Gaby sees the weird hat guy skulking around outside and goes to Bree to ask her for a gun. Bree signs her up for a gun class instead.

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At the grocery store, the creepy man is there again. When she aks to watch the camera's video, she understands the man is Alejandro. She goes back to the gun class — much more seriously this time.

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Alejandro is now hanging around outside in broad daylight, so Gabrielle drives off to the woods with her gun. She tells him to leave and never come back. But, during the dinner, Alejandro is waiting for Gaby at her house. Moments later Susan , Bree and Lynette arrive at the house and see the dead body. Gaby is worried that Carlos will go to jail because the stepfather was unarmed. Never mind that he was trespassing in their house and assaulting Gaby.

Bree is the one who comes up with the idea of hiding the body. Alejandro's body was wrapped up in a red cloth bag and then he was stuffed into Gabrielle large, hard wooden chest, and he stayed in their until the dinner party at Gabrielle's house had ended. Bree makes them take a pact that they will all keep this secret. After grinding the gears for a while, they get pulled over by Chuck. He offers to drive and after a multitude of lies about the vehicle and its contents, they have to pull over so Gaby can throw up the chewing tobacco she claimed was hers.

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  4. She eggs his house and blames miscreants shouting anti-Australian slurs. She also tries to plant some endangered frogs on the property so the EPA will shut him down. When none of it works, she gets Gaby and Lynette and they decide to dig up and move the body. The body is gone. Bree , Gaby and Lynette work it out that Susan is the one that dug up Alejandro.

    Ben decides to call the police and Bree runs to the grave site. The Emmy -nominated actress was already making a name for herself before shaving her head for " Stranger Things. See her early roles. Not Particularly Desperate Housewife 18 Dec In order to gain entry in a women's social club known as the Ladybugs, Francine pretends she is cheating on Stan. After her fellow Ladybugs wish to meet her "boytoy", guilt stricken Francine confesses that she is not having an affair. Now she must either actually cheat on her husband or the Ladybugs will kill her in an attempt to keep their secrets safe.

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    Enjoy unlimited streaming on Prime Video. There was an error trying to load your rating for this title. Some parts of this page won't work property. Please reload or try later. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. There's nothing like a major poo incident to test your parenting resolve. A note to new parents - along your journey, there will be poo. And on that fateful day, for me, poo there was, and I could not escape it. Stay-at-home dad to Archie, 8, Lewis, 7, Tyson, 3, and Macki, 1.

    Greagen hides his emotions behind humour and doesn't mind oversharing - he even wrote a "vasectomy countdown". Popular posts include love letters to his robotic vacuum cleaner and how to "mother-in-law proof" your house. Greagen was a parent searching for purpose. Co-workers were appalled and my manliness was questioned. Writing gave me a buzz and made me feel validated. The kids are in bed by 8. It's around 15 hours a week. Greagen is picky, rejecting offers on a weekly basis because the fees aren't high enough. I wish others weren't so eager to undersell themselves.

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    To free Reservoir Mum from this horror, I have to make her believe that she means nothing to me. Stay-at-home dad to Max, 2. A British ex-pat who struggles with the "loneliness of parenthood", Ross wears his heart on his sleeve.

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    Most of his readers are women, for whom he's a shoulder to cry on. It began as a diary to send to long-distance relatives. My dad has never been shy to say, 'I love you', so I'm an open book. During his son's three-hour daily nap. In fact, Ross struggles with over-motivation. I was thinking in blog-speak and Facebook updates.

    A brand ambassador for Dettol, Ross is a "kind of a agony uncle" on the Dettol website.