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Whilst I will never know the true name or nature of the anonymous jotter, I have formed a picture in my head. I imagine that she wanted to work in palliative care and that she was fascinated by the transition of a patient from illness into death.


She is compassionate, caring, empathetic and intuitive. She is spiritual and is looking for direction and guidance in her life. She wants to be more present and the book seemed to be providing her with the tools to accomplish that. What matters is how it made me feel about my reading experience.

The book alone took me on a spiritual journey, but the notes in the margin made me feel like a good friend was travelling with me, and we all know how much better a holiday is when you have someone to enjoy it with. Have you had any similar reading experiences? And, what are your thoughts on notes in the margin. Posted by Amber Cross at 2: Newer Post Older Post Home. Even before I went back to school for my doctorate in psychology, I was interested in how mental illness is portrayed in fiction.

My own problem is usually the opposite: But are we confusing readability with literary value? Leith quotes novelist Nicola Barker on why some novels are difficult: Nor should all fiction be. The metaphor Leith uses to convey the benefits of tackling a difficult book is that of a challenging mountain hike: The hike is difficult, but the amazing view at the top is worth the effort. And, Matthews continues, all this emphasis on psychological profilers may be detracting from efforts in areas that psychology could effectively help with, most notably predicting future events:.

The social consequences of being able to forecast the future better are immense.

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Sarah LaBrie arrives at a definition of future fiction by examining several contemporary novels:. If My Year of Rest and Relaxation serves to capture a moment in history, novels like The Mars Room and The Overstory might be examples of a kind of future fiction, one that teaches readers to think of themselves as elements of larger systems.

They might help set the foundation for a literary fiction that regains its place in a political conversation from which it has long been dismissed. Social media heightened my awareness of reading habits, and worries that my own were woefully behind. I would be unable to choose a new book to read, so my anxiety would continue to build. Consequently, I would stop reading altogether outside of schoolwork for months at a time. A result of her reading slump was that she continued to document on social media books she wanted to read instead of reading more books.

This book reminded her why she likes reading so much and helped her overcome her reading slump. But my reading slumps are usually triggered more by simple time constraints than by an inability to find a book that grabs me. However, I have, more than once, chosen to get back into reading by rereading an old favorite book that reminds me how powerful reading can be. After two family deaths prevented her from reading for pleasure, she discovered that she had a chronic disease that drained both her time and her energy.

Reading while chronically ill and, in those first several months, still actively grieving the loss of my only sibling and grandmother was near impossible. There was the holding of the book, which took physical effort, and paying attention to the plot, which required mental strength.

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Since I lacked both of these things, reading anything substantial was pretty out of the question. Reading can be a wonderful escape, but it need not add extra pressure to our lives. Be well, when you can. The books will wait. Below is a list of women writers who debuted works of fiction at or after the age of 40 and went on to achieve even more success. While not exhaustive, it shows clearly that women writers are not past their prime after a certain age.

But the most striking aspect that unites all of these works is how each incorporates the collected, distilled wisdom, a lifetime of reading, and the sheer radicalism that could not have been possible for a younger writer. Oh, I do love me an unreliable narrator: Do you enjoy reading a story told by an unreliable narrator?

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  • Which of the books listed here have you read? What other unreliable-narrator books do you recomment? In particular, time travel and other time-related complications pop up again and again. Can your wife find you despite being separated by centuries and continents? Well, we have this particular fantasy for that. It is a rare writer who can use sci-fi not simply to chart an escape from reality, but as a pointed reflection of the most minute and magnified experiences that frame and determine the lives of those who live in black skin.

    Butler was one such writer. This year marks 20 years since the publication of one of her most inspired and radically profound novels, Parable of the Talents. Dubois asserted that only black people have cultivated, and which black women have sharpened to an extreme degree. An America that is bloody, unyielding, violent and tentatively united to mask a history never reckoned with.

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    • Julie Sedivy looks at the development of social intelligence over centuries by comparing medieval literature with novels of today. Medieval literature discusses what characters do with almost no consideration of how those characters felt about their actions or their motivations. Literature certainly reflects the preoccupations of its time, but there is evidence that it may also reshape the minds of readers in unexpected ways.

      And this process of reading challenging literature to improve mentalizing ability is circular: When an author expresses deep confidence in a reader and creates a space in which the reader can, from the depths of her own social imagination, lower her consciousness into the body and experiences of another, the effect can be transformational. This article by Joseph Epstein is a good follow-up to the article above.

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      Nobody has read, or can read, everything, and by everything I include only the good, the beautiful, the important books. After admitting that there exists no definitive list of the good, the beautiful, the important books, Epstein continues, with much humor, to expound on the joy he has found in the bookish life. Tyler Sage on Ross Macdonald: Though the books on these lists need not be American in origin, I am looking for books that evoke some aspect of American life, actual or intellectual, in each decade—a global lens would require a much longer list.

      Since I came of age in the s, this one particularly caught my eye. And beneath the chosen books is a HUGE list of other relevant books from that time period. So many memories—and suggestions for further reading—and rereading. Here in Washington State, USA, we vote by mail or by dropping our ballot into one of many collection boxes. Skip to content The Best Books of Amazon got us started off back in early November with its many best books lists. Goodreads Choice Awards What distinguishes these awards from most others is that they are voted on by readers, not critics.

      This is the portal into the listings of winners in several categories: The Best Reviewed Books of The 10 Best Books of Reinvented auto-fiction, gripping essays, and last stories from a renegade master.