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Retrieved November 19, On the page, select " Gaon Chart Retrieved November 19, Retrieved October 29, Retrieved September 8, Tienda MP3" in Spanish. Musica Digitale" in Italian. Retrieved October 4, Will they make it to him in time? Will Blaine still be there?

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If he is there, is he sane? Can a train be sane? Where will this story go? We get to know them individually while seeing them interact with one another. My favorite interactions are between Roland and Eddie. Roland, so severe and earnest in every aspect vs. Each and every time I read this series I find something new that makes me love them all the more. It came from the top of the Tower, and seemed to fill the world.

As that note of warning held and drew out over the field where he stood, blackness welled from the windows which girdled the Tower. It overspilled them and spread across the sky in flaggy streams which came together and formed a growing blotch of darkness. It did not look like a cloud; it looked like a tumor hanging over the earth. The sky was blotted out.

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And, he saw, it was not a cloud or a tumor but a shape, some tenebrous, cyclopean shape racing toward the place where he stood. View all 28 comments. Aug 19, R. Gold rated it it was amazing. As usual I have nothing but positive things to say about this book. Well, actually there is one negative and that's the ending. It was of course an incomplete work ending at a climax, however, since it's not anymore and I do not have to wait years for a new book to come out, I will not fault King for this.

In fact, I will look at it as a positive, for I cannot wait to begin book 4. Mid-world is continuing to grow, and the questions to its existence continue to be answered. It's funny, while As usual I have nothing but positive things to say about this book. It's funny, while reading this you cannot believe how brilliant King's mind is to have the kind of foresight he did in creating this fantasy only to find out he's the first to admit the story wrote itself.

The Waste Lands

I'm excited to continue the adventure of Roland and his Ka-tet, and see how they survive Blaine the Mono's challenge. For now, Roland and his friends are too busy doing nothing much for about six hundred pages. They travel, they fight the ocassional monster or deranged mob leader, the sit by the campfire and have some obscure nightmares and prophetic visions. All wrapped up in a hefty dose of mysticism, predestination and ambiguity.

You — both of you — will have to reconcile yourselves to that fact. The world has moved on, we say. When it did, it went like a great receding wave, leaving only wreckage behind It looks to me more like the author is winging it, improvising the story as he swears that it will make sense in the end, once he finds out how to deliver on his promises of epicness. Personally I am bored, and only my obsesive compulsion to finish whatever I start is keeping me going.

I also finished the Dumas a good two weeks before the King, despite the former having almost double the page count. Your mileage might vary, and other readers will prefer allusions and delayed gratification over explicit plot and worldbuilding. For me, as I remarked right from the opening volume, The Dark Tower remains a triumph of style over substance: The adventure and the worldbuilding are present, undoubtedly, but they are drip-fed to the reader in between long passages of walking and wondering what the heck is going on. All good and spectacular, but do they justify the length of the novel?

The movement was very slow, but it was regular, and the length of the swings was much longer than he had anticipated. Hit and miss are the pop culture references that are more prominent here than in the previous two episodes, and a half-hearted attempt to unite the two best settings of King: Let me try to illustrate my points: One version of Shardik is roaming the waste lands, and if I were in the mood for speculation, I could probably draw some parallels with the death of myths in both fictional universes.

I am also a big fan of Z Z Top, and I was thrilled to find one of their songs featured here. When they reached Roland, they knelt before him and touched the sandalwood butt of the revolver which jutted from the holster he wore on his left hip. He put his hands on their shoulders and kissed their old brows. Will the whole epic quest to discover the Dark Tower be reduced to a battle between the forces of Good and Evil, with two god-like creatures leading the opposing armies? Roland seems destined to be the avatar of Good, and later on there is even a gigantic statue of him in the manner of the Colossus of Rhodes.

Jun 13, Will M. The thing with this series is that it just gets better along the way. This review might contain some spoilers? I'm not sure if some people would consider them as spoilers, so read at your own risk! The most amazing thing about this book would be the fact that Jake fucking Chambers is back! If you've read my review of The Gunslinger book 1 then you'd know how much I love that kid. We can be friends again King, that much I can say. You let him The thing with this series is that it just gets better along the way.

You let him go again. You promised you wouldn't. Even though you saved him in the end, you're still one mother fucking asshole who should burn in hell. I still like you as a character though, but fuck you nonetheless.

King delivered what he promised. It was an eventful and amazing first half. A lot of struggles along the way, and a lot of riddles too. And a huge amount of heart racing scenes. This is another great example of a page turner. Aside from the main quest though, the story ventured out into Jake's life in New York.

It only took a few chapters of the whole book, but those few chapters were really great for me. Not only did King further developed Jake's character, but he also made him even more likable. Aside from Jake though, the crew also developed quite well in this third installment. Eddie was his usual funny self, but Susannah was still a bit boring for me.

I just don't see her as a character that I'd like a lot, but we'll see in the long run. Oy the dog was just as amazing as Jake, or so I believe he's a dog. I like animals in books, so Oy just made it to my favorites list. King wrote one hell of a cliffhanger. Aside from the cliffhanger, I heard that the next book concentrates on something else. If he doesn't continue the story, I might be a little pissed off. I'm just glad that the series is complete already though, and I don't have to wait for the next ones to come out.

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I've read Kemper's review and yeah, I'm glad I can binge read this series. Can't wait to know what's going to happen next. This series is really starting to become my favorite series of all time.

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Jul 17, Apatt rated it it was amazing Shelves: And tet, which means a group of people with the same interests and goals. We three are a tet, for instance. Ka-tet is the place where many lives are joined by fate.

