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In this screen shot the actual plan here is to perform a man in the middle attack against the targets bluetooth keyboard. With keyboard access the next move is to drop a Meterpreter shell onto the system for access to the target network. Email based spear phishing attacks, fake websites and wireless access points can all be launched through its menu system.

In this case they are using the SMS spoofing module. There you go a bit of fun for the end of the week. If you are after more information on any of the tools explore the included links or try searching.

The great thing about all these open source tools is there are lots of tutorials and documentation available. It is refreshing to see a television show making an effort to not only highlight capabilities of current hacking techniques but trying to stay reasonably close to reality. Tools August 21, In this shot we can see a few lines from a Meterpreter shell. Anyone who has used this tool knows a little bit of Meterpreter goes a long way so there was no need for an extensive shot of this powerful tool. Part of the Metasploit penetration testing framework by Rapid7 , a Meterpreter shell gives an attacker full control of the target system as well as the ability to move around the network.

Wget, Shellshock and John the Ripper

Windows 95 and Netscape Navigator are mentioned when the lead character is thinking about his first steps as a hacker. In the screen shot you can see the source being viewed The humble web browser is actually a very useful tool for an attacker whether they are launching web application attacks or researching LinkedIn for social engineering attacks. Know Your Attack Surface. Don't miss the low hanging fruit. Next Proxy your Phone to Burp. OpenVAS 9 install on Ubuntu Nessus 5 on Ubuntu August 21, at 5: It's also important to keep in mind they HAVE to skew some of the hacking.

August 21, at 9: August 22, at 3: What are you talking about? If a TV show depicts someone getting murdered, and then someone goes out and murders someone, the TV show producers are not liable. People are in control of their own actions. August 22, at 7: They can do what they want that's probably a.

The network telling them not to, due to the networks ethics. Legally you can make whatever the HE double L you want to, as long as you have the right certificate for example if it's a pg13 or a X rating etc. August 25, at You cannot give detailed instructions on television on how to do something illegal.

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You absolutely cannot show someone how to make an illegal drug. August 26, at 6: Cable and Satellite are exempt from this crap, I can make and show whatever I want, as long as people are willing to pay for it, and as long as it's properly certificated, and you have to put in a pin or whatever to rent it. October 20, at 2: There was a never one single scene that showed step by step the entire process but it's all there if you look at all the cooking scenes. The only off thing I noticed was they acted like methylamine was some highly controlled hard to get substance and phenylacetic acid was easy to synthesize and I think it's actually the opposite.

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How do people feel so comfortable stating things they "think that's how it works" like it were actual fact lol. December 24, at 1: I'll just leave this here https: I mean, look at this. A world built on fantasy. Synthetic emotions in the form of pills. Psychological warfare in the form of advertising. Mind-altering chemicals in the form of food!

Brainwashing seminars in the form of media. Elliot finds himself at a crossroads when the mysterious leader Christian Slater of an underground hacker group recruits him to destroy the firm he is paid to protect. Compelled by his personal beliefs, Elliot struggles to resist the chance to take down the multinational CEOs he believes are running and ruining the world. He used an almost all electronic palette for the show, adding only one organic instrument — a piano. White hat is the name given to ethical computer hackers, who utilize hacking in a helpful way.

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White hats are becoming a necessary part of the information security field. Accordingly, the term bears strong connotations that are favorable or pejorative, depending on the context. The subculture around such hackers is termed network hacker subculture, hacker scene, or computer underground. It initially developed in the context of phreaking during the s and the microcomputer BBS scene of the s.

It is implicated with The Hacker Quarterly and the alt.

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In , an article in the August issue of Psychology Today with commentary by Philip Zimbardo used the term "hacker" in its title: It was an excerpt from a Stanford Bulletin Board discussion on the addictive nature of computer use. CLU is the software he uses for this. By , hacking in the sense of breaking computer security had already been in use as computer jargon, [9] but there was no public awareness about such activities.

Hackers at play", with Patrick's photograph on the cover. Pressured by media coverage, congressman Dan Glickman called for an investigation and began work on new laws against computer hacking. House of Representatives on September 26, , about the dangers of computer hacking, and six bills concerning computer crime were introduced in the House that year. Use of the term hacker meaning computer criminal was also advanced by the title "Stalking the Wily Hacker", an article by Clifford Stoll in the May issue of the Communications of the ACM.

Later that year, the release by Robert Tappan Morris, Jr. The popularity of Stoll's book The Cuckoo's Egg , published one year later, further entrenched the term in the public's consciousness.

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Several subgroups of the computer underground with different attitudes use different terms to demarcate themselves from each other, or try to exclude some specific group with whom they do not agree. Raymond , author of The New Hacker's Dictionary , advocates that members of the computer underground should be called crackers. Yet, those people see themselves as hackers and even try to include the views of Raymond in what they see as a wider hacker culture, a view that Raymond has harshly rejected.

In contrast to Raymond, they usually reserve the term cracker for more malicious activity. According to Ralph D. Clifford, a cracker or cracking is to "gain unauthorized access to a computer in order to commit another crime such as destroying information contained in that system". A white hat hacker breaks security for non-malicious reasons, either to test their own security system, perform penetration tests , or vulnerability assessments for a client - or while working for a security company which makes security software.

The term is generally synonymous with ethical hacker , and the EC-Council, [18] among others, have developed certifications, courseware, classes, and online training covering the diverse arena of ethical hacking. A "black hat" hacker is a hacker who "violates computer security for little reason beyond maliciousness or for personal gain" Moore, A grey hat hacker lies between a black hat and a white hat hacker.

A grey hat hacker may surf the Internet and hack into a computer system for the sole purpose of notifying the administrator that their system has a security defect, for example. They may then offer to correct the defect for a fee.

Security hacker

Even though grey hat hackers may not necessarily perform hacking for their personal gain, unauthorized access to a system can be considered illegal and unethical. A social status among hackers, elite is used to describe the most skilled. Newly discovered exploits circulate among these hackers. Elite groups such as Masters of Deception conferred a kind of credibility on their members. A script kiddie also known as a skid or skiddie is an unskilled hacker who breaks into computer systems by using automated tools written by others usually by other black hat hackers , hence the term script i.

A neophyte " newbie ", or "noob" is someone who is new to hacking or phreaking and has almost no knowledge or experience of the workings of technology and hacking.

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A blue hat hacker is someone outside computer security consulting firms who is used to bug-test a system prior to its launch, looking for exploits so they can be closed. Microsoft also uses the term BlueHat to represent a series of security briefing events. A hacktivist is a hacker who utilizes technology to publicize a social, ideological, religious or political message.

Hacktivism can be divided into two main groups:.