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Morogh, the Demon By Maren Smith. This item has not been rated yet. For a power hungry wizard, Summer looked like the perfect sacrificial victim. God knows, finding a virgin in this day and age was damn near impossible, but one had to be willing to pay even the most difficult price, especially when one intended to ask a demon for immortality. Naked, trussed hand-to-foot on an alter of stone, the only thought in Summer's panic-stricken mind was: This wasn't medieval times--how could this be happening?!

But it was happening. What's more, it was happening to her!

Morogh the Demon

With no hope of rescue, Summer had no resort but to try and save herself. Suddenly, someone else was in the room. Birthed from the shadows, the demon, Morogh, answered the wizard's call. Summer, he finds very much to his liking. It's a small thing to rescue her, whisking her off to a deserted island and healing her injuries, but his rescue doesn't come without a price.

And whether she desires it or not, Summer will pay it Log in to rate this item. You must be logged in to post a review. There are no reviews for the current version of this product Refreshing There are no reviews for previous versions of this product. Moderation of Questionable Content Thank you for your interest in helping us moderate questionable content on Lulu.

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I rather enjoy prepotting, using ashbringer, then popping crusade and going HAM for 30s right as the fight starts.

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  • What is this sound in Dun Morogh? Never heard anything like it before. : wow.

Survival Hunter confirming I can hear it, and can't see any NPCs on the minimap with all my tracking enabled. Looked around a bit to see if I could find any caves or anything, nada. I was going to use a Skaggldrynk but only thought of it as I was already outside EN waiting for raid to start, plan on going back there and taking a look after.

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I used an elixir of detect demons, saw nothing. So unless only demon hunters can see whatever this is, there's no demons there: Demons hunters have a version of track treasure? I noticed it is missing from my Dwarves. I was pretty upset about losing it. And we left behind our single target dps, which begs the question; I have given everything, what have you given?? I can hear it on my paladin. Personally I think it's probably just a glitch, if it was specifically for the hidden skin only Death Knights would be able to hear it, no?

Whatever the case pretty interesting nonetheless. Also here's a video for ya. Managed to actually corpse run up there despite assuming it wasn't possible. Unfortunately I found nothing, sounds still play but nothing else is there. That is definitely a different audio clip from the OP.

I'm wondering if there's a cave beneath where you guys were at that has ghost npc's etc inside it It's been far too long a decade?

Lol since I've explored that area so my memory of it is slim to none. Regardless, I love this kinda stuff! Just did my own test. Mine is totally different than everyone's. Got loud and clear audio for people to listen to tho. Its creepy as fuck. It sounds like Kel Thuzzad or a Lich in general. If it's on purpose: It might even be connected to the whispers you get from Ilgynoth? At first I thought it was just the wind, then the sound happened and my heart stopped for a moment. There's another place forget where, it's been quite a few years in the mountains of Dun Morogh where you can hear swords clashing and whatnot.

It's most likely an invisible NPC that serves as a dummy for devs to unload certain properties onto. There's a spider rare in Pandaria where you have to squash a ton of spider critters to get it to show. The boss emotes that tell you the spider is coming are actually special yells from an invisible rabbit. There's a boss fight, can't remember if it's Legion or Warlords, where there's a ton of invisible imps all over the ground. There's a screenshot somewhere of a demon hunter looking at the imps with their vision.

The imps picture was someone using the archeology item that turns all npcs in to demons in nethendra's room. He was seeing all the bugs that show up in phase 2- they were there but invisible until he used the item. If anybody has the K'ute pet from Raiding With Leashes, mine casts Gift of the Naaru on the invisible bugs and just has lots of little draenei symbols walking around. It's a developer thing, its out in the mountains in the middle of nowhere, so it has low impact if they want to test an effect or something live. I did the kneel portion of whatever this mystery is.

I'll let you know in a few what I find: Well, here I am. Interestingly enough I only have 1 sound, and it's different from the ones you have in your video, but not different enough for me to make another recording of it. You kneel in Lordaeron so I did a couple of emotes here, used some spells, nothing triggered anything to my knowledge. Thats what I thought, we know there is one more old god hidden instead Azeroth but we have no idea where Tirisfal was the only place something was buried beneath the ground that made pilgrim elves going mad. It sounds like the sound you get when your flying mount bangs into an invisible wall, like at the Black Temple.

Good point, maybe these guys could try flying around the same area with different mounts to see if the sound changes? I think you may be on to something here, even if it is a rather mundane solution, lol.

See a Problem?

I went there on my hunter, and tried different mounts there. It doesn't seem to matter though. They are also different from the mount invisible-wall sounds that Durenas mentioned. I also checked around the mountain, the closest cave is in New Tinkertown gnome starting area , but it doesn't reach under this spot. This is creepy and cool at the same time hope blizzard does something with this being so close to Halloween. Has anyone tried going on a demon hunter? Here is the sound http: I remember one lesson learned while leveling up my hunter alt in Outland - if you hear something and see nothing, you probably met Fel Reaver.

Well, I did some digging and there aren't any flight paths that go over that area. The demon invasion did take place in that zone but nothing spawned near that area. I personally doubt that this sound has anything to do with the Legion invasion. They sound like you're fighting a large boss in a cavern. There is a boss, I can't recall which one, but it growls and it has an echo to it. I want to say a Core Hound of some kind but I just can't think of it..

Maybe it's an Epitaph like creature from. Let the conspiracy theories start a flyin. Do any flight paths go over this spot? If so, it could just be a bit of "flavor sound". We know bliz puts pointless buildings, villages, lakes, mobs, etc that serve no purpose other than looking cool from a fight path. This could be the audio equivalent of that.

What in the actual fuck. I'm going to go check this, at first I was laughing at all these comments but that sound was much weirder than what I was anticipating.. I am here now. I tried this on different mounts, does the same noise. It's not quite the same as what OP had, more like a rhythmic breathing. Maybe whatever was upset when OP recorded, is now asleep.

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As soon as I fly up in the air a little bit, the sound goes away. I have no idea what that is kinda sounds like a glitch though. Hoping somebody knows now too!! Is it possible that these are leftover from the pre-legion invasion event? They sound pretty demonic to me, but I guess that's up for interpretation. I think I've cracked it. Bare bones knowledge of programming aside, I can almost guarantee that those are sound files from the legion pre patch and some development for either npcs or those demon spires was going on at that exact spot.

The models are now gone, but the sounds remain.

I still don't get why it's a different sound when you leave and come back, though. Unless the Legion Invasion goes back to , I'm afraid you're a little off. It's not unlikely that it was in development even before