The Friends of Eddie Coyle by George V. Higgins

The Drawing of the Three in which Jake Chambers who died in book 1 is saved through Roland interfering with a key event in his past. This causes a paradox where both Roland and Jake remember two alternate versions of the past, and the conflicting versions fight for supremacy in their minds. This mission forms the first half of The Waste Lands , it makes for a hair-raising adventure with a very dark undertone, as depicted on the cover of this hardback edition: I am tremendously enjoying this Dark Tower series reread; this is the only advantageous aspect of having a memory like a sieve, I can enjoy these books just as much as the first time I read them.

Like The Drawing of the Three The Waste Lands is packed with incident and characterization engrossing the first book The Gunslinger is very good but less intense. Interestingly there is more of a sci-fi element in this installment with mad AIs, cyborgs also mad , high technology, and computers; lest we forget, this is a world where magic and technology coexist.

Tolkien in the narrative; it is like finding that your favorite band also dig your other favorite bands. King puts a lot of effort into developing his characters, this has always been his secret weapon. This makes a nice change to the standard medieval setting of most epic fantasy series; the sci-fi and horror aspects further distinguishes it from the others. Unlike the previous two volumes The Waste Lands ends on a cliff hanger, as the entire series is completed this should not be a cause for concern.

I imagine most people who have read the previous books are bound to want to read this one. When you have come this far the rest is unavoidable. Should you read this book? In the end, all things, even this review, serve the Dark Tower. If you are interested there is a list of these books on this Wikipedia page.

It was easy to hurt little kids, easy to make them cry, and this seemed to bring out a strangely sadistic streak in many storytellers. The philosophers of my land said a ka-tet could only be broken by death or treachery. View all 9 comments. Oct 05, Emma rated it liked it. Steven King has a reputation for waffling, but this is the first time in the Dark Tower series, where I really felt the reader suffered because of it. I loved Oy the Bumbler. Had I not been listening to this rather than simply reading it, I am not at all sure I would have finished it.

I consider myself very lucky not to have to wait the many years between the writing of this novel and the next in t 3. I consider myself very lucky not to have to wait the many years between the writing of this novel and the next in the series; nevertheless, I won't be reading book 4 quite as quickly as I might have; this is still a wonderful series but my enthusiasm has been dimmed by the slow pacing and drawing out of events.

I have also gleaned from reviews that book 4 is itself pretty slow. View all 20 comments. Even though I'm not crazy about this narrator, Frank Muller, I ended up giving my audio re-read of this book an extra star. All my old friends are together again: Roland, Susannah, Eddie, Jack and even Oy. I forgot how much I loved Oy and his golden eyes! Even some of my old enemies are here, Gasher and Blane the Mono.

It's nice re-reading these via audio, even if I have to wait a few weeks in between books while waiting for the next audio book to come in to the library. This time I don't have Even though I'm not crazy about this narrator, Frank Muller, I ended up giving my audio re-read of this book an extra star.

This time I don't have to wait years in between books which keeps everything fresh in my mind. I have to respect a mind that is so wildly imaginative that it can put together a story of this scope. It blows me away. I guess that's why Stephen is the King. At least in my book. I loved this book. I love the connections between the characters' past lives and between Mid-World and Our When. I also felt a strong link to other Stephen King books: The middle of the book the mansion part was the most amazing part of a completely amazing story.

It could have just ended there for me emotionally, but it's all about the quest. So, onward to Lud which brings every nuked out NYC full of mutants and psychos immediately to mind. Also amazing, exciting and full of connections. March Buddy Read View all 4 comments. I honestly think this might just be my favourite book out of this series. I say might because I must admit, my memory of the books that follow IS quite vague.

So I might end up loving them even more than this one. But I somehow doubt it because this magnificent book reintroduces one of my favourite characters from the series, introduces another favourite character AND introduces my favourite "villain" from this series. I won't name any names because I don't want to spoil it for anyone! I also th I honestly think this might just be my favourite book out of this series.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the world building that happened in this book, I feel like this is where King truly starts to hit his stride for this series! His writing is so beautifully detailed that I can see the landscape and the buildings emerging in my mind as I read and it is truly stunning! Despite this book being longer than both previous ones, it almost felt like it was shorter because it was just filled with so much action and development, it was hard to stop turning the pages once I picked it up!

I was honestly on the edge of my seat so many times, I lost count and it's left me itching to revisit what happens next! DTProject Book 3 It was in August when I 1st read this book and now almost 5 years later, with a better command of the English language I see many things in a much different way than what it was when I was reading it for the 1st time. I saw different landscapes, different views of the city and train station etc. Here we see Roland The Gunslinger with the people he drew in the previous book from our world to his world moving towards their destination.

Before they reach an abandone DTProject Book 3 It was in August when I 1st read this book and now almost 5 years later, with a better command of the English language I see many things in a much different way than what it was when I was reading it for the 1st time. Before they reach an abandoned city the also draw Jake the young boy from New York and with him the core of the fellowship is completed.

So before they reach the dystopian-ish town of Lud the book was pretty slow but from there it took off and I was able to read it in less than 2 days. Of course the book ends in a cliffhanger and will learn about it at the beginning of the 4th book, a book I will eventually start at the end of the Easter Holidays. A book I 1st read in August and loved and became an instant favourite. Jake is innocent, young, and we see him as a boy with no family he has a family, but he's alienated from them.

Rock Chick Rescue

They care more about their jobs and their social interactions. Their son is for show off. He reads the same book I read a few weeks ago Charlie the Choo-Choo , he experiences an adventure in a haunted house, he spends a horrifying period in the hands of a vile person he's more inhuman than human , named Gasher, and I felt really sorry for him. So this book started with a good pace, then it slowed down and then as if the author injected NOS in his writing we sped up towards the end, fast.

View all 8 comments. Oct 09, Monty desai rated it it was amazing Shelves: Eliot, The Waste Land Review to come.